Movies to Watch While Enjoying Uplift & Relax

Movies to Watch While Enjoying Uplift & Relax

E1011 Labs’ top 5 movie recommendations while using our products

One of the most enjoyable things to do while using hemp or CBD is sitting down to watch a great movie. Whether you’re trying to unwind or stimulate your mind, film is an excellent medium.

Both proprietary blends of e1011 labs premium hemp; Stem Uplift and Stem Relax, pair excellently with a big bowl of popcorn and an engaging piece of cinema. Keep reading to find our movie night recommendations to accompany each blend of flower. 


Uplift is full-spectrum sun-grown CBD flower paired with just the right terpenes. Strict lab testing ensures each one of our stelo™ is safe, pure, and accurately labeled, so you can feel confident while enjoying the sublime flavor.

With Uplift, you are moving beyond processed oils and experiencing natural plant power. Uplift pairs CBD with the perfect mix of terpenes to provide an energizing boost that will supercharge you through the five cerebral movies below.

Inception: A visual masterpiece that epitomizes what big-budget Hollywood films should be. Inception is a synthesis of Christoper Nolan’s past work – the mind-bending narrative of Memento meets the flashy action sequences of The Dark Night to deliver a truly mesmerising cinematic experience. Definitely watch on the biggest T.V. you have available.

Unbreakable: This M. Knight Shyamalan film is sometimes referred to as the first “grounded superhero movie” and paved the way for modern blockbusters like Christopher Nolan’s Batman franchise. The gritty realness juxtaposed with a more conventional comic book mythos serves as a reflection on why we feel the need to create superhero stories to begin with. The expert pacing leaves viewers on the edge of their seats, and in typical Shymalan fashion, you’ll never see the ending coming.

Donnie Darko: This cult favorite is a kaleidoscopic journey through suburban America. Its nebulous narrative, while sometimes hard to follow, examines teen angst, mental illness, and sexuality through a detached and often frightening lens. If you haven’t seen this classic, it’s a must-watch, though the leporiphobic should proceed with extreme caution. 

Fight Club: We’ll have to break the first rule to discuss this David Fincher film. Based on the novel by Chuck Palahniuk with the same name, Fight Club deconstructs the failings of capitalism, the alienation felt in a post-modern world, and toxic-masculinity through the use of satisfyingly grotesque violence. The incredible performances by Edward Norton, Brad Pitt, and Helena Bonham Carter are powerful enough to make this a must-see.  

The Big Lebowski: Fresh off the success of the icy crime drama Fargo, the Cohen Brothers released The Big Lebowski, which, while significantly chiller than the midwestern murderfest, doesn’t exactly leave the genre. I’ve often said that the Cohens like to tell the same story twice – one as tragedy, and once as farce. The titular Lebowski, played by Jeff Bridges, is a shaggy California slacker on a quest to right a great injustice done to his rug (it really tied the room together dude), and in the process runs into a cast of weirdos ranging from scrooge-like rich men to German nihilists. The film blurs the line between stoner comedy and LA Noir in incredibly effective and unique ways all while boasting a star-studded cast of Cohen Brothers’ favorites.


Sit back and unwind with stelo™ Relax. This tranquil blend of terpenes and CBD is expertly designed to help you get the most out of your R&R. Every stelo™ tin comes with three and a half grams of flower, so you won’t have to worry about running out if you decide to marathon the comedies below.

Pineapple Express: Few movies go on to define a genre the way Pineapple Express has. This stoner buddy flick sets up Seth Rogan and James Franco to be the Cheech and Chong of a new millennium. Prepare for big belly laughs with this Apatow production.  

Half Baked: Dave Chapelle, Jim Breuer of SNL fame, and Guillermo Díaz play off each other’s zany personalities to create some seriously comedic moments. Made during the heyday of stupid comedies, this low-stakes movie is great for unwinding with some easy laughs.  

We’re the Millers: Jennifer Anniston goes against type in this somewhat sleazy comedy that subverts traditional feel-good family film tropes. We’re the Millers is rife with punchy humor delivered by a quick-witted cast, who inspire big laughs while maintaining the film’s edge throughout. 

Superbad: Most coming-of-age films are written by those who came of age decades ago. The script for Superbad, however, was developed by Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogan when they were only 13-year-old Canadian high school students. Their closeness to the subject matter is what separates this irreverent comedy from others in the genre. It feels relatable because it’s real. Who better to tell the universally absurd story of adolescence better than the adolescents themselves?

Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle: This classic stoner comedy succeeds in its aim for meaningless silliness. Harold and Kumar’s vulgar antics on their quest for fast-food sliders come across as unpretentious and charming, and their subversion of ethnic stereotypes give the otherwise frivolous film a bit of a message. You may want to have some greasy burgers close by before starting this one up. 

Movies to enjoy with cannabis


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