Stoner Guide: What Are Moon Rocks?

The cannabis industry looks a lot different than it did a decade ago. Today, a whopping 18 states have legalized recreational weed, and even more have instituted medicinal marijuana programs.

As cannabis has become less taboo and legal in more places, we’ve seen an explosion of new types of products come out. Dispensaries carry all sorts of interesting stuff these days — potent concentrates, hi-tech vape devices, and all kinds of edibles. 

Today, we’ll take a look at one of our favorite cannabis novelties — moon rocks! Keep reading to learn more about these powerful products!


What Are Moon Rocks?


What Are Moon Rocks?

You may have seen these on the shelves at the local dispensary or heard the infamous breakfast club clip where notorious stoner Snoop Dogg claimed moon rocks were “too much for me,” but what exactly are they? 

Despite the name, moon rocks don’t come from outer space. These super-strong, sticky balls of weed are actually an amalgam of several cannabis products you’re likely already familiar with 

It starts with premium cannabis flower. Commonly, moon rocks use the strain Girl Scout Cookies (GSC), but any strain will do. 

Next, they dip the buds into a cannabis extract — typically butane hash oil (BHO), or something with a similar liquidy/buddery consistency.  

Finally, the concentrate-covered nugs are rolled in kief. The stickiness from the extract helps adhere the kief directly to the cannabis flower.  

The finished product is extremely potent, so make sure to be careful when consuming it. 


Where To Buy Moon Rocks


So, you think you’re ready to try out some moon rocks for yourself. But where can you find them? 

If you’re lucky enough to live in a state like Washington, California, or Colorado, getting a hold of some moon rocks should be a simple enough endeavor. Just mosey on down to your local dispensary and ask the budtender. They’ll likely have at least one brand of moon rocks in the concentrate case. If not, they can direct you to a nearby dispensary that does carry these sought-after nugs.

If you happen to stay in a part of the country that hasn’t yet legalized weed, finding moon rocks won’t be so easy. You might just have to make them yourself if you don’t have a hook-up.  


How To Make Your Own Moon Rocks


In order to make your own moon rocks, you’re going to need access to the three main ingredients — kief, hash oil (or any sticky extract), and cannabis flower. 

Stoner Guide: What Are Moon Rocks?

Acquire your bud and extracts however you usually do. If you have a three-chamber grinder, you may already have a collection of kief in the grinder’s bottom chamber. If not, many dispensaries sell loose kief.

To form your rocks, start by breaking apart your flower into half-gram nugs. Next, roll the nug in the extract, and then roll it in the kief. Voila, you now have moon rocks! 


How To Smoke Moon Rocks


Now that you have some moon rocks in your possession, how are you supposed to smoke them? 

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The most important thing is to avoid putting them in your grinder. While it may be tempting to try and save some time, the hash oil in moon rocks will gunk up your grinder — wasting the moon rocks and potentially ruining the grinder itself. 

Instead, carefully break up your moon rocks by hand. Once broken up, the moon rocks (which should now look more like moon pebbles) can go into any smoking device like a water pipe or bowl. 

While moon rocks perform best in a pipe, you can also roll a moon rock joint, though it may burn unevenly due to the presence of the concentrate.


Are Moon Rocks Worth It? 


Moon rocks often come with a large price tag. Whether or not they’re worth the money will vary from person to person. 

While they can be quite messy, moon rocks are some of the most potent cannabis products on the planet. If you’re the type of marijuana enthusiast that loves chasing high THC percentages, then moon rocks are definitely for you!