Revolutionary Technology Meets Timeless Wellness  

E1011 Labs strives to bring you the next generation of self-care and personal wellness with innovative design and thoughtfully crafted formulations.

Elon cbd vape with cbd flower Stems

Alternative Wellness Starts Here

We started with the idea that inhalation delivery was commonly used in ancient medical practice to quickly and efficiently deliver beneficial compounds to the body. From there, we modernized the delivery device using cutting edge low-temperature concentric heating technology while staying true to the belief that plant-based ingredients work better than lab-made synthetics. E1011 Labs represents the next generation of self-care and personal wellness.

Our Approach

Innovative technology and natural remedies are at the core of what we do. Through leveraging the latest aerosol technology, Elon truly lets you do more with less. Inhalation brings active ingredients directly to the bloodstream and allows for maximum bioavailability, which is the retention potential of micronutrients, as it doesn’t require first-pass metabolism through the digestive tract. This naturally leads to much faster onset of therapeutic effects compared to pills, tablets, or beverage, at a much lower total dosage because more of it is available to be absorbed. Sometimes ancient holistic traditions can indeed be modern innovations.

Our Hemp

Each hemp seed, and thus each hemp plant, is unique. This uniqueness changes the taste, potency, and safety for our customers. That’s why we spent months looking for the perfect farmers to partner up with for our hemp blends. Partners that matched our commitment to quality and sustainability were stiff requirements, and we are proud to present you with responsibly-sourced, clean, and pure ingredients. Every day is an opportunity to do things better, so improve your health and wellness today with E1011 Labs.

alternative wellness starts here
innovative technology and natural remedies
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