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Can CBD Make Me Happier?

golden gate bridge with two girls making peace signs can CBD make me happier
Since the 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp on a federal level, CBD has rapidly grown in popularity. The cannabinoid shows up in beauty products, daily wellness routines, and some are even taking CBD to lift their spirits. But does CBD make you happy? To answer...

The Science of Feeling Happy

The Science of Feeling Happy

What is happiness? Do you ever wonder, “why am I not happy” or “how to feel happy?” You’re not alone! The Don’t Worry Be Happy lyrics make it seem like happiness is a switch that can simply be turned on or off. While we do love the...

Could Hemp Help Prevent Climate Change?

ice caps melting going over how hemp could help in the realm of climate change

Large forests are particularly good at sequestering carbon, which is part of why deforestation is so devastating. However, hemp is actually better at capturing carbon than even the biggest rainforests.

How much CO2 does hemp absorb compared to trees? Just one acre of Industrial hemp absorbs...

How the Hemp Industry Can Help the Environment Using Solar

How the Hemp Industry Can Help the Environment Using Solar
The threat of climate change hangs over the future like an albatross. Already, society is beginning to deal with the severe repercussions of rapidly changing meteorological conditions—sea levels are rising, water supplies are declining, and coastal storms are becoming more frequent and intense. The bottom line is if we don’t...

How to Grow Your Own Hemp Sustainably

how to grow your own hemp overhead shot of small plant pots with seedlings

The new influx of large-scale commercial hemp farms has some people wondering about growing their own hemp. If you’ve been curious about getting into hemp cultivation, then you’ve come to the right place. Take a seat and get ready for growing hemp 101. 

Why Sun-Grown Hemp is Better For The Environment

sun-grown hemp being grown, going through the environmental benefits of sun-grown cbd hemp

It’s one of the most important questions cultivators ask themselves before starting out—will they grow inside a controlled environment using artificial heat or underneath the natural warmth of the sun? For a long time, the chief concern of any cannabis grower was not getting caught. Since indoor locations...

What is Hemp Biomass?

greenhouse full of hemp plants explaining what is hemp biomass cbd
Hemp flower may be the most prized piece of the harvest for some cultivators, but it’s not the only usable part of the plant. Hemp is one of the most sustainable cash crops grown in the country, and every piece of the plant from the hemp seeds to the fibrous...

What You Need To Know About CBD and Your Pets

a dog and a cat laying in the grass benefiting from CBD for pets
CBD products have exploded in the last decade, especially since the 2018 Farm Bill federally decriminalized hemp. Hemp-derived CBD is now showing up in everything from infused gummy candies to beauty products. This boom also includes a large market of CBD products...

Did You Know Animals Self-Medicate Too?

two lions sleeping discussing animal behavior, cbd, and if animals self-medicate
Most of us self-medicate in some form or another, but this behavior isn’t unique to homo-sapiens. Many animals also self-medicate. Let’s take a look at some interesting examples of self-medication in the animal kingdom.

Is CBD Actually Non-Psychoactive?

Is CBD Actually Non-Psychoactive?
For years, CBD has been touted by major publications, CBD manufacturers, and some  scientists as non-psychoactive. Even the Guardian published an article in 2018 with that seemingly ubiquitous phrase “CBD is non-psychoactive.” That phrase shows up so often and in so many...

List of Presidents That Passed Legislation Regarding Hemp

photo of mount Rushmore discussing presidents who passed legislation pertaining to hemp
Over the past century, hemp’s legal status in the United States of America has gone through lots of changes. Without having a clear picture of this history, it’s difficult to figure out the best way to move forward. So in the interest of progress, let’s take a deep dive into...