5 Strains Perfect For A Valentine’s Day Date Night

Today is Valentine’s Day—a time when people all over the globe get together with their loved ones for a night of romance. 

Celebrate Valentines Day with Cannabis

Some people celebrate with a fancy dinner at a nice restaurant; others may prefer a quiet picnic in nature or getting pampered during a spa day. 

However you like to spend the holiday, one thing is for certain: a little bit of cannabis (or a lot) can help take things to the next level. Wondering what strains are good for Valentine’s Day? Look no further! We’ve compiled our 5 best strains for Valentine’s Day in one convenient place. Keep reading to see the most sensual strains on the market today, as well as a few unique cannabis products that are sure to make your Valentine’s Day extra special!


Weed and chocolate go together

Chocolate is a Valentine’s Day staple. And honestly, who doesn’t love opening that heart-shaped box and finding dozens of delectable sweet treats? 

The Chocolope strain is the perfect way to incorporate this tradition into your cannabis festivities. This cross between Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze brings distinct flavors of cacao and sweet melon to the table, reminiscent of what you might find in a box of luxury chocolates. The uplifting effects of Chocolope make for an excellent start to whatever you have in store for the holiday.

Alice In Wonderland 

Alice in Wonderland is a great strain!

“Oh, ‘tis love, ‘tis love, that makes the world go round!” From Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland

This is one rabbit hole you’ll definitely want to fall into! The Alice In Wonderland strain is a sativa-leaning hybrid known for producing intense cerebral effects and feelings of euphoria. If you’re interested in a strain that can enhance your sensory experiences this valentines day, then follow the white rabbit to your local dispensary and pick up some of this arousing strain. 

Love Potion #9

Charm your valentine with Love potion

Have you been a flop with chics since 1956? Try a little bit of Love Potion #9! 

This fruity strain has delicious notes of fresh berries and tangy citrus that play excellent on the palate. As a potent indica-dominant hybrid, Love Potion #9 can be quite sedating, so this is a love potion you’ll likely want to enjoy in the evening after wrapping up other holiday festivities. Just make sure to avoid the cop on Thirty-Fourth and Vine. 

Berry White 

Cannabis for valentines day

We at E1011 Labs can’t get enough of this strain, babe! 

Nothing says romance quite like the sultry tones of Barry White. His infamous baritone voice and seductive lyrics earned the crooner the nickname “The Walrus of Love,” and have also inspired this cross between Blueberry and White Widow. Berry White is a balanced hybrid that’s sure to leave you feeling as relaxed and cool as Barry himself this Valentine’s Day. 

Cherry Pie 

Cherry pie cannabis strain

Here’s a strain that tastes so good it makes a grown cry! 

It’s not just Cherry Pie’s mouth-wateringly sweet terpene profile that makes it a Valentine’s Day go-to; it’s also this strain’s arousing and energizing effects. When a strain has Durban Poison as one of its parents, you know it’s going to pack a stimulating wallop. However, Cherry Pie’s other parent Grandaddy Purple helps balance things out and makes for an overall experience that’s both relaxing and invigorating. 

Other Cannabis Products To Try This Valentine’s Day  

While flower is always a classic, we’ve included some other novel products that might help spice up your Valentine’s Day even more!

  • Cannabinoid-Infused Bath Bombs: Want to pamper your partner this valentines day? Cannabinoid-infused bath bombs are the perfect gift for a new lover or long-time spouse who loves unwinding with a long soak in a hot bath. 
  • Cannabinoid-Infused Massage Oils: The act of massaging a partner can be both restorative and sensual at the same time, making it an excellent Valentine’s Day activity. With cannabinoid-infused massage oils, the experience can be even more rewarding. 
  • Cannabinoid-Infused Intimate Lubricants: For those looking to enhance the sensations of intimacy, cannabinoid-infused lubricants are an excellent way to add some extra excitement to your boudoir activities. 

Do you plan on incorporating cannabis into your Valentine’s Day this year? Let us know what you’ve got in mind on Twitter!

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