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Indica Vs Sativa: Is There Really A Difference?

hemp and cannabis indica vs sativa plant

If you have any experience with cannabis, then you’ve surely heard this a million times already: indica strains produce a sleepier body high, while sativa strains give users a more cerebral and energetic experience. Budtenders, consultants, and black...

What Is Biomass, And Why You Should Avoid Smoking It?

What Is Biomass, And Why You Should Avoid Smoking It?
The stalks, stems, leaves, seeds, and other material leftover after harvesting the hemp flower are packaged together and sold as biomass. But if biomass is just the leftover waste, what exactly can you do with it? 

Why Hemp Genetics Matter To The CBD Industry

Why Hemp Genetics Matter To The CBD Industry

More and more cultivators, extractors, manufacturers, and sellers have entered the CBD game. As a direct result of this influx of competition, the national quality of hemp has improved tenfold. Just take a look at some whole flower for sale today, and see how gorgeous the nugs look...

What Are The Different Types of Vaporizers?

What are the different types of vaporizers?
Whether we’re talking about nicotine or cannabinoids, more and more people are making the switch from conventional smoking to vaping. Not only do vaporizers potentially cut down on the amount of harmful cancer-causing carcinogens...but they also make it possible for cannabis enthusiasts to enjoy concentrates... Perhaps you’ve been considering...

What's The Difference Between Smoke & Vapor?

What's the difference between smoke and vapor?
Have you ever seen anyone take a long puff off of a vape pen and release a billowing cloud of thick vapor? To the untrained eye, smoking and vaping look nearly identical. After all, both involve inhaling compounds like nicotine or cannabis and exhaling visible plumes of translucent mist,...

Why Are So Many People Using CBD?

Why are so many people using CBD
Why are so many people just now hopping on the CBD bandwagon, and why is CBD good for you? Keep reading to find out. 

Why You Should Try Delta-8?

Why you should try Delta-8
Cannabinoids like CBD and traditional THC have exploded in popularity during the last decade due to a loosening of legal restrictions. However, CBD and THC aren’t the only cannabinoids in high demand. For the last few years, a form of THC called delta 8 THC

Ceramic Vs. Metal Vape Cartridges

Ceramic vs Metal Vape Cartridges
Disposable vape cartridges are changing the way people consume the cannabis plant. These convenient extract-filled devices show up on dispensary shelves nationwide, in online shopping carts, and in the pockets of on-the-go cannabis users. It seems like more and more cultivators are releasing disposable cart lines every day. With...