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What Exactly is "Heat Not Burn?"

What Exactly is Heat Not Burn?
Get rid of your lighters because traditional smoking is a relic of the past. Heat not burn products have already begun revolutionizing the tobacco industry, and now the cannabis industry looks like it may be next. But what exactly is heat...

Where Should I Buy Delta-8 Products?

Where Should I buy Delta-8 Products
Move over CBD and THC; there’s a new cannabinoid taking the legal cannabis markets by storm—delta 8. We’ve seen this relatively obscure compound explode into one of the hottest selling cannabis derivatives in just a few short years. Let’s take a look at what makes delta 8 THC so...

Is Hemp Legal In China?

building in china questioning the legality of hemp
Hemp laws in the United States are complicated, and therefore we have to spend a lot of time unpacking them. But the USA isn’t the only country where the popularity of hemp and hemp-derived products are growing. 

Let’s zoom out and take a...

How To Safely Buy CBD Online

E1011 Labs Online shopping on laptop with credit card at table
CBD products have definitely gone more mainstream since the 2018 Farm Bill decriminalized hemp, but there are still dangers to be aware of when looking for reputable cannabidiol–especially when purchasing online. It’s more common than you might think. This Penn Medicine...

Using CBD Alone is Not Enough

CBD Isolate close-up abstract imagery e1011 labs
CBD, short for cannabidiol, can be a great addition to your wellness routine with a myriad of benefits. However, is using CBD all on its own the most effective way to utilize the cannabinoid? Are there ways to combine CBD with other compounds to increase the net benefit? 

Is Banning Smokable Hemp Unconstitutional?

Is Banning Smokable Hemp Unconstitutional?
Law enforcement agencies find distinguishing between smokeable hemp and marijuana too difficult and expensive. This has prompted campaigns in four states to have smokeable hemp flower banned, and certain lawmakers are in support. But just how constitutional would a ban on smokeable hemp be? Keep reading to...

Unpacking CBD’s Unregulated Status and Legal Pitfalls

brown legal gavel on beige table debating the legality of cbd and hemp
With hemp and CBD now federally legal in the United States, CBD and hemp products have been flooding the market - but has regulation kept up? Read more to learn about the legal ramifications for hemp and CBD companies.

The Ultimate CBD Dosing Guide

CBD dosages with cbd oil versus vape at a grey wooden table
For those just starting to venture into the world of cannabis and CBD, finding the proper dosage can be tricky, especially since the plant’s nebulous legal status adds a layer of difficulty when searching for a clear definitive answer from the medical and scientific communities.

Wellness 101 – The Eight Dimensions of Wellness

Wellness 101 – The Eight Dimensions of Wellness
The term wellness seems to show up everywhere, especially when we’re talking about cannabis, but precisely what is wellness? Is it just the same thing as being healthy? It’s more than just a buzzword – come take a deep dive with us and find out why wellness is important...