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The Ultimate Guide to Cannabis Measurements

The Ultimate Guide to Cannabis Measurements

With all the various slang terms and different units of measurements, trying to figure out how much cannabis you want to purchase can feel a bit like solving an algebra problem. 

If you’ve recently been to a dispensary and found yourself...

Jack Herer – Cannabis Activist, Advocate, Author, and Legend

Jack Herer – Cannabis Activist, Advocate, Author, and Legend
Few people did more for cannabis than legendary advocate Jack Herer. During his life, Herer championed marijuana as medicine, hemp as an industrial super crop, and authored one of the most seminal texts on the cannabis plant: “The Emperor Wears no Clothes.” Learn more about the man, the myth, the...

Does Cannabis Have an Inclusivity Problem?

Does Cannabis Have an Inclusivity Problem?
As the cannabis industry continues to grow, it is important to remember the progress that still needs to be made towards a more inclusive industry for the future.

What Is The 2018 Farm Bill?

What Is The 2018 Farm Bill?
E1011 Labs Celebrates the 2 year anniversary of the 2018 US Farm Bill being signed into law by taking a deep dive into the bill and what it means for the Hemp Industry.

Thomas Jefferson Quotes: TRUE OR FALSE

Thomas Jefferson on a two dollar bill
Did Thomas Jefferson really say these things about hemp? Was Thomas Jefferson a Hemp user himself? Join E1011 Labs in deciphering whether or not some of these quotes were actually said by the founding father himself.

What does a Biden presidency mean for the Hemp Industry?

What does a Biden presidency mean for the Hemp Industry?
This upcoming change in the executive office is expected to be accompanied by policy shifts that may affect various private industries – particularly the hemp industry, which already has a tumultuous relationship with the federal government.

How Does Hemp Grow?

Closeup photo of leaves of a hemp plant, for E1011's page on how to grow hemp and its historical uses.
E1011 Labs gives a rundown of the history and techniques for growing hemp. Hemp is an eco-friendly alternative to other crops currently farmed on an industrial scale.

Do You Know What’s in a Hemp Seed?

Photo of hemp seeds in a small short tin, for E1011's page on the chemical makeup. nutrition and health benefits of the hemp seed.

E1011 Labs breaks down the makeup of a hemp seed, its nutritional value and health benefits to digestion, cognitive function and disease prevention.

The History of the Word “Marijuana”

Closeup image of marijuana flower. e1011 Labs
The history of the word “marijuana” is a bit of a rocky one - E1011 Labs investigates the disturbing roots of this word and whether the cannabis industry needs to make a change.

Only the Start of the Hemp Plant’s Potential

Photo of a journal on a wooden table with a line drawing of the hemp plant. From e1011 Labs' page "What is Hemp"..
E1011 Labs provides an overview of the many uses of hemp, including clothing, building/construction, food, health supplements, beauty products, plastic and even fuel!

What is Hemp’s History?

Green growing Hemp plant indoors with shadows and white background with sun decoration. From e1011 Lab's page on history of the hemp seed and what is hemp.

E1011 Labs explore the fascinating history of hemp. Hemp has deep roots in history. For centuries the plant has been cultivated and consumed across the globe, but where did this miracle plant come from? And what is hemp used for?