What Are The Different Types of Vaporizers?

Smoking is old news!

Whether we’re talking about nicotine or cannabinoids, more and more people are making the switch from conventional smoking to vaping. Not only do vaporizers potentially cut down on the amount of harmful cancer-causing carcinogens absorbed into the lungs, but they also make it possible for cannabis enthusiasts to enjoy concentrates on the go without having to use a complicated rig and blowtorch. Perhaps you’ve been considering getting into vaping yourself but find it a tad overwhelming. That’s understandable! Let us help by explaining some of the different types of vaporizers out there. 

What Is A Vaporizer?

What Is A Vaporizer?

But first, let’s explain what exactly a vaporizer is. 

Vaporizers work similarly to smoking implements (ex: cigarette holders, rolling machines, hookahs, etc…); the main difference comes down to combustion. When you light a cigarette or a joint, the open flame from your lighter is heating up the tip to over 600 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s hot enough for combustion to occur, meaning the material inside the paper is literally catching fire and burning away to ash. This combustion creates smoke which the user then inhales. 

However, the heat of vaporization is significantly lower than the temperature required for combustion. Most vapes operate somewhere around 200 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Instead of smoke, which is made up of solid, liquid, and gaseous particulates; these low temperatures produce vapor.

E-Cigarettes and Mods 

e-cigarettes and mods

Vaping started out as an alternative to cigarettes, so let’s begin our journey by looking at the two major types of vaporizers designed for use with nicotine. 

First, you have the e-cigarette. Perhaps the most identifiable brand of e-cigarette is the Juul—the USB flash drive shaped you may have seen your friend puffing on outside the bar. These types of vapes are typically available for purchase at convenience stores and are designed to simulate cigarette smoking, oftentimes coming in the shape of a traditional cigarette. Unlike traditional cigarettes, however, these products don’t use tobacco. Instead, they vaporize a synthetic liquid mix of nicotine and a cutting agent. 

Mods, or box mods (as they’re sometimes referred), are the bulkier cousin of the e-cigarette. These more powerful devices tend to be more customizable than traditional e-cigarettes and produce larger vapor clouds. However, some degree of portability is sacrificed. 

Cannabis Vape Cartridges 

Cannabis Vape Cartridges

Moving on to the cannabis world, let’s break down one of the hottest selling types of products in dispensaries, the disposable vape cartridge. The disposable vape cartridge, also called a vape cart for short, is all about convenience. These small containers made from plastic and metal are filled with potent cannabis oil, typically rich in either CBD or THC. Part of what makes these cartridges so appealing is the fact that they can be attached to any standard 510 threaded battery, instantly making them a vape pen. When the cartridge runs out of oil, you can simply toss them away in your nearest recycle bin.

Dab Pens

Dab pens, on the surface, look incredibly similar to a disposable cart when it’s attached to a 510 battery. However, these devices allow users to add their own concentrates. Shatter, wax, and crumble can require complicated dab rig but with a dab pen, these concentrates can be consumed on the go. 

Desktop Vapes 

Not all vapes are portable; some are designed to remain stationary. Take, for example, the classic volcano. This quintessential weed vaporizer that’s been around for over two decades has a comparable size to a small lamp and requires access to a wall outlet. These larger devices typically circulate hot air to gently vaporize cannabis, either by filling an inhalable bag with vapor smoke or by filling a chamber connected to a hose called a whip. 

Dry Herb Vaporizers

dry herb vaporizer

Speaking of the volcano, not all vaporizers use concentrates. Some special vaporizers employ the low-heating vaporization method to flower. By using natural herb teeming with the plant’s original cannabinoids and terpenes, users can easily benefit from the entourage effect. Our innovative CBD delivery device, the elon®, could also be classified by some as a dry herb vaporizer since the stelo™ it pairs with are filled with sun-grown hemp flower and uses patented concentric heating technology to raise the temperature of the hemp to the ideal level for vapor production, without getting hot enough to create combustion. 

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