What’s The Healthiest Way To Roll Up Your Cannabis?

best way to roll up cannabis

Certain things never go out of style: Converse Chuck Taylors, a white t-shirt with jeans, and twisting up a fat joint. 

Today’s modern cannabis enthusiast has a variety of different ways to enjoy their bud. Water pipes and bongs come in intricate designs and are filled with countless percolators. Complicated dab rigs equipped with blowtorches vaporize extremely potent concentrates. 

Pocket-sized vape pens and CBD-delivery devices like the elon® allow users to discreetly access cannabis wherever they are. Despite the existence of all these newfangled accoutrements and paraphernalia options out there, sometimes you just want to light up a classic joint or blunt. 

The local headshop or convenience store closest to you likely has a million different options that will perfectly cradle your ground cannabis into a pearled spliff, but which is the healthiest? Let’s take a look at some of the most common options out there. 

Rolling Papers

how to roll a joint

These little packs of papers are an essential addition to any stoner’s stash box. They’re likely what your parents used to roll doobies back in the ‘60s and ‘70s, and they’re still popular today for one simple reason—they work.

Whether they come in pre-rolled cones or in roll-your-own packs, most papers are made of some kind of fiber. Today, there are more rolling paper options than ever before, so how do you know which one is the best? 

  • Wood Pulp: For a long time, papers made from wood pulp were the industry standard. Compared to other materials, wood pulp makes thicker and bulkier papers which often have a harsher taste and can be more damaging to the lungs.

  • Rice Papers: Rolling papers made from rice are typically thinner than the wood pulp variety. This gives less of a paper taste and makes for a smoother hit

  • Hemp Papers: What’s a better container for cannabis than more cannabis? Hemp rolling papers have exploded in popularity because the taste of hemp naturally compliments the cannabis you’re smoking. It’s also easier to make organic hemp papers than with other materials. 

  • CBD Hemp Papers: Thanks to modern science, you can now purchase CBD-infused rolling papers. These CBD rolling papers are essentially hemp papers that have been imbued with CBD. Not only do you get the benefits of hemp, but CBD joint papers help users utilize the entourage effect to create a more mellow high, or they add a little extra zip to CBD hemp pre-roll. 

Blunts And Wraps 

how to roll a blunt

For many people, a blunt means something specific—a joint rolled in a tobacco leaf. Historically, smokers would split open a cigarillo like a Swisher Sweet or a Backwoods, dump out the tobacco, then fill the shell with cannabis and reseal it. In today’s era, however, people are eschewing tobacco products entirely. Luckily, just because you’re avoiding nicotine doesn’t mean you have to give up blunts. 

  • Tobacco Pulp: You may be surprised to learn that the “leaf” part of many cigarillos isn’t made of a tobacco leaf at all. Instead, they’re made from pulped tobacco and dipped in sugar.  The artificial ingredients and nicotine make these some of the least healthy options available. 

  • Natural Tobacco Leaf: Brands like Game and Backwoods do use real tobacco leaves, but still do contain nicotine. 

  • Hemp Wraps: Like with rolling papers, now you can find blunt wraps that are made entirely out of hemp. Hemp blunt wraps are easily made in organic forms, and depending on the type of adhesive gum used, can often be vegan. 

Whether you prefer joints or blunts, rolling up with natural organic hemp accentuates the flavor of your cannabis, and isn’t as harsh on your lungs as other options.

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