Photo of dried leaves, wooden hoops, beads and white yarn on a white background, for e1011 Labs' page on hemp jewelry and making hemp bracelets.

What Do You Know About Hemp Jewelry?

E1011 Labs dives in.

First, what classifies as Hemp Jewelry?

Hemp jewelry is made from hemp twine materials. The twine comes from the Cannabis Sativa L. species of hemp which is cultivated for making many accessories and even building materials. Since most modern accessories like bracelets, rings, necklaces, watches and anklets have become common in design and material, hemp jewelry which is a unique material, is carving out a niche for itself.

In 2018 when the Agricultural Act was passed, hemp was reclassified as an agricultural commodity. This has paved the way for the commercial use of hemp as a source of fuel, fiber, nutrition and jewelry.

It has some unique characteristics that make it an ideal raw material for making jewelry. For starters, it is eco-friendly and this makes it a darling among the environmentally conscious. As well as this, hemp fiber is versatile and provides several options in the manufacturing of high-quality jewelry. Not to mention durability, which is another key benefit that comes with using hemp to make fine jewelry.

Benefits of Using Hemp For Making Jewelry

Friendly to Your Skin

Do you have sensitive skin that reacts with most jewelry? You might want to try hemp jewelry. This miraculous plant is a hypoallergenic material, making hemp accessories skin-friendly for most people with sensitive skin. Its ability to wick moisture from the skin also makes hemp jewelry preferred for the summer and warm climates.


Did you know that hemp was used to make ropes for ships? Imagine how strong that means that hemp fibers are. If they could hold a ship at bay, then it goes without saying, they can produce durable and long-lasting jewelry. Over and above, hemp is naturally antimicrobial.

Versatility & Uniqueness

Hemp gives you various options to create unique designs of hemp jewelry. For example, you can choose to dye the hemp cords or leave them with a natural look. The mere appearance of hemp makes this type of jewelry stand out and gives it an admirable natural look and feel.


Hemp is a natural material that is biodegradable and environmentally-safe. By using hemp jewelry you are helping to minimize environmental pollution.

Promotes Sustainability

Hemp has tremendous benefits to the environment, the soil and you. For example, cultivating hemp has been shown to help in the “phytoremediation and bio-fortification of selenium”. What this means, in a nutshell, is that cultivating hemp is good for the health of the soil. E1011 Labs cares deeply about sustainability and made it a top priority in our products from start to finish. We spent months looking for partners that matched our commitment to sustainability and quality while sourcing our farmers.

How to Make Hemp Jewelry

In case we have inspired you to give it a try, below is a starter guide to making your own hemp bracelet! Making hemp jewelry is a fun and easy activity to do on your own or with some friends, perhaps while enjoying some Relax from e1011 Labs. All you need is hemp twine, a few beads and an understanding of some basic knots.

A hemp cord is a multi-ply strand made from the outer bark of the hemp plant also known as bast fiber. The fibers are twisted to make yarns that are further entwined to make a thicker and stronger yarn, which makes a hemp cord. This cord is then treated with beeswax, paraffin wax or vegetable oil to protect the fiber.

Hemp Jewelry: Supplies

  1. Hemp twine
  2. Beards (Optional)
  3. A pair of scissors

Selecting Hemp Twine

Hemp twines come in different sizes and colors. The thickness of the twine is dependent on what you want to make but thicker twines are preferable.

Selecting claws and beads

Choose beads that have a wide hole that can allow the hemp twine to pass through. As for the claws, the lobster claws are the most popular because they are easy to use.

Making a Hemp Bracelet: Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Cutting the Hemp

You will need two pieces of hemp to make a hemp bracelet. Cut one piece of hemp double the length of the bracelet and another piece 4 times the length of the bracelet. You can wrap the hemp loosely around your wrist to estimate the measurements.

Step 2: Make a Loop

Fold the two pieces in half and match the endpoint with a loop. Make a knot under the loop. You just need a small loop to use for closing your finished piece. You can attach a safety pin to this loop or you can hook the loop somewhere stationary. This will help you make tight and neat notes.

Step 3: Making the Knot

Hold the two shorter pieces together in the middle and the two long pieces should be on the sides.

Loop the left side long piece behind the two short strands to form a "C" shape. Then bring the right side long piece up and across the two short pieces and take it through the "C" shape you just made with that other long strand.

Step 4: Tightening the Knot

Pull the long pieces to tighten the knot. Try to make a neat and even looking knot. Repeat the knot by making the "C" shaped loop with the left side long strand and finish by tightening. Repeat these knots until you reach the end of the strands.

If you have beads, you will be inserting them at your desired intervals.

Step 5: Finishing It

In the end, you will slide the end knot into the loop created at the beginning.

That was easy, wasn’t it?

Before wrapping this up, here are answers to a few questions you might have.

What are Hemp Bracelets?

These are bracelets made from hemp cords. They are artistically handmade by entwining the hemp cords. Some will have beads while others are just plain hemp twines.

Where Can You Buy Hemp Jewelry?

Most buyers use online stores to sell their hemp jewelry, check out sites such as Etsy.

What is Hemp Cord?

This is a multi-ply strand made from the outer bark of the hemp plant also known as bast fiber. The fibers are twisted to make yarns that are further entwined to make a thicker and stronger yarn, which makes a hemp cord.

What Else Can You Make With Hemp?

Hemp is such a versatile material that the possibilities are almost endless! Check out our post on hemp art for step-by-step instructions on another DIY hemp project - hemp dreamcatchers.  Since hemp is so durable, it's also great for textiles - our post on hemp clothing highlights some fashion designers who are using hemp in amazing ways.


If you do try making a hemp bracelet, please tag e1011 Labs on one of our social channels with a photo.