10 Activities That Are Better with CBD

E1011 Labs makes a list of ten activities better with CBD

A good dose of cannabinoids can make ordinary chores and experiences feel less stressful and more interesting. Looking to make the most out of your hemp experience while checking off your to-do list? These ten activities are made so much more enjoyable with the power of CBD and terpenes in your system!

Delete your old emails

deleting old emails with cbd

Do you really need that Amazon receipt for the coffee mug you ordered last year? Probably not. So why is it cluttering up your inbox? Enter the zen of select and swipe and get your inbox looking tidy again. Obviously, with an elon® and stelo™ Uplift in hand to brighten your mood during the mundane.

Rearrange things

Rearrange your desk with cbd

Don't stress! Calm down with cannabinoids and organize your space. Set the knick-knacks in a different order, clear off the coffee table, or clean out your silverware drawer. Why? Because these tasks normally make you go 'uggghhh no,' but with CBD in your system it's more like 'eh, why not?' This is done best with stelo™ Uplift to get you going and finish up with a stelo™ Relax (you might even want to have Relax ready for when you stumble upon the junk drawer that hasn't been touched in years).

Stare up at the clouds

Cloud watch with cbd vape

A nice summer's day is already the perfect time to relax, but a little CBD makes it even better! Absorb the soothing effects of nature as you feel the calm wash over you, and see how many strange shapes you can find in the clouds. Both stelo™ Uplift and Relax are great for this! Uplift if you want to boost your clarity and Relax if you want a little extra wind-down.

Listen to music

Music on its own is already pretty relaxing, but maybe you've been too busy lately to fully appreciate its deeper meaning. Open up your favorite music app and let your earphones carry you into contemplation. Take things up a notch by focusing on your breath and the music. Does your breathing change with the tempo?

Clean your closet

clean your closet with CBD

Wardrobe overflowing with pieces you no longer wear? Maybe you've been putting it off because the idea of choosing which things to pitch is just a bit stressful. Try relaxing with elon® before tossing everything holding you back from your true sense of style. Did you end up cleaning everything out and now you need new clothes? Check out this list of hemp designers for some sustainable fashion inspo. 

Empty your console 

clean out your car - activity to do with CBD

Nobody really likes cleaning the car, but sometimes you find that hair clip or keychain you've been looking for since forever. Since you're nice and chill from your hit of cannabis/hemp, why don't you give it a go and see what you rediscover?

Take a nap

This one's a bit obvious, but if you're super zen and needing more zzzs, take the zone one step deeper and hit the sack. Nothing's better than a relaxed nap and waking up refreshed. Best done with stelo™ Relax.

Take a bath

You may want to try this one before the nap step, but it'll work out either way. Wind down with your favorite bath fizzy and a glass of your favorite beverage (we don't judge) for the perfect aromatherapy chill session.

Do some yoga

What's more iconic than yoga and herb? Take the dynamic duo for a spin and reap the mind-body benefits of yoga paired with cannabinoids. We recommend using a stelo™ Uplift before your session and the stelo™ Relief for cool-down. There are plenty of ways to integrate different types of CBD intake methods with your workout. Find what works best for you and keep listening to your body!


It's always the right time to meditate, but why not pair it with CBD for the ultimate relaxation experience? Find your inner peace with cannabinoid chill and inner contemplation.

For all of your cannabinoid needs, consider the elon® cannabis heating device. We produce lab-tested hemp flower packed in convenient tubes ready for individual dosing. With the elon®, there are no buttons to push, no liquids to measure. Simply insert the capsule, wait for the device to heat the hemp, and inhale the benefits.