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E1011 Labs List of Hemp Events Worth Checking Out

Did you know that the legal cannabis industry is one of the fastest-growing industries globally? Now that many states have legalized cannabis or, at the very least, hemp and CBD, North America is spearheading the industry's exponential growth. 

With its newfound legal status, hemp-derived CBD has taken the wellness community by storm in the last decade. That’s why at e1011 labs, we’ve pioneered a new CBD delivery system designed to help the body absorb cannabinoids as efficiently as possible. 

The cannabis marketplace has been dubbed the new green economy, and this green economy has had exponential developmental surges in recent years. As a result, there has been a tsunami of interest in both cannabis and hemp, its potential therapeutic uses, and the business opportunities these present. Whether you are on the hunt for the newest cannabis strain, merely looking for a hemp plant with specific terpenes, or finding the right avenue to invest in the green market, there is a hemp event for you. 

North America hosts many cannabis, CBD, and hemp expos throughout the year, but there are also some exciting cannabis events worldwide – we can’t wait to show off our innovative Elon and Stem at them. Would you like to know more? Come explore with us!

e1011 Labs Hemp Events Exploration

Hemp events to attend

Due to the current global situation, many events are being postponed or canceled. For this reason, the dates and times indicated here could change. For the most accurate and up to date details, contact the relevant organizers. 

e1011's Labs scoured the web for reviews and people's opinions on their favorite cannabis expos. Here are the top three cannabis and hemp events you might seriously consider including in your schedule:

CannMed in Pasadena

CannMed event in Pasadena

Many were looking forward to this cannabis event. Due to the current global situation, the CannMed 2020 conference has been rescheduled to 2021.

Showcasing some industry mavericks, innovative individuals, and passionate scientists, the CannMed conference is one of the most popular cannabis and hemp events. CannMed covers developments and innovations in safety, cultivation, science, and medicine. The conference was created as a way to help develop the public's understanding of cannabis.

Medical Cannabiz World in Malta

Medical cannabiz hemp event

The Medical Cannabiz World had their inaugural event in 2019. 2020's event is set to be an online event on the 20th and 21st of October. This virtual edition will focus on regulations, policies, business impacts, and health equity. The list of speakers includes a diverse range of highly talented individuals in all cannabis industry sectors.

USA CBD Expo in Chicago

USA CBD expo in chicago

This expo is dubbed the Nation's Largest CBD expo. Check their website to find out more about the Chicago 2021 expo.

List of North American Cannabis Conferences

These are some of the other most popular cannabis conferences and hemp events in North America:

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