The Grownups Guide to Waking And Baking

The wake and bake is a time-honored tradition among stoners all over the globe. America, in particular, is a nation full of wake and bakers, according to the 2017 Global Drug Survey, which indicates that over 20% of marijuana users surveyed enjoy a morning toke. 

But should an adult with a normal job be waking and baking? Cannabinoids affect everyone differently, and what may be a productive morning ritual for some could torpedo the entire day for others. Plenty of people maintain regular jobs while also appreciating the art of the wake and bake, but some cannabis users may find that an AM smoke sesh leaves them feeling unfocused and groggy for the rest of the day.

Whether you’re someone who loves to wake and bake every day already, or someone considering indulging in the practice on a weekend off, keep reading to learn how to get the best experience with your wake and bake. 

The Meaning Of Wake And Bake

The Meaning Of Wake And Bake

A wake and bake is the practice of consuming cannabis immediately upon waking up. It’s about easing into your day and trying to curate a chill vibe that will follow you all the way into the sunset. Some ardent wake and bakers incorporate marijuana into their daily morning routine like a cup of coffee. For others, the wake and bake is a special treat perfect for relaxing on a day off.

Tips For A Successful Wake And Bake

There are a few steps you can take to get the most out of your wake and bake and ensure you have a sublime experience. 

First, it’s best to consume your cannabis before taking a shower or brushing your teeth. This is especially true when smoking since the smell can hang around on clothes or on your breath. If you have errands to run or an in-person job to go to, you’ll want to make sure you have eye drops available to keep the red eyes away. Rhoto eyedrops are some of the best for this purpose.  

Next, there’s the question of breakfast. If you’re like me, a wake and bake can leave you with a serious case of the morning munchies. It may be tempting to eat a super heavy breakfast, but it could leave you feeling tired and sluggish throughout the rest of the day.

You may want to avoid the full English and stick to something light but filling instead. As delicious as coffee and orange juice is, make sure you also keep yourself hydrated with a glass of water as well. 

Getting high in the morning can sometimes leave you feeling confused or scatterbrained. To keep yourself productive and avoid just falling back asleep, make a to-do list before starting your wake and bake to keep yourself on track. 

Can You Wake And Bake With CBD Instead Of THC? 

Can You Wake And Bake With CBD Instead Of THC?

A wake and bake doesn’t necessarily have to get you high. By using CBD, you can start your day with the relaxing effects of cannabis without getting stoned. It’s a fantastic option for students or employees with hectic schedules who need to stay sharp. 

What Kind Of Cannabis Is Best For Waking And Baking? 

Cannabis strains to wake and bake with

Choosing the right strain is an essential part of any successful wake and bake. Typically, you’ll want to avoid heavy indica strains with intense body highs, as these can sometimes leave users feeling lethargic or couch locked. Instead, opt for a more energizing and cerebral sativa. Here are some of our favorite wake and bake strains:

  • Durban Poison: Despite the foreboding name, Durban Poison is an ideal strain for wake and bakers. Sometimes referred to as “the espresso of weed” due to its energizing effects, this strain is an excellent choice for the morning. 

  • Sour Diesel: This iconic strain is known for its signature pungent scent of petrol and high THC content. It’s considered to be quite dreamy and energetic—perfect for watching the sun rise. 

  • stelo™ Uplift: For those who prefer to go the CBD route, the stimulating terpene and cannabinoid profile found in this tasty hemp blend set users up to tackle any challenge the day may present. 

Are you a regular wake and baker? Let us know on Twitter your favorite strain to start your day with!