Only the Start of the Hemp Plant’s Potential

E1011 Labs researched other uses for Hemp beyond inhalation.

As one of the world’s oldest cultivated crops, hemp’s versatility has been explored and embraced for centuries. You can trace the hemp plant’s uses back tens of thousands of years, with ancient civilizations utilizing various parts of the plant for medicine, food, textiles, and industrial purposes.

Today, hemp-derived CBD has quickly gained a foothold in a myriad of markets. The wellness and personal health community is one such market. CBD’s curative benefits have the potential to promote focus, rest, and overall well-being, so it makes sense it’s been showing up as an active ingredient in countless wellness products. E1011 labs have made adding hemp-derived CBD into your daily wellness routine more accessible than ever before. The Elon CBD delivery system’s sleek profile makes it easily transportable, and the concentric heating technology ensures a smooth taste. 

Over time, we’ve discovered even more ways to utilize the hemp plant to its fullest. Today, you can experience the creation of various hemp-based products, from industrial building materials all the way to healthy snacks. More than just a typical green plant, hemp, and its extremely durable fibers, have the potential to create just about anything. Below, we’ve listed five of the most impressive hemp-made materials.

Hemp Clothes

Only the Start of the Hemp Plant’s Potential

It may sound a bit unconventional, but clothes made from hemp are much more practical than you’d think. In fact, there appears to be evidence that hemp was used as fabric all the way back in the ancient days of Mesopotamia. From there, popularity spread primarily to China, where hemp was roped together to create full pieces of durable clothing. Unfortunately, the material produced ended up being less preferred then cotton, and hemp’s popularity as a clothing material faded over the years.

However, recently, manufacturers have once again embraced hemp’s use as fabric, creating clothing that is much softer and more comfortable than it has been in years past. Modern hemp clothing is more absorbent, durable, and insulating than cotton, making it an ideal sports or outdoor wear option. It keeps its shape, is environmentally friendly, and gets softer with every wear. Clothing made of hemp is truly an idea we never should’ve forgotten. Read here for a list of our favorite hemp designers!

Hemp Building Materials

Hemp can be used for building materials

Would you believe us if we told you that certain buildings and landmarks are made of hemp? Hemp can be used to create a building material called hempcrete, an industrial material that’s said to be seven times stronger than traditional concrete. Commercial buildings, houses, and even structures like bridges can all utilize hempcrete. As a building material, hempcrete is both fire and pest resistant, and it provides high-quality insulation that’s ideal for keeping in heat.

The hemp plant is not only easy to grow, but it grows in large quantities using little water and no pesticides. With this, creating hempcrete is easily feasible due to the plant’s accessibility and sustainable features.

Hemp Food and Health Supplements

Hemp Food and Health Supplements

Plant-based living is healthy living, and hemp provides excellent nutritional value to your meals or within your health supplements. Hemp seeds contain a significant amount of healthy fats, protein, and magnesium, making it a great ingredient within most recipes. Whether it's hemp milk, hemp protein powder, or even just hemp seed oil, hemp-infused foods create a healthy, delicious additive within most food or drink.

Because of its clear nutritional value, hemp is also analyzed for its benefits within health and wellness supplements. From capsules to hemp-derived natural oils, it’s becoming more popular to find hemp as an ingredient within your favorite health supplements, and this will only become more commonplace as we discover more about the plant’s remarkable benefits.

As we learn more about how hemp can help boost our health, we are also discovering better ways to consume it. For example, the Elon CBD delivery system is designed to maximize bioavailability. This means that more of that therapeutic CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream than when using traditional tinctures and capsules.

Hemp Alternative Fuel

Hemp used as alternative fuel

That’s right; there’s a chance you can even power your car with hemp. We’ve recently discovered that hemp makes for a great alternative fuel source that’s significantly more eco-friendly than what’s available now. Hemp biodiesel does not produce nearly the carbon dioxide levels that typical fuel does and even produces higher oxygen levels than most plants. Together, this creates an alternative option that’s incredibly appealing for both people and the planet.

By utilizing the seeds from the hemp plant, producers can hard-press and extract oils directly from these seeds. Just as hemp is beneficial for your body, it’s beneficial for your car, too. Hemp biodiesel is actually more lubricating than traditional diesel, helping ignition, torque, and your engine block’s overall lifespan. While Henry Ford’s car made out of hemp back in the 40s wasn’t quite a hit, powering your ride with it now just might be the best decision you can make.

Hemp Beauty Products

Hemp used in beauty products

Hemp makes a great addition to your beauty routine. Various lotions, sunscreens, serums, and balms are made using hemp seed oil and other beneficial ingredients. The combination creates a great all-natural, organic option for the skin. In most health and wellness stores, you’ll easily be able to find hemp-infused beauty products of all kinds, as they’re quickly exploding in popularity.

As we learn more about this plant’s benefits, specifically with hair and skin, you can expect to see your favorite beauty brands branching out into the world of hemp. This is a market that hemp is seamlessly making its way into, and it’s one that your body will absolutely love.

Hemp Plastic

Hemp as a plastic alternative

Traditional plastic makes up 40-60% of beach litter, with 60 billion pounds being discarded into waste streams annually. This significant impact has led environmentalists to turn to alternative options – one of the most effective being hemp plastic. Hemp plastic, as you can probably guess, is a plastic material that’s directly derived from the oils of the hemp plant. These types of plastics are not only easier to sustainably produce, but they’re also biodegradable, no longer leaving behind the harmful footprint that you’re so often used to seeing from traditional plastics.

So, while traditional plastic pollution continues to build over time, hemp plastic will be decomposed within 3-6 months. Making this sort of switch can do wonders for the planet, and you don’t have to feel guilty about using it.

A new development that is taking place is that hemp is beginning to be found in more and more consumer products. These products include things like shoes from Adidas, paper, sports cars, food, and drinks. Hemp is becoming increasingly prevalent in the mainstream world, and there is much more to look forward to.

...So Much More Hemp!

Consumable hemp is a fantastic addition to your personal wellness routine. It can help stimulate focus or promote a better night’s sleep. Surprisingly though, this is only the start of the plant’s potential. Hemp is incredibly versatile, with fibers that are some of the strongest and most durable on the planet. Every day, researchers and farmers alike are continuing to understand the plant better, and society is getting back to the days where we embrace hemp, and all it has to offer.

So many things can be made of this special plant, and we’re still only just beginning to truly realize its potential. Soon, we can only hope that you’ll be finding goodies made of hemp on a regular basis.

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