What Makes A Wax Pen Different From Other Vapes?

For the modern cannabis connoisseur, simply smoking a joint just doesn’t cut it. 

Now that marijuana and hemp consumption doesn’t carry the risk of legal ramifications in many parts of the country, expert cultivators, extractors, and manufacturers are freer to experiment with novel ideas. As a result, the cannabis community has a lot more options to choose from when they enter the dispensary. 

In particular, vaping and dabbing have skyrocketed in popularity in the last five years. Today, we’ll be taking a look at the intersection of these two things—the wax pen.

What Is Vaping?

what is vaping?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade, you probably have at least some idea of what a vape is.

Essentially, a vaporizer heats a material like e juice, cannabis oil, or even raw plant matter like tobacco and flower, to a low temperature which causes the material to convert into an inhalable vapor. Because vapes don’t get hot enough to cause combustion like with conventional smoking, less potentially cancerous carcinogens get produced, making vapes a relatively healthier alternative to smoking. 

Vapes were originally designed to help people get off of cigarettes, but the cannabis industry has taken their practical applications to new heights. 

What Are Dabs?

cannabis extract dabs

Next up, we have dabs. These potent extracts boast incredibly high cannabinoid percentages, which make them highly appealing to cannabis consumers who want the biggest bang for their buck. There are several different types of dabs with varying consistencies. The main ones are wax, shatter, and crumble. 

The most common way to enjoy dabs is with the help of something called a dab rig. These devices often resemble a traditional water pipe, though they come with added accouterments like a carb cap, dabber, and blowtorch. For some, all this added gadgetry can be a real barrier to entry. Not to mention, dab rigs aren’t very portable. What if you want to imbibe with some shatter somewhere you don’t have the space to whip out an entire chemistry set? That’s where the wax pen comes in. 

What Is A Wax Pen? 

A wax pen, sometimes called a dab pen, is a transportable vaporizer with a slim enough profile to fit into your pocket. The handy devices allow users to enjoy cannabis concentrates wherever they are. Despite the name, wax pens are compatible with other forms of extracts and aren’t limited to only wax. Unlike other popular pen vapes, wax pens can be reused more frequently. 

Let’s take a look at the difference between a CBD wax pen cartridge and a disposable CBD vape pen. 

CBD Wax Pen Vs CBD Oil Pen

CBD Wax Pen Vs CBD Oil Pen

Another extremely popular item in dispensaries is the disposable CBD vape cartridge or disposable THC vape cartridge. These small pieces of plastic metal contain an atomizer as well as liquid cannabinoid oil. Simply attach the cartridge to any standard-issue 510 threaded battery to create a pen-shaped portable vaporizer. Once the oil has been vaporized, the cartridge itself simply gets tossed out.

The key difference between this style of vape and a wax pen comes down to what kind of concentrates can be used. With the disposable cart, users can only use the THC or CBD oil that comes with the cartridge. However, with a wax pen, users can pick and choose between various types of extracts, all with one device. Each type of vape has its own pros and cons. 

The obvious benefit of a wax pen is the freedom to choose what type of concentrate you use. However, adding wax into the chamber can be a messy process and make you slightly more conspicuous when out in public. Some wax pens are disposable, but for some people it is not entirely cost effective to buy these and also not green friendly. Disposable cartridges are more limiting but notably more convenient to use. In the end, it all comes down to personal opinion.

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