Where Does the Name Elon Come From?

If you’re thinking about trying out the innovative Elon CBD delivery device, or if you’re already a fan, you may be wondering where we got the name from; the answer may surprise you!

What Is Elon?

elon heat not burn device

Before we get into the name, let’s talk about what exactly Elon is. 

The Elon is a revolutionary new device designed to administer CBD and other cannabinoids as easily and efficiently as possible. The device itself pairs with a disposable, eco-friendly cartridge we call a Stem. These easy-to-use Stems combined with the Elons buttonless design make it simple to use, even for newcomers to the cannabis community.

We fill each stelo™ with a blend of natural cannabinoid-rich sun-grown hemp flower. There’s the stelo™ Uplift that’s energizing for the busy professional or student, the stelo™ Relax, which is perfect for unwinding after a stressful day, and our Ari53™ Grape Ape which allows users to experience the mellow buzz of delta 8 THC.

Elon utilizes patented concentric heat-not-burn technology to gently heat the hemp flower to the ideal temperature for vaporization; delivering smooth and flavorful hits of hemp aerosol. Purchase an Elon Start Kit to receive both the Elon device and packs of both Stem Uplift and Stem Relax.

Where Does The Name Elon Come From? 

lighter for the next generation

No, the Elon isn’t named after Elon Musk. Despite our space theme, the name Elon is unrelated to SpaceX, though Musk’s dedication to innovation fits nicely with the ethos behind the Elon’s development. 

Originally, Elon was an acronym: Electronic Lighter Of the Next Generation. We wanted a name that would highlight how our device would be the future of cannabis, replacing lighters entirely. The astute observer may notice a missing a “G.”

That’s correct; in the beginning, Elon was called Elong. However, the name just didn’t quite roll off the tongue so we decided to drop the “G,” and Elon was born. From there, we took on the name E1011 Labs as a numerical representation of Elon. 

What Makes The Elon So Special? 

elon uses heat not burn technology

So what makes the Elon more effective than other CBD administration methods? In a word: bioavailability. 

Bioavailability is a way of measuring how much of a certain compound our bodies are able to use. In general, CBD tends to have low bioavailability, though there are ways to maximize it. 

Edibles, like CBD gummies or capsules, can be a tasty and a convenient way to enjoy cannabidiol. However, CBD has the lowest bioavailability when consumed orally. Before the cannabinoid can make it into your bloodstream, it has to navigate the body’s labyrinthian digestive system. During this process, much of the usable CBD ends up going to waste. Sublingual tinctures have slightly better bioavailability than oral administration methods, though not by much. 

When it comes to CBD, inhalation gives the highest bioavailability by a landslide. Not only do inhalation methods deliver CBD more efficiently (meaning more effects from a lower dose), it also delivers cannabinoids much more quickly. This can be a real game-changer for patients using CBD to manage pain. Nobody wants to sit around suffering while they wait for their medicine to kick in. 

Unfortunately, inhaling any plant material isn’t great for the lungs. That’s where the heat-not-burn technology comes into play. Traditional smoking, like with a joint or a pipe, combusts the plant material, creating dangerous cancerous carcinogens. By avoiding combustion with heat-not-burn, you can still access the benefits of inhalation while mitigating the risks to your lung health. According to some research using computer models, people who use heat-not-burn products over their lifetime are ten times less likely to develop cancer than those who smoke. 

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