What Exactly is "Heat Not Burn?"

Get rid of your lighters because traditional smoking is a relic of the past. Heat not burn products have already begun revolutionizing the tobacco industry, and now the cannabis industry looks like it may be next. But what exactly is heat not burn technology, and what makes it so special? 

What Is Heat Not Burn? 

Heat not burn devices offer a new way to administer both nicotine and cannabis while still using natural plant biomaterial. 

These devices heat the plant material, (which could be hemp, cannabis, or tobacco) to a relatively low temperature, but still high enough to produce an inhalable vapor. You may be thinking this sounds a lot like an e-cigarette or vape pen; however, the key difference lies in what’s inside. 

Vaporizers, like Juuls, work by heating a synthetic fluid called e juice or e liquid. Typically e-liquid is composed of a base of either propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerin (VG), flavoring agents, and then either nicotine or cannabinoids like CBD/THC. On the other hand, heat not burn products rely on real organic matter such as tobacco leaves, marijuana, or hemp. 

Heat Not Burn Vs Smoking

Heat Not Burn Vs Smoking

So if heat not burn products just use regular tobacco and cannabis, how are they any different than conventional smoking? In a word: combustion. Smoking a cigarette or a joint causes the plant material to reach a certain temperature resulting in the inhalation of toxic carcinogens. As the name would imply, with heat not burn there is no combustion, no burning, and no ash. By heating the material to a much lower temperature than a lighter would, heat not burn devices produce a less carcinogenic aerosol than smoke, which is also mess-free. Using computer models, one group of researchers determined that lifetime users of heat not burn devices could be up to ten times less likely to develop cancers than traditional smokers. 

Heat Not Burn, Cannabis, And Bioavailability

Heat Not Burn, Cannabis, And Bioavailability

So far, we’ve primarily seen heat not burn technology applied to tobacco products, like the best heat not burn device of 2019, the IQOS—a Phillip Morris product that is rumored to stand for “I Quit Original Smoking.” However, this idea is perfect for cannabis as well.

The major issue with cannabinoid administration methods that don’t utilize inhalation is bioavailability. When we talk about bioavailability, we’re talking about how much of a particular compound or drug that the body is able to use. When we consume cannabinoids like CBD or THC either sublingually, orally, or topically, we end up losing a lot of bioavailability. What that means, is, you need a larger dose to have a comparable effect to inhalation. For the average cannabis user, this can be extremely economically inefficient. 

With a heat not burn device, users can maximize the effects of cannabinoids, while also minimizing the potential damage to the lungs. All this without having to sacrifice the benefits of full flower for lab-made cannabis oil.  

Introducing The elon®

heat not burn device

That’s exactly why we created elon® here at E1011 Labs. This revolutionary device pairs with disposable eco-friendly cartridges called stelo™, which are filled with premium sun-grown hemp flower. Elon® uses a patented ceramic concentric heating element to raise the temperature of the flower to the ideal temperature for producing vapor without creating any combustion. Not to mention, it's truly buttonless design makes it extremely easy to use, even for those with little to no prior cannabis experience. 

By ordering a Starter Bundle, you can get the device itself, as well as choosing two packs of stelo™ featuring our original CBD-rich full spectrum hemp blends: stelo™ Uplit, stelo™ Relax or stelo™ Relief. For those looking for more of a buzz, try our newest addition, Ari53™ that’s loaded with high-quality infused flower. 

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