Heat-Not-Burn: Intro To Dry Herb Vaporizers

Today, we have more ways to consume cannabis than ever before. Between concentrates, edibles, and vape products, visiting a legal dispensary can feel like being a kid in a candy store.   

While all these novel cannabis products are fun and exciting, it’s hard to beat the more natural experience you get with flower. That way, you’re guaranteed to enjoy the plant’s true terpene and cannabinoid profile while also encouraging the entourage effect.

However, smoking cannabis isn’t the best thing in the world for your lungs. But, what if there was a way to glean all the benefits offered from cannabis flower, while mitigating the risks associated with conventional smoking? Thanks to heat not burn technology, you can!

The Pros And Cons Of Inhalation

Heat-not-burn dry herb vaporizers

Despite the myriad of different methods developed to consume cannabis in recent years, inhaling cannabinoids remains the most efficient way to get THC and CBD into your system. Not only do the effects come on much quicker compared to edibles and tinctures, but inhalation also offers increased potency. It comes down to something called bioavailability.

Bioavailability is a measure of how much of a given substance reaches its biological destination. In the context of cannabis, bioavailability measures exactly what percentage of cannabinoids enter the bloodstream where they can have an effect. Inhalation, like with vaping or smoking, offers significantly increased bioavailability compared to other methods. In practical terms, this means 20 mg of THC or CBD will go farther when inhaled than when ingested. 

However, inhaling burnt plant material into your lungs can irritate your throat and may lead to future respiratory issues. But, with heat not burn cannabis products, you get all the bioavailability of smoking, with less lung irritation. Plus, unlike with vape cartridges, you still get to enjoy flower. Here’s how it works.  

What Is Heat-Not-Burn?

Heat not burn does not involve combustion

Similar to the progression of e-cigarettes to cannabis pen vapes, heat not burn technology was originally developed by the tobacco industry as a way to sell healthier alternatives to smoking. 

When we smoke something like a joint or a cigarette, the heat from the lit embers causes the plant material to combust. This chemical reaction creates smoke, which is a mixture of solid particles and gases. Many of these particles are carcinogenic, and inhaling smoke can irritate the respiratory system. 

With heat-not-burn devices, the plant material doesn’t reach a high enough temperature to create smoke. Instead, the low-temp heating element creates an inhalable aerosol similar to vaporizers. As a result, the user is exposed to significantly less toxic particulates

What Is A Dry Herb Vaporizer? 

In the cannabis world, you may see heat not burn devices referred to as dry herb vaporizers. Typically, dry herb vaporizers come in two main varieties: 

  • Desktop Vaporizers: These are larger model devices that will usually need to be plugged into an electrical source. They either have hose attachments, which allow users to consume the vapor they make similar to a hookah, or they fill a bag with vapor in the style of the iconic volcano. 
  • Portable Dry Herb Vaporizers: Portable dry herb vapes are small enough to fit into a pocket or handbag, allowing users to consume cannabis while on the go.
  • How To Use Dry Vaporizers 

    Using a dry herb vaporizer is, in effect, similar to packing a bowl. Ground cannabis flower is placed into the device’s “oven” or heating chamber. But, instead of torching it with a lighter, users typically press a button to activate the device’s heating element. The heat converts the ground cannabis into vapor, which users can inhale from a mouthpiece. 

    Unlike smoking, dry herb vaporizers won’t create ash. Instead, the flower will turn a brownish color after being heated by the device. Users can discard that browned flower and repack the device with fresh cannabis.

    Introducing The elon®

    elon device by e1011 labs

    A large part of the appeal of disposable vape cartridges comes down to their convenience—no grinding or packing necessary. 

    Now, with the elon® heat not burn device, cannabis consumers can experience all the convenience of cartridge-based vape systems while still enjoying the benefits of flower. The device pairs with a proprietary stelo™—an eco-friendly disposable cartridge filled with sun-grown hemp flower.

    Elon®’s sleek design coupled with its fast-charging and long-lasting battery makes for the ultimate on-the-go cannabis experience. Order an elon® Starter Bundle today, and see why CannabisNow called the device a “must-have.”

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