7 Facts About Hemp & CBD

airplane made of hemp

Today is National Trivia Day – a day for celebrating factoids, esoteric insights, and random tidbits of information. In the spirit of the holiday, we’ve compiled our favorite bits of hemp-related jeopardy knowledge! Whip out these pieces of hemp info at your next trivia night and test your friends’ familiarity with the cannabis plant. Be sure to share a stelo™ Uplift first. The blend of cannabinoids and terpenes is perfect for a round of trivia.  

There's a Hemp Airplane

Here’s the first of our fun facts about hemp. Hemp composites can be used to build all kinds of things, but did you know that it can even be used in air travel? A man named Derek Kesek built and designed an entire airplane that not only runs on hemp fuel but is also made almost entirely from hemp composites. That’s right, everything from the seat cushions to the ailerons contain hemp. The plane itself can hold up to four passengers and one pilot. Unlike the fiberglass used in the construction of traditional aircraft, hemp is incredibly eco-friendly. Hemp may not get you high, but a hemp airplane sure can!

Help The Environment With Hemp Straws

drinking straws made of hemp

Plastic straws are so bad for our planet that some cities have outright outlawed them. But just because you can’t get a plastic straw doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your iced frappe while on the go. Hemp straws are reusable and compostable, making them a great alternative to the regular plastic ones. Enjoy your beverages without the guilt of destroying the environment by using hemp!

How About Hemp Honey?

hemp honey is delicious

Hemp-derived CBD is showing up in all sorts of things these days, but did you know you can enjoy delicious honey that’s been imbued with the curative properties of hemp and CBD? There’s nothing like a little green tea and honey to start your day in the mornings, but the addition of CBD can make it even better! Most Hemp Honey on-market currently refers to honey that has been infused with hemp or CBD extracts, rather than made directly by bees. However, there have been independent studies and projects in which bees are exposed to Cannabis pollen and create honey with trace amounts of cannabinoids. 

Moving Soon? Grab some Hemp Cardboard Boxes

hemp makes a great cardboard box

It’s pretty common knowledge that the fibrous hemp plant is great for papermaking, but it’s also a fantastic cardboard alternative. Hemp boxes are far more sustainable than traditional cardboard ones, without sacrificing any durability. Own a business where shipping is essential? Consider switching to hemp cardboard and do your part to cut down on deforestation. They can even be custom printed with your companies logo!

Hemp Can Replace Plastic

with hemp we don't need plastic

It’s not just plastic straws that are the problem; the entire plastic industry is a massive contributor to global pollution. What if we could replace plastics altogether, or at least reduce our dependency on them? Maybe we can! The Hemp Plastic Company is on a mission to replace plastic with more eco-friendly hemp-based polymers, and they’ve had plenty of success. Their hemp bio-plastics are an affordable alternative to conventional petroleum-based plastic. 

The Seeds Are Tasty

hemp seeds are tasty, yum!

All parts of the hemp plant can be used, including the seeds! Hemp seeds are rich in all sorts of good nutrients like amino acids, healthy fats like omega-3s, proteins, and magnesium. They’re a bona fide superfood, and adding some hemp seeds into your diet can do wonders in your body. Try putting down the chips and reaching for a handful of healthy hemp seeds instead! 

Great Books About Hemp

If the hemp facts on our list aren’t quite enough for you, there are several great books out there chock-full of hemp info. Here are some of our favorites: 

  • “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” by Jack Herer. You may recognize this author’s name from your local dispensary since he’s been immortalized as his own strain of cannabis. Jack Herer was a hemp pioneer, often dubbed the Godfather of Hemp for his prolific cannabis activism. This seminal text outlines many of hemps’ uses, as well as pokes hole in the logic used to fuel the Regan-era war on drugs.
  • “Hemp Bound” by Doug Fine. This humorous travel log follows author Doug Fine’s journey across the United States to meet the 21st-century hemp pioneers. 
books about hemp and cbd

Be sure to check our blog to learn more about the amazing hemp plant, and stay updated on all things cannabis!