Enjoying Cannabis With a Partner

With Valentine’s day approaching it’s time to mark the calendar, load up the digital shopping cart, and make those special plans for your special someone. Those looking to add a little something extra to their v-day plans can add cannabis to the mix in a multitude of ways.

Share a Smoke

heart bong for stoners

Shower your loved one in a different kind of flower by sharing THC or CBD flower this Valentine’s Day, since nothing brings two people closer than sharing a smoke of some quality cannabis.

There are several ways to smoke cannabis with a loved one, including using a joint, a pipe, a bong, or a vaporizer. Joints are a classic and simple method that can be easily passed back and forth between two people, extra points if it’s hand rolled. Pipes offer a compact and portable option, while bongs provide a more filtered and smooth smoking experience. 

Vaporizers are a healthier alternative, as they heat the cannabis to a temperature that releases the desired compounds, but doesn't burn the plant matter. E1011 Labs offers their own take on the dry herb vaporizer, the elon device, that is great for traveling and easy to share.

Couples can easily share a smoke before heading to dinner, seeing a movie, or even entering the bedroom. Those looking to set a mood should research different strains and products geared towards the specific energy they are trying to create.

Eat It Up

Edibles are a popular way to consume cannabis and are a great way to take your date night up a notch. Cannabis edibles are a popular alternative to smoking and come in a variety of forms, including gummies, chocolates, brownies, cookies, and drinks. 

Since edibles offer a longer-lasting and potentially stronger effect than smoking, they can be great for couples with high tolerances or for those who prefer to travel without smoking accessories. Different people have different preferences, so trying different types of edibles and finding what works best for you and your loved one can be a fun and tasty experience.

Those looking for a more hands-on experience can try their hand at making edibles in their own home. Making cannabis edibles at home allows for greater control over the ingredients and potency of the final product. Some common methods include infusing oils or butter with decarboxylated cannabis, mixing ground cannabis into batter for baked goods, or brewing cannabis tea or coffee. 

For Valentine's day couples could bond over making a homemade cannabis infused dish, or you could surprise your partner with cannabis infused chocolate drizzled over strawberries. There are a number of edible recipes that can be found online, but it's recommended to start with tried-and-true recipes and to be patient, as finding the right balance of ingredients and potency can take time and experimentation.

Raise A Toast

cannabis infused drinks

Enjoying cannabis-infused drinks with a loved one can be a fun and relaxing way to consume cannabis. One of the more popular drink options is cannabis-infused mocktails. Mocktails are a great way to give the night a fancy feel and an added plus for those looking to avoid alcohol.

To enhance the experience, try making your own infused drinks at home using cannabis tinctures or infusing simple syrups with your own cannabis. When consuming infused drinks, it's important to stay hydrated and to pace yourself, as well as to clearly label the drinks if there are non-consumers in the vicinity. Sharing a cannabis-infused drink with a loved one can be a special and enjoyable moment to savor together.

Sensual Sensations

Cannabis products for the bedroom

CBD and THC are slowly making their way from everyday life into the bedroom. A recent study published has even found that cannabis users saw an increase in sexual functioning and satisfaction

Some popular methods for introducing cannabis into intimacy include using cannabis-infused lubricants, massage oils, and bath products. When trying out these methods It's important to start with a low dose and to communicate openly with your partner about preferences and boundaries. Experimenting with different products and finding what works best for you and your partner can add an extra layer of excitement and relaxation to your intimate experiences.

The previous methods mentioned above are also great ways to spice up the bedroom experience. Edibles can be eaten in advance to prepare for a spicy night, mocktails can be taken into the bedroom for a nightcap, and a joint is perfect to smoke anytime.

 The “Right” Product

CBD product used for sex

When choosing the right strain or product for your chosen activities it is important to keep quality and intent in mind. Look for products geared towards the sensual side whose effects are sure to heat up the night. 

For those looking for a high-quality sensual experience, E1011 Labs’ stelo™ Stimulate is designed to prime you and your partner for a night of romping and rolling. Pairing quality flower with a quality device can make for an extraordinary night.