What is CBG?

Cannabinoids have gone mainstream. Since the 2018 Farm Bill decriminalized hemp, CBD has been easier to find than ever before. You can find CBD in skincare products, CBD oils at the drug store, and there are even organic CBD-infused pet treats you can order online. 

 In November, four more states voted to legalize recreational marijuana (New Jersey, Arizona, South Dakota, and Montana), bringing the total up to fifteen. Plus, the majority of states have at least some kind of medical marijuana program where patients can access THC.

It seems like just about everyone is talking about CBD and THC these days, but did you know there are actually over 100 different cannabinoids that can be present in the plant? CBD and THC may be the most well-known, but today we’re going to take a look at a different cannabinoid that’s rapidly rising in popularity – CBG.  

What is CBG?

CBG stands for cannabigerol, and between THC and CBD, its effects more closely resemble CBD. Similar to CBD, CBG is non-intoxicating, which means that consuming CBG won’t produce the feeling of being high that’s associated with THC. You may find that CBG is sometimes referred to as non-psychoactive; however, that isn’t entirely accurate. 

cbg molecule from cannabis

Like all other types of cannabinoids, CBG works by interacting with our body’s ECS (endocannabinoid system) to send signals to our brain and nervous system which can alter our mood and body in beneficial ways. This is, by definition, psychoactive. 

Benefits of CBG

benefits of cbg cannabinoid

Also, like CBD, CBG has a myriad of benefits and therapeutic applications. For example, CBG is noted as being effective at reducing intraocular pressure, which makes it one of the best cannabinoid options for treating eye conditions such as glaucoma.

One study found that CBG can function as a strong neuroprotectant in mice suffering from Huntington’s disease. This indicates that CBG may end up proving to be useful in treating other kinds of neurodegenerative disorders.

Here are other fascinating CBG benefits: 

  • CBG has anti-inflammatory characteristics that prove to be useful in treating conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome
  • CBG also has anti-bacterial properties. When used in the form of a topical, it can be applied to areas effected of the skin affected by bacterial infections such as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). 
  • CBG can function as an appetite stimulant, making it an appealing choice for combating the severe weight loss in cancer patients who don’t want to deal with the intoxicating effects of THC. 

How to Access CBG

In most strains of cannabis, CBG makes up an incredibly low percentage of its dry weight. Because of its rarity, CBG extracts, like those used in tinctures or the vape juice for CBG devices, require tons of biomass to produce. All that extra biomass translates to more costs for the cultivators, which means a higher cost to the consumer. That’s why CBG is sometimes referred to as “the Rolls Royce of Cannabinoids.” 

One way to get around this cost is to look for CBG flower. Some cultivators have recognized the demand for high CBG flower, and have been experimenting with breeding techniques and genetic manipulation to produce high CBG bud. Since they don’t require as much biomass as extracts and concentrate, CBG flower price tags aren’t as high.  For those interested in getting CBG without THC, look specifically for CBG hemp flower since hemp is required to contain less than .3% THC. 

How to Access CBG

The disposable stelo™ that pair with our CBD delivery device elon® are filled with CBD-rich hemp flower, but they also contain small amounts of CBG. This can be an easy way to combine the sublime benefits of both cannabinoids alongside our proprietary blend of terpenes.

CBG Flower Review

Here are some of E1011 Labs favorite strains of CBG flower: 

  • Lemon Creme Diesel: Enjoy your CBG with a fresh lemony kick. These buds have a delicious citrus taste that you’re sure to love too.
  • CBG Shiatzu Kush: What’s more relaxing than a good massage? CBG Shiatzu Kush channels all the relaxation of Shiatzu massage into the form of floral hemp buds.
  • Plain Jane CBG: Plain Jane CBG flower contains a whopping 12%-14% CBG. These frosty buds have a strong aroma of citrus, with piney notes of a northwest forest. 

Give CBD and THC a little break; mix things up with CBG!