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Can CBD Reduce Brain Injury Symptoms?


During the last decade, we’ve seen an explosion of research into the medicinal and therapeutic potential of the non-intoxicating cannabinoid CBD. Despite this myriad of recent studies, the Food and Drug Administration has remained hesitant to approve any CBD products. Only the product...

Benefits of CBD And Melatonin


It’s early Monday morning. The sun just begins to leak in through the blinds in your bedroom window, when suddenly, you’re sonically assaulted by the blaring cacophony of an alarm clock. It’s already time to start your day, and you’ve had another sleepless night. 

Does this...

Difference Between Monoterpenes and Terpenes


What comes to mind when you think about top-shelf cannabis? Do you imagine meticulously hand-trimmed buds in bright, vibrant colors with fragrant aromas? What about incredibly high cannabinoid percentages?

Many assume that the very best cannabis is all about THC and CBD. However, modern cultivators want...

Does Smoking Cannabis Make You Anxious?


Many people find that enjoying cannabis helps them unwind and relax, helping to shed away the stress of daily life. Curiously, others find that cannabis has the exact opposite effect—stimulating anxieties and provoking intense feelings of paranoia. 

So what’s the deal? Is cannabis a cure for...

What’s up with Wake and Bakes?


For some, the day doesn’t start until they’ve had a steaming cup of freshly brewed coffee. That ritualistic AM caffeine fix is an integral part of many American’s morning routines. This kind of behavior doesn’t seem out of the ordinary, but what if we replaced the cup of...

What’s The Difference Between CBD and CBG?


During the past decade, the non-intoxicating cannabinoid CBD has taken the wellness community by storm. It shows up in everything from beauty products to pet treats. Even people who never dreamed they’d be regularly using cannabis are finding a daily CBD regimen to be life-changing. 


What Is Linalool?


Have you ever wondered what gives the flowers their naturally sweet scent? Or why splitting open a citrus fruit fills the air with a sharp and tangy aroma? Or why you can smell the bitterness of a freshly poured IPA before the beer ever touches your lips? All...

Will Amazon Start Selling Weed?


Jeffery Bezos started the massively successful online retail company Amazon almost 30 years ago with nothing but a dream, a garage, and a significant amount of startup capital generously invested by his parents. Today, the company is a household name across the globe—one that generates billions of dollars...

How Mulch Can Help Make Healthier Cannabis Plants


Nothing beats enjoying the first toke of cannabis that you’ve spent the time to cultivate yourself. It’s the feeling when months of care and effort culminate into a relaxing and satisfying experience. 

Growing your own cannabis not only saves you the money you might have otherwise...

4 Essential Tips For Growing CBD Hemp at Home

There are hundreds of different ways to find hemp flower, either online or in brick and mortar dispensaries, but nothing is more rewarding than taking a puff of cannabis you’ve grown yourself. For those with little gardening experience, cultivating a hemp crop can seem overwhelming at first. Don’t worry; we’re...

How Did Swisher Sweets Become Associated With Cannabis?

Every gas station, convenience store, and smoke shop has them—those colorful packages of sugary cigars, proudly claiming to be “2 for 99 cents”, though, much like a can of Arizona Iced Tea, the cost will likely vary.