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Hemp Clothing Styles and Designers

Hemp Clothing Styles and Designers

Hemp can be utilized for so much more than we give it credit for, which is why e1011 Labs loves these hemp clothing designers.

Does Hemp Have Value in Skin Care?

Does Hemp Have Value in Skin Care?
Hemp oil has proven to be extremely beneficial for skin health, and is found in various beauty and rejuvenation products, such as creams, facial oils, and serums.

Happy International Charity Day

Happy International Charity Day
In these uncertain times, community and our loved ones are of utmost importance. Take a stroll down memory lane with E1011 Labs and see how we've been helping our community.

How Does Hemp Grow?

Closeup photo of leaves of a hemp plant, for E1011's page on how to grow hemp and its historical uses.
E1011 Labs gives a rundown of the history and techniques for growing hemp. Hemp is an eco-friendly alternative to other crops currently farmed on an industrial scale.

Hemp Art

Photo of three spools of white hemp thread. For E1011's page on hemp art.
E1011 Labs details some simple and interesting ways to add unique flair to any room or design with these DIY hemp art projects.

Do You Know What’s in a Hemp Seed?

Photo of hemp seeds in a small short tin, for E1011's page on the chemical makeup. nutrition and health benefits of the hemp seed.

E1011 Labs breaks down the makeup of a hemp seed, its nutritional value and health benefits to digestion, cognitive function and disease prevention.

We Love Hemp Yoga Wear

We Love Hemp Yoga Wear
Hemp is one of the oldest and most sustainable materials for clothing. E1011 Labs gives an overview of our favourite hemp products and retailers of hemp yoga mats and yoga wear.


A closeup image of a cannabis plant, for E1011 Labs' page on THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) vs CBD (cannabidiol).
E1011 Labs takes a deep dive on the differences in chemistry, function and effects of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) vs CBD (cannabidiol).

The History of the Word “Marijuana”

Closeup image of marijuana flower. e1011 Labs
The history of the word “marijuana” is a bit of a rocky one - E1011 Labs investigates the disturbing roots of this word and whether the cannabis industry needs to make a change.

Hemp Events

Neon sign of two hands shaking. From e1011 Labs' hemp news and hemp fest events..

E1011 Labs gives you the rundown of hemp events worth checking out, both in North America and worldwide.

Only the Start of the Hemp Plant’s Potential

Photo of a journal on a wooden table with a line drawing of the hemp plant. From e1011 Labs' page "What is Hemp"..
E1011 Labs provides an overview of the many uses of hemp, including clothing, building/construction, food, health supplements, beauty products, plastic and even fuel!

What are Terpenes?

Photo of orange and red coloured bubbles in a liquid. From e1011 Labs' terpenes information page.

E1011 Labs breaks down the differences between terpenes, terpenoids and cannabinoids. Learn about these compounds and their effects, common types and characteristics.