Ten Excellent Ways To Use Your AVB

It did not take long to figure out that trying to reuse your already vaped bud the same way you did when it was fresh would turn out to be an unsatisfying experience. However, you also know that not all the desirable qualities of that AVB are gone. Which now leaves you searching for better ways to extract every bit of potency and enjoyment out of your vaporized weed.

AVB or already vaped bud is the material leftover from using a dry herb vaporizer, like the elon®, and a stelo™ flower cartridge filled with premium hemp flower. The elon is a heat-not-burn device that uses precision heating technology to heat the flower to the optimal temperature and evaporate the cannabinoids and terpenes into an inhalable vapor during a session.

Any attempt to re-vape or smoke the AVB will turn into a very dull experience as it now lacks potency and flavor compared to the fresh bud. Therefore, in order to get any additional benefits from your vaped bud, you will have to look for other alternatives. Here are the best ways that we have found to get the most enjoyment out of your AVB.

AVB Butter Is a Delicious Alternative

Think of all the foods that include butter in their recipes. Now imagine being able to infuse that butter with your favorite flower. The possibilities would be endless. 

Making infused cannabis butter

You can mix AVB with your favorite butter, some coconut oil, or even margarine, to turn any food craving into an amazing experience. Whether it is creating a simple spread for bread or crackers, or a wonderful touch for your pasta dish or fried chicken, AVB butter gives you unlimited food options. 

AVB Tea adds an Extra Element of Relaxation

There are few things more stress relieving than a hot cup of tea. But you can increase this relaxation by adding a little already vaped bud.

Tea made with AVB

What may be most surprising about this mixture is that it can be more than soaking your AVB in boiling water for 15 minutes. Although that can be fairly potent, especially if you consume the leftover dregs after finishing the liquid. You can add a healthy amount of cream or milk to your tea as well, as cannabinoids are fat soluble, and they will do an effective job of extracting all of the leftover THC and CBD.

AVB and Alcohol Can Make an Effective Drops Combination

Sometimes you just want to dose in a discrete manner, and this is when AVB tinctures can be so effective and useful. A tincture is simply AVB infused alcohol, and their potency and efficiency make them popular, not only among general consumers but medical users as well. 

Tincture infused with cannabis

The process of making a tincture is quite simple. Take a healthy dose of AVB and place it in a cooking pot, add your favorite spirit such as vodka, then simmer. After about 20 minutes, strain the mixture with a sieve, and store in a bottle. To administer it, place a drop under the tongue and you should feel the effects within 15 - 25 minutes.


Another effective way to gain the benefits of already vaped bud quickly and discreetly is in capsule form. This does not mean placing your piles of AVB on a piece of paper, shoving them into a capsule and washing them down with your favorite beverage.

Capsules filled with cannabis


However, the process is easy, as you will mix your AVB with a little coconut oil and then using a syringe, collect the proper amount and fill each capsule. It is recommended that you monitor your dosage by taking one to feel its effects and find the amount that works for you.

Firecrackers are a Delicious Way to Enjoy a Session

One of the more fun and tasty ways to enjoy your AVB is what has become to be known as a Firecracker. Essentially, a Firecracker is a sandwich made of peanut butter and graham crackers. 

Preparation is quick and easy. Just take a graham cracker, spread some peanut butter on them, sprinkle your already vaped bud onto it, sandwich them together, and finally wrap it in foil and pop it in the oven for 15 minutes at 365 degrees. This can also be done with Nutella if you want something a little sweeter. Again, don’t eat them all at once, have one at a time to measure what works best.

Create an Edible Seasoning

Because AVB has already been decarboxylated, you can pretty much use it on any recipe that uses seasoning, whether it is herb chicken, salmon, or mixed into sauces and gravies. You can mix with other seasoning favorites to enhance their taste. As you should always do, measure your amounts and start slowly. Though AVB has lost some of its power in the vaping process, it still can create a potent mix.

Just Add Water

Though there are many different ways to make AVB edible, some people, no matter what they do, will not care for the taste. For those that fall in this category, water curing may be your answer. 

Water curing is an easy but a long process in which you wrap your already vaped bud in a cheesecloth and soak it in water, emptying out the discolored water every few hours for about four days. Then lay your AVB out on a baking sheet evenly and place in the oven at 200 degrees, moving it around every 30 minutes to make certain it dries evenly. Once it is completely dry, the taste will be removed and you can now add it to any recipe.

Coconut Oil Makes it Convenient When Cooking

As mentioned previously, AVB is fat soluble, and coconut oil is loaded with it. Take some coconut oil, add your already vaped bud and slow cook for a few hours. Once done, strain the oil through a cheesecloth and store in a dry dark place. The oil can be used to add to many of your favorite dishes and will provide all the benefits you would expect from potent cannabis.

Go Back to the Basics with AVB Brownies

Making cannabis infused brownies

Weed Brownies are the staple dessert for cannabis consumers. You can either use cannabutter or mix it directly in with the flower as marijuana seems to complement the chocolate and nuts that are in the mix. And desserts are certainly not limited to brownies as cakes and even pies can be infused with AVB, providing you a great cannabis experience as well as satisfying your sweet tooth.

Another Way to Enjoy Your Coffee

Many people make the mistake of simply sprinkling the AVB in their coffee grounds and then placing them in their drip coffee maker. But this will not be effective if you want to truly enjoy and get the most out of your cannabis.

Coffee made with cannabis

The best way is to mix your AVB with a fat that will extract all the desired qualities out of the flower. To do this, heat milk or cream and then mix with your AVB coffee grounds in a French Press. After about ten minutes, you can add hot water and you will have a rich cup of coffee with all of the cannabinoid benefits.

Taking the Time to Prepare Will Give You the Best AVB Results

It is important to remember that vaping or smoking AVB, no matter the method used, will produce results that you will most likely not be happy with. However, taking a little bit of extra time, and preparing your AVB in any of these suggested ways, will not only make for a very satisfying experience, but can extend the life of your bud from one session to many.