Upcoming Virtual Hemp Industry Events

The hemp industry has been growing at a lightning-fast pace and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. The 2018 Farm Bill legalized the plant federally and created a blueprint for states to create their own hemp programs. Industry leaders have scheduled a whole slew of fun and informative events to take place during these exciting times. We previously explored some of these tentpole hemp events in this blog. However, with the global COVID-19 pandemic still a looming threat, large gatherings of people are off the table.

Luckily, the hemp industry is chock full of innovators, hard workers, and those with a penchant for finding creative solutions like virtual reality to keep the connection alive.  

The coronavirus may have us all isolated, but thanks to clever minds in the hemp industry, the show can still go on. Here’s a list of upcoming virtual events that will close out 2020 and into next year!


cannabis trade show

CannTrade HempShow

This national hemp industry series takes place virtually on the first Tuesday of every month. Each show builds on the previous content to promote networking and connection among hemp industry leaders, and the best part, it’s free to attend. Don’t get left behind by your peers; check out the next installment of this digital trade show!


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MJ Unpacked

This series of virtual seminars dives deep into the specifics of the hemp and cannabis trades on a state by state basis. It’s incredibly helpful for those trying to navigate the complex maze of laws and restrictions around cannabis. These events are intended to connect brands with retailers and customers.

E1011 labs, was a virtual exhibitor at the recent Midwest / Oklahoma edition of MJ Unpacked . We enjoyed the opportunity to share our revolutionary CBD delivery system that is engineered to help your body absorb therapeutic cannabinoids and terpenes more efficiently than traditional intake methods. In addition, our highly skilled team was able to network with brand and retail executives in attendance to introduce them to our solution for the historically low biodelivery of CBD.



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Cannabis World Congress

Cannabis World Congress will be taking place in New York, LA, and Boston in 2021, but this year it will be taking place online! Take part in the premier online cannabis virtual conference on November 17th - 18th. 


mj biz con for cannabis


MJ BizCon 2020


MJBizCon is one of the largest gatherings of cannabis professionals on the planet, and this year, it’s going virtual. There are over 60 sessions taking place from now through December 1st, culminating in a main event on December 2nd-4th. Make connections and forge partnerships for the upcoming year!


hemp event and expo

The Whole Plant Expo


This massive online medical cannabis expo began October 1st and is continuing through December 4th. With high-profile keynote speakers that range from medical researchers to business savants, this exciting event is one you won’t want to miss. 



virtual cannabis market place


2020 Virtual Cannabis Industrial Marketplace Expo


Take part in one of the largest Cannabis conventions from the comfort of your own home! Explore the showroom floor virtually, watch live and pre-recorded seminars, and enjoy round table discussions as well as one on one sessions. All of the networking opportunities you’d find at a conventional expo, without any of the germs. Event Dates December 9-10, 2020.



virtual cannabis event



The Emerge Virtual Cannabis Conference & Expo


Take part in this three day networking extravaganza. The Emerge Virtual Cannabis Conference features three topic tracks that include The Future of Cannabis Business, Cannabis Health & Wellness, and Cannabis Sales & Marketing, taking place over three separate virtual auditoriums. Event dates are December 15th-17th.

the cbd show

The CBD Show


This international event takes over two days in London and showcases the very best in CBD. Currently, the CBD Show is still scheduled to take place in person, so make sure to take every precaution necessary to protect yourself and those around you if you decide to attend.



hemp expo north america


The Future of Cannabis Business, Cannabis Health & Wellness and Cannabis Sales & Marketing


Celebrate the end of 2020 with a virtual conference on all things hemp. Network with other industry professionals and learn about the future of hemp-based alternatives. The expo will take place on January 14th, 2021.


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