Is Hemp Legal in My State?

The 2018 Farm Bill significantly relaxed the federal restrictions surrounding hemp cultivation. However, every state in the union still has its own individual laws and regulations regarding hemp. That means that Hemp’s legality varies depending on where in the United States you live, which can make trying to understand the law feel like navigating a minefield. 

We here at e1011 labs like to make things simpler, so we put together this brief summary of the hemp laws in each state to help you better understand what’s legal in your hometown.   

Is Hemp Legal in Alabama?

Is Hemp Legal in Alabama?


Despite Alabama’s historic hostility to cannabis, it is one of the country’s most hemp-friendly states. 

Is Hemp Legal in Alaska?

Is Hemp Legal in Alaska?


The cultivation and sale of industrial hemp are legal in the state of Alaska, but growers and processors must first register with the Department of Natural Resources.

Is Hemp Legal in Arizona?

Is Hemp Legal in Arizona?


Hemp is, in fact, legal in Arizona. Those interested in growing or selling hemp must first acquire a license from the AZDA (Arizona Department of Agriculture).

Is Hemp Legal in Arkansas?

Is Hemp Legal in Arkansas?


Hemp is legal in Arkansas, and in 2019, the state went so far as to remove Hemp-derived CBD from its list of controlled substances.

Is Hemp Legal in California?

Is Hemp Legal in California?


As you might have been able to guess, both possession and cultivation of hemp are legal in Cali. 

Is Hemp Legal in Colorado?

Is Hemp Legal in Colorado?


Colorado is kind of like the cannabis mecca in North America, so as you likely already figured, hemp is legal in the Centennial State. In fact, Colorado set aside 12,042 outdoor acres and 2.35 million square feet indoors specifically for hemp cultivation. 

Is Hemp Legal in Connecticut?

Is Hemp Legal in Connecticut?


Hemp is legal in Connecticut; however, growing hemp for human consumption will require an additional license, and the crop will be subject to increased regulations.  

Is Hemp Legal in Delaware?

Is Hemp Legal in Delaware?


In the wake of the 2018 farm bill, Delaware released its own plan for domestic hemp production. The state is currently accepting applications for 2021. 

Is Hemp Legal in Florida?

Is Hemp Legal in Florida?


In 2019, state legislators passed SB1020, which legalized commercial hemp and outlined regulations regarding its cultivation, sale, and use. 

Is Hemp Legal in Georgia?

Is Hemp Legal in Georgia?


The state of Georgia passed HB213 allowing for the cultivation, processing, and sale of industrial hemp. However, the sale of hemp-CBD food is expressly prohibited.

Is Hemp Legal in Hawaii?

Is Hemp Legal in Hawaii?


In August of this year, Hawaii legalized the cultivation of hemp in certain pre-defined state agricultural districts. Beginning on November 1st, potential farmers will be able to apply for a license. 

Is Hemp Legal in Idaho?

Is Hemp Legal in Idaho?


To put it bluntly, Idaho is the worst state in the union for hemp. It is illegal to possess, or cultivate, any form of cannabis, including hemp.

Is Hemp Legal in Illinois?

Is Hemp Legal in Illinois?


So long it contains no more than .3% THC, hemp is legal in Illinois.

Is Hemp Legal in Indiana?

Is Hemp Legal in Indiana?


Hemp, as outlined by the 2018 Farm Bill, is legal in the state of Indiana.

Is Hemp Legal in Iowa?

Is Hemp Legal in Iowa?


As of April 2020, the possession and sale of hemp are legal in the state of Iowa. However, it is still illegal to use hemp CBD in food and drug products.

Is Hemp Legal in Kansas?

Is Hemp Legal in Kansas?


It’s legal to possess hemp in the state of Kansas. However, currently, Kansas allows the plant to be cultivated for research purposes.

Is Hemp Legal in Kentucky?

Is Hemp Legal in Kentucky?


Hemp possession and cultivation with a license are permissible in Kentucky. Certain hemp products, including hemp cigarettes, however, are prohibited.

Is Hemp Legal in Louisiana?

Is Hemp Legal in Louisiana?


Hemp was legalized in Louisiana in December of 2019. However, as of today, no hemp has been legally grown in the Bayou State.

Is Hemp Legal in Maine?

Is Hemp Legal in Maine?


Both commercial and personal cultivation of Hemp containing less than .3% THC is legal in Maine. 

Is Hemp Legal in Maryland?

Is Hemp Legal in Maryland?


Commercial, industrial hemp farming is legal in Maryland.

Is Hemp Legal in Massachusetts?

Is Hemp Legal in Massachusetts?


Possession, cultivation, and hemp processing are legal in Massachusetts so long as the proper permitting is acquired. The state answers frequently asked questions regarding hemp here.

Is Hemp Legal in Michigan?


Hemp, as defined by the 2018 Farm Bill, is legal in Michigan. Potential growers and cultivators are required to acquire licenses from the state.   

Is Hemp Legal in Minnesota?

Is Hemp Legal in Minnesota?


Currently, Minnesotan hemp can only be cultivated for research purposes. However, in 2021 the state will open up for commercial hemp farming for those who apply for licenses.

Is Hemp Legal in Mississippi?

Is Hemp Legal in Mississippi?


Mississippi’s law makes no distinction between marijuana and hemp, making the Magnolia state only one of three states without a hemp cultivation program. 

Is Hemp Legal in Missouri?

Is Hemp Legal in Missouri?

Hemp cultivation is legal in Missouri, though hemp-derived CBD products are in a somewhat nebulous zone. Local news reports a “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy around the sale of the products.   

Is Hemp Legal in Montana?

Is Hemp Legal in Montana?


Hemp cultivation and sale in Montana are legal and regulated by the Department of Public Health and Human Services. 

Is Hemp Legal in Nebraska?

Is Hemp Legal in Nebraska?


Production of industrial hemp is legal in Nebraska. 

Is Hemp Legal in Nevada?

Is Hemp Legal in Nevada?


Nevada has legalized cannabis in most forms, including hemp. Hemp manufacturers must still remain compliant with federal law.

Is Hemp Legal in New Hampshire?

Is Hemp Legal in New Hampshire?


Hemp products are legal for sale in New Hampshire, though due to unclear legislation, no hemp is currently grown in the states. 

Is Hemp Legal in New Jersey?

Is Hemp Legal in New Jersey?


New Jersey allows for the sale of hemp products and began accepting applications from potential cultivators in 2020. 

Is Hemp Legal in New Mexico?

Is Hemp Legal in New Mexico?


Hemp is legal to possess, cultivate, and process in the Land of Enchantment. 

Is Hemp Legal in New York?

Is Hemp Legal in New York?


New York allows for the sale of hemp products and allows for the plant’s cultivation so long as it’s part of the state’s research initiative program.

Is Hemp Legal in North Carolina?

Is Hemp Legal in North Carolina?

Hemp is legal in North Carolina, though cultivators must participate in the state’s pilot program. 

Is Hemp Legal in North Dakota?

Is Hemp Legal in North Dakota?


In 2019 hemp North Dakota legalized the sale of hemp-derived products and allowed for the cultivation of the plant by licensed growers.

Is Hemp Legal in Ohio?

Hemp is legal in Ohio


Licensed growers can cultivate Hemp in Ohio, and the state permits for the sale of the plants’ byproducts.  

Is Hemp Legal in Oklahoma?

Is Hemp Legal in Oklahoma?


In 2018 Oklahoma changed its official definition of Marijuana to exclude hemp, allowing for sale and cultivation of the plant.

Is Hemp Legal in Oregon?

Is Hemp Legal in Oregon?


Oregon has legalized cannabis in most of its forms, including hemp. 

Is Hemp Legal in Pennsylvania?

Is Hemp Legal in Pennsylvania?


Hemp sales are legal in Pennsylvania, and after acquiring the permits, the growers can cultivate the plant.

Is Hemp Legal in Rhode Island?

Hemp is legal in Rhode Island


Commercial hemp is legal in Little Rhody.

Is Hemp Legal in South Carolina?

Smoking hemp in South Carolina


The hemp plant and its byproducts are legal in South Carolina, though the state has not yet begun taking applications for the 2021 growing season.

Is Hemp Legal in South Dakota?

Hemp is legal in South Dakota


South Carolina recently legalized the sale and cultivation of industrial hemp in March of this year. As of now, no hemp plants have been legally grown in the state.

Is Hemp Legal in Tennessee?

Is Hemp Legal in Tennessee?


Hemp is legal to possess, ingest, and cultivate in Tennessee.

Is Hemp Legal in Texas?

Is Hemp Legal in Texas?


As of this year, the Lone Star State is open for hemp sales and cultivation. 

Is Hemp Legal in Utah?


Hemp flower and it’s cannabidiol rich extracts are legal in the state of Utah. Would-be cultivators can grow after acquiring the necessary permits and licenses.

Is Hemp Legal in Vermont?

Hemp is legal in vermont


Vermont allows for hemp flower to be legally cultivated and traded within its borders. 

Is Hemp Legal in Virginia?

Virgina allows for the sale of hemp


Commercial cultivation of hemp is legal in Virginia, and so is the sale of hemp-based products containing less than .3% THC.  

Is Hemp Legal in Washington?

Hemp is legal in washington


Like many other forms of the cannabis plant, hemp cultivation and sale are legal in the state of Washington so long as the necessary permits are required. 

Is Hemp Legal in West Virginia?

Cannabis use in West Virginia


Hemp farming is legal in West Virginia, and the state recently legalized the sale of hemp-derived CBD products. 

Is Hemp Legal in Wisconsin?

Cannabis use in different states


Cheese isn’t the only thing produced in Wisconsin – 1,247 hemp growers and 556 hemp processors were licensed and registered in 2019. 

Is Hemp Legal in Wyoming?

Hemp is legal in Wyoming


Hemp products are legal in Wyoming, and the state is currently accepting applications from potential cultivators. 

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Is Hemp Legal in My State?
In the wake of the 2018 farm bill, more and more states have adopted their own legislation allowing for people to cultivate and consume hemp. Now that hemp is more widely available than ever before, it’s especially crucial that consumers make sure they’re getting a high-quality product.

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