What are Dry Herb Vaporizers?

 E1011 Labs breaks down the science behind dry herb vaporizers

Dry herb vaporizers have been taking the cannabis world by storm as more and more people make the switch from smoking and traditional vaporizers. These vaporizers allow you to enjoy all the benefits of cannabis while easily sidestepping the risks associated with smoking and vaping. So what exactly is this magical tool?

Read below to learn about the different types of dry herb vaporizers, how they work, and all of the amazing benefits they have to offer.

How Do Dry Herb Vaporizers Work?

Dry herb vaporizers work by heating cannabis flower and evaporating the cannabinoids and terpenes of the plant matter to produce an inhalable vapor. Unlike traditional vaporizers which are designed for concentrates such as wax and shatter, dry herb vapes can only be used with dry, unprocessed cannabis flower or other plant matter. There are two different methods by which these vaporizers work - conduction and convection. Understanding the differences between these processes can help inform what type of dry herb vape is best for you.

Conduction works by heating the herb using a direct contact heating element, and this usually refers to an open heating plate located inside the heating chamber of the vaporizer. The plate then combusts the plant matter to produce the vapor. Convection, on the other hand, is a combustion-free process by which the vaporizer gradually heats the plant matter by circulating hot air around the herb until the compounds evaporate.

 In general, convection vaporizers are considered more preferable to conduction vaporizers because they prevent any part of the herb from getting overheated. This is a common issue with conduction vapes, and it can potentially result in wasted herb and unpleasant tasting vapor. Convection vaporizers also often include temperature control features so you have even more control over how your herb is heated. Most importantly, while all dry herb vaporizers allow you to use less flower, this is especially true for vapes that use convection.

How Do Dry Herb Vaporizers Work?

Types of Dry Herb Vaporizers

Types of Dry Herb Vaporizers

While there are dozens of different dry herb vaporizers available on the market, the main two types you’ll find are portable and desktop vaporizers. Both have their own unique features and purposes, and choosing the right type for you depends greatly on your lifestyle and how you wish to enjoy your flower.

Portable dry herb vapes are typically smaller in size with a compact design that closely resembles a traditional vape pen. They are usually very lightweight and can easily fit into a purse or pocket for vaping on the move. These vaporizers are suited for those who are looking for a convenient way to consume dry herb wherever and whenever they like, and they are also better for solo sessions as they tend to only hold a small amount of herb.

Desktop vaporizers are much larger in size and typically require the use of a plug-in power source. While they are not as easy to transport, these vaporizers are great for sharing with more than one or two people, and they often employ more powerful and advanced technology so you can enjoy longer sessions as well as larger hits with more vapor.  

Benefits of Dry Herb Vaporizers vs Oil Cartridge Vaporizers

The reason dry herb vaporizers have become increasingly popular among the cannabis community is because they offer a host of valuable benefits compared to traditional smoking or concentrate vaping. While there are loads of benefits to using dry herb vapes, these are just a few of the most compelling reasons to make the switch. 

Vaporizing dry herb allows for a cleaner inhalation that avoids many of the downfalls of smoking by only heating the herb’s active ingredients such as THC, CBD, terpenes, and cannabinoids. Traditional smoking, on the other hand, heats the entirety of the plant matter, and this exposes your lungs to harmful toxins including benzene and carbon monoxide. This is just one of the many medical benefits of using dry herb vapes over other inhalation methods.

Benefits of Dry Herb Vaporizers vs Oil Cartridge Vaporizers

Another important benefit of dry herb vapes is that they produce an odorless vapor which allows for far more discrete sessions. The process of vaporizing works extremely quickly and makes the notorious odor of cannabis harder to detect, and this is especially useful for people who wish to enjoy their herb in more public spaces. Vaping also produces smaller clouds compared to smoking and lets you consume cannabis even more discreetly.

Dry herb vapes also enhance the taste of your flower by producing a vapor that maintains the terpenes and cannabinoids that give your herb its flavor profile. When you vaporize herb rather than burn it, you’ll be able to enjoy a vapor that tastes smoother and is less likely to irritate the throat than regular smoke. 

Best of all, dry herb vaporizers are more environmentally friendly than other smoking or vaping methods. When smoking a traditional joint, many people end up tossing roaches and filters aside, and these are very harmful to the environment and surrounding wildlife. In addition, empty vaping cartridges are often discarded and can pose similar risks. Dry herb vaporizers only require disposal of the cooked plant matter, and this is already naturally biodegradable.

All in all, dry herb vaporizers are an excellent alternative for those who love cannabis but hate all the negative aspects of traditional smoking and vaping. If you’re considering making the switch check out our elon®.