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Hemp-Loving Celebrities

E1011 Labs' list of celebs who don’t hide their love of hemp

Celebrities are just like you and me. No, really; they even love hemp like us. While most celebrities try to keep their personal lives private, others have been clear supporters of hemp and hemp-derived CBD consumption.

Whether they have their favorite tincture or their favorite hemp-infused recipes, these celebrities turn to hemp daily. Below, you’ll find nine of your favorite stars who love the hemp plant (almost) as much as us.

Seth Rogen

This one might be a little obvious, but Seth Rogen is a huge advocate for hemp and hemp-derived products. Several years back, Rogen’s mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and the actor experienced first-hand how the disease was affecting her.

After his mother saw benefits of adding hemp into her wellness routine, Rogen hasn't stopped advocating for the plant and its derivatives. In fact, he and his wife actually founded the Hilarity for Charity non-profit, an organization dedicated to Alzheimer’s research and treatments, including the use of hemp-derived CBD.

Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg has been an open advocate for hemp research and use for decades. As a young girl, Goldberg found the benefits of hemp, and it only became more helpful the older she got. In 2018 she wrote an OpEd regarding her latest cause, through which she aims to help women gain easy access to the qualities of the cannabis plant she feels are beneficial.

Riley Cote

If you’ve ever watched a game or two of hockey, you probably know Riley Cote as a hard-hitting “goon” on the ice. 

As a former Enforcer for the Philadelphia Flyers, Cote was quite literally getting paid to fight others. With this came a lot of pain, both mental and physical - and it was during this time that he began using hemp-derived CBD. After retirement, Cote founded the Hemp Heals Foundation, an organization focused wholly on educating others about the beauty of the hemp plant.

Now, this former fighter is all about relaxation and healthy living. Thanks, hemp! 

Martha Stewart

Even your favorite lifestyle TV personality is all about hemp. Martha Stewart knows a thing or two about healthy living, and she’s even admitted to using hemp-derived CBD. Martha started her own CBD line which is indicative of Stewart’s lifestyle influences, claiming that hemp products simply have never tasted so good. 

Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman is another celebrity who is very public about his love of hemp. Freeman has been a cannabis advocate for years, actively opening up about his use of CBD. Hemp-derived CBD has been Freeman’s go-to product for quite some time now.

Freeman swears by hemp-based products and relies on them each and every day. Even before some of his biggest roles, Freeman admits to turning to hemp.

Gwenyth Paltrow

In her personal life, Gwyenth Paltrow has turned to hemp and cannabis for a while. This popular movie star has always seen the benefit of this special plant, and recently, so has her company. Goop, Gwyneth's lifestyle and wellness brand, has partnered with cannabis dispensaries to help demonstrate the relationship between hemp and healthy living. Goop's website and publications contain various articles about CBD, Paltrow’s favorite hemp-derived CBD products, and where to buy them.

Woody Harrelson

Actor Woody Harrelson has been known for living a hemp-based lifestyle for decades. In fact, back in the late 90s, the actor was even arrested for allegedly planting hemp seeds in Beattyville, Kentucky. 

Eventually, the charges were dropped and Harrelson was released after posting bond. But even after his Kentucky hemp fiasco, the movie star continues to advocate for hemp and the importance of living organically. Not many other celebrities have been hemp supporters for as long as Woody Harrelson has, and his dedication towards the plant is obvious.

Michael J. Fox

World-famous actor Michael J. Fox has been turning to hemp products for quite some time now. The actor was diagnosed with Parkinson’s back in 1991 at only 29 years old, and was left to his own devices to learn how to live with the disease. Eventually, this lead him to try CBD. This hemp-derived compound contains stabilizing properties which are ideal for calming muscles. Michael J. Fox became an advocate for CBD use, and he’s been open about it ever since.

His charity, the Michael J. Fox Foundation, is dedicated to funding further Parkinson’s research. Within this aim, plant-based treatments like hemp and cannabis are among their biggest priorities.

Kim Kardashian

That’s right - even Mrs. Kim K herself lives a hemp-based lifestyle. In fact, she’s made multiple bold statements about CBD and is fully onboard with the wellness trend. She even held a CBD-themed baby shower to help promote the wellness product.

Even if it’s just a few gummies before bed, Kim Kardashian claims to have a dose of hemp pretty much every day.


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