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How Cannabis Legalization Can Affect Indigenous Communities


This cannabis plant’s been used for centuries by people from all nations, ethnic backgrounds, and religions. Despite this cultural ubiquity, cannabis has historically been about as far from being some kind of bastion of equity and inclusiveness as a plant species can get. 

It’s no secret...

How Jamaica Became Famous For Cannabis


It’s no secret that the Caribbean island of Jamaica is often associated with the cannabis plant. From Western misconceptions of Rastafarianism to popular cultural ambassadors like Bob Marley, the small island nation seems inextricably linked to marijuana. But have you ever wondered how that connection originally got made?


How Ancient Cultures Used Cannabis And Spread The Seeds


You may think of cannabis as a modern cultivar, but that’s far from the truth. In fact, the cannabis plant has been an essential crop since the invention of agriculture itself. Archeologists digging off the coast of the Oki Islands near Japan have found evidence

Where Did These Cannabis Slang Terms Come From?


Pot. Reefer. Ganja. Dank. The Sticky-Icky. There must be thousands of different slang terms that have been used over the years to refer to the cannabis plant, and some of them are downright confusing. Have you ever wondered where all these names came from in the first place?...

How Cannabis Builds Strong Communities And Shapes Culture


Cannabis is more than just a plant. It’s more than just an alternative medicine, and it’s more than just a way to catch a buzz in your buddy’s basement. Cannabis brings people together—artists, musicians, free-thinkers, and radicals have enjoyed it for years while imbuing a bit of cannabis...

How Did Swisher Sweets Become Associated With Cannabis?

Every gas station, convenience store, and smoke shop has them—those colorful packages of sugary cigars, proudly claiming to be “2 for 99 cents”, though, much like a can of Arizona Iced Tea, the cost will likely vary.

How Much THC Can Legally Be In Hemp?


Recently, the United States’ Government federally legalized hemp through the 2018 Farm Bill, ending a decades-long prohibition and bringing the American farmer back on equal ground to the rest of the world. 

However, commercial hemp cultivators still must take caution to...

The Cultural Impact of Nixon’s War On Drugs Campaign


For young people, the war on drugs has been a constant. People born after 1980 have no concept of a world where the federal government doesn’t shovel billions of dollars into militarized police forces. They can only imagine what it would be like to live in a society...

What Is The Emerald Triangle?


Imagine it’s 1967—the infamous Summer of Love. San Francisco's flooded with burgeoning hippies and young people, and you need to get away from the throngs of youth, get back in touch with nature, maybe grow some weed for money.

What better place...

How Mainstream Cannabis Culture Is Changing


For decades, the joint symbolized defiance and dissent. Whether you were protesting the Vietnam War or railing against income inequality with the Occupy Movement, people were smoking cannabis.

Today, we’re witnessing marijuana culture shift away from its counter-culture roots and become more assimilated into mainstream society....

Foreign Investors and Mexico's Cannabis Market


Last month, the Mexican Supreme Court made a monumental ruling which decriminalized marijuana and hemp under Mexican law. With this shift in policy comes serious questions for potential foreign investors in what may be the newest cannabis market in the world. As we’ve seen time and time again...