Hemp Clothing Styles and Designers

E1011 Lab’s 10 Favorite Hemp Designers

Here at e1011 Labs, we’re all about supporting eco-friendly clothing. Our team loves to share sustainable brands that utilize hemp fabric in the most fashion-forward, ethical ways. And, no, we’re not talking about Baja hoodies that some people try to claim are made of hemp. (Spoiler alert: they’re made of cotton.) Below is a list of high-quality hemp clothing designers that celebrate the hemp plant through fashion.

Mara Hoffman

Mara Hoffman Hemp

Mara Hoffman is an environmentally friendly clothing brand dedicated to using only the best, most sustainable materials possible. Every product is hand-crafted with care from all-natural materials and completely recyclable fibers. Since Mara Hoffman’s start, the brand has been focused on utilizing no-waste materials to mitigate landfill waste and allow for the recycling of these clothing fabrics. Have a shirt that doesn’t fit you anymore? Don’t worry, it won’t go to waste.

Back in 2018, the brand introduced its summer collection, presenting a new material in its line of eco-friendly fabrics: hemp. Hemp dresses, hemp pants, hemp jackets – you name it, this summer collection has it. Mara Hoffman truly understands the benefits that this plant-based fabric can bring, using it to create some of the most fashionable, durable, and sustainable pieces in the industry.

Jung Maven

Jung Maven hemp clothing

Jung Maven is another hemp-based clothing line that e1011 Labs simply cannot get enough of. After starting out as a humble company that wanted to show the world all that hemp can do, Jung Maven quickly blossomed into a hemp powerhouse. Now, the brand creates clothing for men and women that embrace the versatility of hemp fabric and are super stylish! 

From cropped shirts and skirts to jackets and long sleeves, Jung Maven offers an impressive selection of hemp clothing that’s comfortable, soft, and incredibly strong. But, we can’t forget about their hemp-based home goods section, either – who wouldn’t want hemp bed sheets and pillowcases?

Back Beat Co.

hemp clothing brand logos

California born and bred, Back Beat Co. is a clothing brand reflective of California’s surf n’ skate culture. Filled with comfortable, wearable pieces with vintage-inspired designs, Back Beat embraces modernity and tradition within every one of its shirts, rompers, and pants.

Back Beat Co. is known for its use of “low-impact” fabrics – fabrics that have been sustainability farmed or recycled. Included in these low-impact fabrics is hemp, of course. Hemp tees and hemp pants alike are carefully crafted in Los Angeles, with Back Beat ensuring every one of its pieces holds up to the brand’s ethical, sustainable standards.

The Hemp Temple

The Hemp Temple clothing brand

The Hemp Temple’s goal is to create products that allow us to live and buy as consciously as possible. The brand truly welcomes all aspects of the hemp plant, using it within all of its pieces to create sustainable clothing options that won’t harm our planet. Hemp Temple offers beautifully simplistic eco-friendly clothing for both men and women. Just as natural and down to Earth as the hemp plant itself, Hemp Temple’s high-quality hemp fabric offers a look that e1011 Labs can’t get enough of.

Ten Tree

Ten tree uses hemp to make products

Ten Tree is a company inspired by nature, and made from nature. All of the materials they use for their products – whether it be TENCEL, recycled polyester, organic cotton, or hemp – are completely eco-friendly, coming straight from Mother Nature herself. Even Ten Tree’s manufacturing processes are sustainable, putting them lightyears ahead of their competition.

Recently, Ten Tree began selling organic cotton and hemp face masks to help protect you and others during these uncertain times. All of their masks are recyclable and made from repurposed materials, giving you a guilt-free, stylish face mask option.

Real World

Real World's mission is to make every day objects  not only "less bad" but also "more good". Tom Osborne's experiment started with a small range of hemp and organic cotton clothing. Real World, formerly known as Spirit Natural Clothing, launched in 2018 with hemp jeans and tee shirts. Keep your eye out for the launch of their 100% compostable top launching soon.  This brand’s dedication to the hemp plant and its high-quality pieces are only a few of the reasons that it’s one of e1011 Labs’ favorites.


Hempy's Hemp Clothing brand

Hempy’s has spent 20 years working towards the acceptance and embrace of the hemp plant. By establishing its sustainable, revolutionary clothing line, the company is showing the world that hemp can be utilized for more than just basic t-shirts. Hempy’s not only offers traditional pieces of clothing made from hemp, but the brand also crafts hemp-based accessories like wallets, beanies, hats, belts, and even scarves. They even have hemp products for your furry four-legged friend, allowing everyone in your household to reap the benefits of hemp just as you do. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Wama Underwear

Hemp underwear brand logo

Nowadays, finding shirts, pants, and even hemp shoes is relatively easy, but locating a high-quality pair of hemp-based underwear can feel nearly impossible. That’s where Wama Underwear comes in. Wama Underwear knows that hemp naturally produces antibacterial and anti-odor properties, creating the perfect recipe for the comfiest pair of undies you’ll ever wear.

Wama offers their hemp underwear in various styles that are just as sexy as your traditional cotton undies. Only with these, you know you’re being as ethical and sustainable as possible, even down to your tighty whities.

Nomad’s Hempware

You can make clothes out of hemp

Nomad’s Hempware embraces hemp in all forms. Whether you’re looking for an addition to your hemp-filled wardrobe or could use a brand-new pair of high-end hemp shoes, Nomad’s has you covered. For nearly two decades, Nomad’s has been one of this e1011 Lab’s team member’s favorite hemp clothing designers. As the brand claims, its clothing transforms hemp from hippy to totally hip, showing modern-day designers that hemp isn’t a fabric to ignore.


Seeker hemp clothing brand

Finally, e1011 Labs can’t talk about hemp clothing without discussing Seeker. Seeker is a comprehensive clothing brand that effortlessly intertwines hemp and organic cotton into every one of its pieces. They source all of their high-end hemp locally, with the brand’s products being ethically and carefully crafted right in Los Angeles.

It’s crazy to think that the same plant used in our stelo™ is also such a versatile and sustainable fabric. Whether you wear it, inhale it using a Starter Bundle, or both, we can all agree that hemp is far more useful than we give it credit for!

So, find a hemp shirt or pair of hemp pants that you love and start showing the world just how versatile (and comfortable) this plant truly is while also being eco-friendly.

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