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Interesting Books Related to Hemp

E1011 Labs Hemp Book Club List

If you don’t know much about hemp, fear not! Luckily, it has never been easier to learn about hemp and everything this amazing plant entails. Don’t know where to start? Sit down and increase your knowledge with a good book! There’s a ton of hemp-related books out there, but we’ve narrowed down the best, most highly reviewed books on the market. Below are six of the most interesting and informative books on hemp you could ever ask for!

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The Great Book of Hemp by Rowan Robinson (1995)

In 1995, Rowan Robinson published this simple yet incredibly thorough book to let the American people know that “hemp is happening.” With his personable and easy to read writing style, Robinson sets out to educate the masses and correct all of the misinformation about hemp following years of prohibition.

The Great Book of Hemp tackles everything you need to know including hemp’s history, health benefits, environmental impact, and an interesting spiritual side. Robinson also digs into research on hemp as a valuable tool in both physical and psychological therapies.

Complete with beautiful illustrations and a comprehensive resource section, The Great Book of Hemp is one of the most beloved and highly sought-after resources in the hemp industry.

The Emperor Wears No Clothes by Jack Herer (1985)

The Emperor Wears No Clothes has accumulated a massive cult following as one of the most groundbreaking books on hemp ever written. Jack “Hemperor” Herer was a famous activist who fought for the decriminalization and legalization of cannabis for over 30 years. The Emperor Wears No Clothes represents Herer’s efforts to unmask the truth about cannabis and undo decades of skewed and misinformed stereotypes.

In this book, Herer explains the origins of hemp prohibition as well as the reasons for its continued criminalization. There are also dozens of charts and illustrations to offer further evidence of his claims. Herer also continually updates the book in order to provide the most accurate information surrounding hemp and the hemp industry.

The Emperor Wears No Clothes is perfect for anyone looking for an eye-opening, easy to read resource that stimulates the mind and provides invaluable insights.

The Hemp Manifesto by Rowan Robinson (1997)

Published two years after The Great Book of Hemp, The Hemp Manifesto is another fantastic resource written by the great Rowan Robinson. In this book, Robinson reiterates the immense value of hemp and other plants in the Cannabis family.

The Hemp Manifesto offers a number of surprising facts about research on the environmental and medicinal benefits of hemp as well as its positive social impact. In addition, Robinson uses this book to expose his truths of the hemp industry, including the efforts of law enforcement and politicians to halt the hemp revolution. The Hemp Manifesto also goes into depth about the physiology and nutritional value of the raw hemp plant.

Hemp Bound by Doug Fine (2014)

This bestselling book tells the story of Doug Fine’s journey across the United States to explore the use of hemp in the 21st century. From North Carolina to Colorado, Fine’s mission introduces us to some of the hemp industry’s most interesting players.

In this book, Fine encounters everything from a hemp-powered limo to hemp-insulated houses. Hemp Bound shares the potential of hemp’s mind-blowing ability to decrease dependence on fossil fuels, stimulate the economy, and even begin to heal the planet’s soil. Fine’s humorous, fascinating tale offers a unique glimpse into the heart of the hemp industry and sheds light on the endless possibilities of this remarkable plant.

Hemp Bound will have you turning page after page, and you’ll come out with a new love and heightened appreciation for Mother Nature’s miracle crop.

The Great American Hemp Industry by Jack Frazier (1991)

In The Great American Hemp Industry, Frazier explores the rich history and longstanding presence of hemp in the Americas. Using primary, first-hand sources, Frazier provides a compelling argument that hemp existed in North and South America long before the Europeans brought it over.

The Great American Hemp Industry goes beyond the hemp plant itself and instead expands upon a number of ancient cultures. This book also elaborates on how hemp cultivation has the potential to repair and heal the planet in a way that no other agricultural crop can.

Jack Frazier is an exceptional writer who writes with a spectacular level of clarity and thought. The Great American Hemp Industry is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to expand their knowledge of hemp beyond the basics.

Hemp Horizons by John Roulac (1997)

Hemp Horizons represents John Roulac’s deep dive into the world of industrial hemp farming. This book offers insight into the ways in which hemp farming could impact the environment, global economy, the individual farmer, and day-to-day life.

Hemp Horizons provides a thorough history of hemp, including one of the industry’s most famous conspiracy theories. In addition to touching on ancient history, Roulac’s historical account also includes the modern reemergence of hemp in the 20th century. Roulac even examines the six primary parts of the hemp plant and elaborates on each part’s role in modern industry.

Hemp Horizons offers new and valuable insights on farming that are perfect for someone interested in the complicated workings of hemp cultivation.

Any one of these six books are an amazing way to learn more about hemp as well as the fascinating hemp industry. Looking for even more captivating reads? No worries, we’ve got you covered! Click here for more recommended books, or check out this list of selections from the National Hemp Association. Happy reading!


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