Closeup black and white photo of the reels of a cinema movie projector, for e1011 Labs' page on top 5 movies to watch while using their Elon & Stem products.

Movies to Watch While Enjoying Uplift & Relax

E1011 Labs’ top 5 movie recommendations while using our products

One of the most-loved ingredients to your day or night whilst using hemp or CBD is a great movie to match how you feel. Whether you’re trying to unwind or energize, a movie is essential to your experience. E1011 Labs has two different types of hemp products; “Uplift” and “Relax -  “Uplift” supercharges your day, while “Relax” improves your nights and your moments of peace. For whichever of these vibes you desire, the right movie can be the perfect addition to enhance your experience.


Uplift is a premium, proprietary CBD flower paired with just the right terpenes. Strict lab testing ensures our product is safe, pure and potent for our community to enjoy. With Uplift you are moving beyond traditional processed oils and getting to experience natural plant power. We have paired strains with the perfect terpenes for our community to feel the effects of Uplift, providing a unique boost that will supercharge you through watching the five movies below.

Inception can only be described as a mind-blowing movie which takes you on so many twists and turns that you can sometimes even forget where you started. Missing even one detail in this movie can leave you clueless. However this movie is a cinematic masterpiece which challenges your imagination and takes you into a different world. Leonardo DiCaprio puts in another fantastic performance, which is no surprise.

Unbreakable is simply a great movie. The huge twist is one that no-one can see coming, never has a twist in a movie completely taken an audience by surprise like this has. This is the type of movie that intrigues you and leads you to ask many questions. It requires you to focus on the dialogue in order to partake in the movie. This continues right until the end of the movie, which brings a surprising twist and all of a sudden, it all comes together.

Donnie Darko is similar to Inception in that you have to pay close attention through the entire movie. You might find yourself scratching your head in confusion quite often if you lose focus. Without spoiling the movie for you, we can tell you that Donnie Darko is a movie about a teenager who gets visions from time to time, and is manipulated into doing some seemingly heinous things which later reveal a larger purpose. Enjoy!

Fight Club is a perfect movie to watch while using Uplift. This movie challenges everything you know and captivates you...oh sorry, we can’t say anymore without giving it away. The first rule about fight club is, you do not talk about fight club! Go watch it! One of the most talked about and surprising endings of any movie.

The Big Lebowski is hilarious to say the least. Jeffrey “The dude” Lebowski who is a full-time slacker and passionate bowler who becomes a victim of mistaken identity when he is beaten up by a group of thugs. He then goes on a journey with the correct Jeffrey Lebowski to recover his kidnapped wife and the plan goes wrong. This movie is a Cohen brothers classic and will be a perfect addition to your night using Uplift.


Like Uplift, Relax is also a premium, proprietary CBD flower paired with the perfect terpenes - but uses different terpenes to those in Uplift in order to create a unique experience. The terpenes in Relax will help you sit back, unwind and enjoy the laughter that our list of movies below will bring. There are 5 grams of hemp flower in each Stem pack for your enjoyment, and you can rest assured knowing that e1011 Labs has partnered with the perfect farmers to ensure the quality of our product and the sustainability that we care about. So click play, put your Relax Stem into your Elon and enjoy the movie.

Pineapple Express is a classic! This movie is Seth Rogen and James Franco at their best. It is filled with witty jokes throughout the movie, as we see the journey of a stoner and his dealer directly after their “boss” is murdered. The unlikely duo flee from villains and corrupt police officers after witnessing the murder. One heck of a ride, relax and enjoy the hilarity. 

Half Baked is a comedy starring Dave Chappelle - need we say more? This movie is outstanding because of how relatable it is. The perfect movie to watch on a relaxing night in, it will have you cracking up all night long - when it’s Dave Chappelle, are you really surprised?

We’re the Millers is pure comedy. Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudeikis star as a “married couple” with two children, attempting to smuggle drugs over the border from Mexico. Non-stop laughter from beginning to end, Aniston and Sudeikis are amazing with impeccable timing, and are also supported by the comedic talents of Emma Roberts and Will Poulter. This movie will leave you with absolutely “no ragrets!”

Superbad is a coming-of age comedy starring Jonah Hill, Michael Cera and Seth Rogen. If Seth Rogen is in the movie, you know it is a great recipe for a relaxed night in. The story follows two teenagers about to graduate from high school and the woes they encounter as they plan a party with a specific goal - discovering things are a lot harder than expected.

Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle is the definition of comedy, as Harold and Kumar are attempting to go to the fast-food restaurant White Castle. Taking significantly longer than expected, they suffer through a series of unfortunate but hilarious events. This roller-coaster of a movie takes you on an entertaining ride and is perfect to watch with your best buddy.

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