World Heart Day - Cardiovascular health and CBD

Every September 29th, the world celebrates World Heart Day—a day designed to draw attention to the importance of cardiovascular health. Heart disease affects millions of people all across the globe, but fortunately, there are some steps we can take in our daily lives to reduce our risks. In honor of World Heart Day, let’s take a look at how you can keep your heart in tip-top shape and what role CBD might play in cardiovascular health.

What Is World Heart Day? 

world heart day and cannabis

Did you know that heart disease and stroke kill more than 17 million people every single year? That’s more than cancer, car accidents, Covid-19, and gun violence. Cardiovascular disease devastates families all over the world regardless of ethnicity or socioeconomic status, but there are some ways to help protect yourself and your loved ones.

That’s why the World Heart Federation (WHF) created World Heart Day—to help educate people about the perils of heart disease, and spread information on steps we can all take to help maintain a healthy heart. 

If you want to help the WHF spread awareness about cardiovascular disease, their website has a special section that allows users to design a custom digital poster that can be shared on social media during World Heart Day. Be sure to include the hashtag #UseHeart so your post will be added to the WHF’s social wall. 

How To Support A Healthy Heart 

no tobacco for a healthy heart

According to the World Heart Federation, at least 80% of premature deaths related to cardiovascular disease could be prevented by mitigating risks with simple lifestyle changes. 

Few things are as bad for your health as tobacco use. Not only does tobacco use dramatically increase a person’s chances of getting lung cancer, but it can also make them more susceptible to cardiovascular disease. Tobacco use damages blood vessels and raises blood pressure, increasing the risk of stroke and blood clotting.

Even just a few cigarettes a day can drastically reduce your life expectancy. Smoking can be harder to quit than heroin, but there are tools that can help you kick the habit. Your doctor will thank you.

With the Covid-19 pandemic still interrupting all of our daily lives, it can be challenging to get out and get moving. However, staying active is essential to maintaining a healthy heart. Exercise combined with a low-cholesterol diet significantly reduces a person’s chance of cardiovascular problems. 

CBD And The Cardiovascular System

CBD for heart wellness

Cannabidiol (CBD), the non-intoxicating cannabis found in hemp and marijuana, has taken the wellness industry by storm in the past few years. Preliminary studies have suggested that the compound could be helpful in treating anxiety and managing pain, but does CBD promote cardiovascular health as well? While the FDA still hasn’t approved CBD for any therapeutic use aside from the treatment of certain seizure disorders, some scientists say that CBD could have cardiovascular benefits

One way CBD may help keep your heart healthy is by reducing your stress. Stress can lead to high blood pressure, and having high blood pressure greatly increases a person’s risk for heart disease. One study from 2017 compared the blood pressure of human volunteers that were administered CBD to those who were given a placebo. The study concluded that subjects who received the CBD showed signs of reduced blood pressure and heart rate during stress tests. 

CBD is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties, which are often discussed in the context of certain chronic pain conditions like arthritis, where the pain stems from inflammation. However, these same anti-inflammatory properties could help maintain a healthy cardiovascular system. When blood vessels become inflamed, it adds stress on the heart which can lead to stroke and heart attack. One study found that CBD’s anti-inflammatory effects may directly impact our arteries, helping to improve blood flow.  

Before adding CBD to your healthy heart routine, always first check with your physician to ensure there won’t be any negative interactions with your current medication. 

Heart disease may be the world’s most deadly condition, but with your help, we can spread awareness about prevention and hopefully save some lives. #UseHeart

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