How to Include CBD in your Workout Routine

How to Include CBD in your Workout Routine

E1011 Labs explores how you can boost your next workout with CBD

Self-care is an all-encompassing philosophy, not limited to spa days or vacations. Since many people have lost access to gyms or suffered a disruption to their everyday routines, most exercise is now occurring in the home or outdoors. Carving out the mental space to maintain a workout regimen in this time of uncertainty is no easy feat. Maybe you should give yourself some extra help with the process of relaxation.

How Does CBD Fit In With Fitness?

If you’re looking to amplify your daily routine, consider incorporating CBD (Cannabidiol) into your workouts. While there aren’t yet enough studies on CBD to say anything conclusive, many users report that CBD enhances their exercise sessions. 

Researchers have put forward several possible mechanisms to explain these claims of workout enhancement. Since CBD has the potential to mitigate stress and anxiety, some have theorized that the anecdotal benefits are related to a better pre-workout frame of mind. Many users tout purported benefits for pain relief and reduced inflammation post-workout, but studies haven’t been conclusive to date. 

Health-conscious consumers are looking for ways to unwind, relax, and enhance every aspect of their lives. Those open to exploring new options are finding unique and personal benefits to making hemp a part of their self-care toolkit. Men’s Health published an article in March 2019 exploring CBD’s possible benefits when combined with exercise. Additionally, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) reversed its ban on CBD products in 2018, paving the way for its use in competitive sports. 

What CBD should I Choose?

You might already know the many types of hemp-derived CBD products as they have seemingly flooded ever retail location imaginable. But do you know how different intake methods come into play with your workout routine?

Across the United States, edibles, extracts, oils, and vaporizers have filled the marketplace in a veritable explosion since the 2018 Farm Bill legalized cannabis products containing less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC per dry weight basis. From balms to bath bombs, you can most likely find CBD in almost every form possible. While that’s good news for the average consumer, it can also leave shoppers feeling overwhelmed and unsure how the flower can enhance their day-to-day activities or which type would benefit most.

These options can seem never-ending and it's up to you to decide which delivery method works best for you because, believe it or not, every intake method can have drastically different effects and onset times. This difference is due to the bioavailibility and biodelivery each method offers.

CBD Topicals


Topicals such as balms and lotions, have the lowest bioavailability and slowest biodelivery. Meaning that even if the product has a high amount of CBD, your body won't be processing all of it and thus you may not feel the effects you were hoping for.

In order for the CBD oil to reach your bloodstream it must first bypass our largest organ, the skin. This process is also very time-consuming and the effects of CBD could be felt long after your workout is already over if you only apply it right before. If you choose to use a topical, be weary of the long onset time and low bioavailability.

However, a topical is effective for targeting particular muscles or areas. For example, if you would like to feel the effects of CBD on your sore ankle, you should choose to apply a CBD balm to instead of drinking a CBD water, because the CBD will be concentrated in that area instead of throughout your body.

CBD Edibles


Edibles and CBD-infused beverages may have faster onset times than topicals, but still tout a relatively low bioavailability in comparison to sublingual tinctures and inhalants. One 2009 study found that only 4-20% of oral CBD eventually makes its way to the bloodstream. Even if the food or drink has a high amount of CBD, your body won't be processing all of it and thus you may not feel the effects you were hoping for.

Edibles can also take several hours before you feel any effects and you must time it accordingly if you want to workout with the effects of CBD. This absorption rate might be acceptable if you want a slow and easy maintenance dose, but if you’re looking for a more powerful impact instantaneously, inhalation has the best uptake efficiency. 

CBD Inhalants


Inhalation methods, like the Elon,  report a biodelivery rate of somewhere between 34% - 46% and in some cases up to 56%. Additionally the onset time is far more rapid than edibles. You could use your Elon right before your workout and the effects will be felt by the time you start!

Only Buy Third-Party Verified CBD

Finally, after you've determined what intake method is best for you, always check a product’s lab reports and certificate of analysis (COA) to verify that it contains what it claims it does. Unfortunately, not all products contain the ingredients they claim, and prices can vary wildly, sometimes, for no reason. The COAs will also show what other cannabinoids and terpenes the product may include. For isolates, it will only be CBD but for full-spectrum or broad-spectrum products, there will be additional compounds present.

One of the benefits of full-plant extracts and whole flower products is the entourage effect. This is where multiple compounds work in harmony to balance or stimulate various systems of the body in synchrony. This can have a more powerful effect than any single chemical working alone. That’s why we created Stem as a whole-plant experience, to bring you every bit of potential in the hemp flower bud we produce. 

At E1011 Labs, our flower is always third party lab tested and a COA is always readily available on our website or by scanning the QR code on each pack of Stem that shows independently verified lab results of its hemp.

Meet Your New Work Out Buddy, Elon!

With the perfect combination of sun-grown flower buds and full-spectrum compounds, E1011 Labs has created two different blends perfect for any type of wellness routine.

Uplift has a brighter flavor and energetic profile, perfect for mood-setting your next high intensity workout. Get the pep in your step with the right terpenes to help you focus. Prefer calming self-care sessions? Kick off your shoes, grab your lululemon yoga pants and hit the mat for stretching or more mellow routines like barre or pilates with Relax to help you unwind. 

We know you want the best for yourself, so that's why we started a revolution in CBD delivery. The sleek and buttonless Elon is the perfect way to ingest full-spectrum hemp compounds, giving you up to 15 Stem sessions before needing a recharge. What’s even better is that the Elon recharges in half an hour or less. Treat yourself to the decadent self-care combination of Elon and Stem, pre-workout, post-workout, and anytime in between.