What is Infused Flower?

Calling all cannabis newbies and connoisseurs! Today, we're discussing infused flower - what it is, and why people love it. Get ready to learn everything you need to know about this popular cannabis product. Let's dive in!

What is Infused Flower?

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Infused flower is created when additional cannabinoids, terpenes, or both are added to whole or ground up cannabis flower. There are many different infusion processes, but the main ones involve spraying, coating, or sprinkling an oil or different type of extract onto the cannabis flower and using heating to bind the two materials. This process creates a powerful new strain of infused cannabis that has added elements to the original strain. 

Why Infuse Hemp Flower?

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While many consumers can see the benefits of infusing cannabis flower, many may wonder why brands are infusing hemp flower. Since hemp by itself is a non intoxicating material, it needs the help of infusion to become intoxicating. By introducing hemp derived extracts, like HHC, THC-O, or Delta 8, the once mundane plant is given a layer of potency.

Another factor infusion helps with is smell and taste, as Hemp does not have a pungent smell or taste on its own. By adding specific terpenes and cannabinoids to hemp flower brands can achieve a specific aroma or effect for their products. 

Effects of Infused Flower

Although people have been smoking cannabis for centuries, in recent years the sensation of infused flower has taken the marijuana market by storm. This is due in part to how infusion affects the potency of cannabis. Infused flower is said to contain much more potent effects than traditional cannabis, mainly due to its increased concentration of terpene laden essential oils and cannabinoids. This means that with infused flower you don't need to smoke as much for the same effects - just a few puffs might be enough.

Users report different experiences with different infusions. While some swear HHC infused flower is the strongest, others may find THC-O infused flower works better for them. When trying infused flower for the first time, the most important thing to remember is to take it slow.

Buying Infused Flower

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If you're interested in sampling infused flower there are several brands and product options to choose from. Jeeter offers a quality selection of infused pre-rolls crafted from premium diamond infused flower. Their products come in a variety of flavors, strains, and pre roll sizes.

Consumers can also buy infused bud on its own so they can pack their own bowls and roll their own joints. For an even easier option, brands like Pax and E1011 Labs have created pre ground flower products to use in their respective devices. Pax offers cannabis flower infused with water hash that is pressed into an oval shape that perfectly fits in their Pax battery.

E1011 Labs offers predosed, prefilled flower pods called Ari53™. The pods are filled with either HHC, THC-O, or Delta 8 infused hemp flower. The Ari53™ are made to be used with the elon® device and made for a convenient way to try infused flower. 

Whether one chooses traditional cannabis or an infused flower variety will often depend on personal preference. But with advancements in technology making higher concentrations of beneficial compounds readily available on the market, it is important to do research and try different products to find the right infused flower option for you.