Organization of the Month Highlight - Oklahoma Women’s Cannabis Association

The cannabis community can be pretty competitive. With profits in the billions of dollars, and more and more companies starting up daily, sometimes things can feel a little dog-eat-dog. That’s why it’s essential that we in the industry uplift one another and try to make this community as positive as possible.

To do our part, E1011 Labs will highlight a cannabis organization each month that we feel has a made positive impact on our community. This month we’re looking at an inspiring group of women known as the Oklahoma Women’s Cannabis Association.

What's the Oklahoma Women's Cannabis Association?

Despite our society’s progress with gender equality, the cannabis industry remains a boys club. In 2015, only 36% of cannabis executives were women. Many of those women have spoken openly about the adversity and harassment they faced while climbing the ladder in a male-dominated industry. Not to mention the way women are often dehumanized to sell cannabis. Just flip through any marijuana magazine or walk the floor of a big trade show, and you’ll see plenty of scantily clad young women promoting products. 

The Oklahoma Women’s Cannabis Association, or OWCA for short, is a collective of women who are committed to empowering other female entrepreneurs and other Oklahoma women involved in the cannabis industry. The organization, founded in 2018, facilitates several serial events, and programs designed to inspire women and uplift the Oklahoma cannabis community. 

Who are the Oklahoma Women's Cannabis Association?

Who are the Oklahoma Women's Cannabis Association?

OWCA has quite an impressive board of directors.

Courtney Smith: President of the OWCA and business owner.

Arcillia Miller: Project Coordinator for OWCA, author and advocate.

Pamela Street: Patient advocate with more than twenty years in the field of nursing. 

Denise Griffin: Project Coordinator for Lil Buds, and owner of Griffin Insurance – a company that provides insurance for cannabis businesses. 

Susan Crimmins: Owner of Native Releaf, the first medical cannabis dispensary in Bixby, OK.

Tia Murry: Owner of FLI, LLC and has over sixteen years of experience as a cannabis advocate. 

Kimberly Campbell: Founder of Sacred Flower

What Does the Oklahoma Women's Cannabis Association do?

Oklahoma Women's Cannabis Association

The OWCA’s primary goal is to promote strong female representation in the Oklahoma Cannabis industry and cultivate a sense of community and cooperation among all women involved in cannabis. 

One of the core ideas behind OWCA is that women are incredibly powerful when they come together. OWCA facilitates this coming together with a monthly event series called “CannaNight.” These events, which are held across the Sooner State, feature special guest speakers, giveaways, games, and plenty of networking opportunities. Not only do these events serve as a platform for forging lasting connections, but they also provide a chance to call out and recognize notable OWCA supporters. 

It’s not all fun and games for the OWCA though; the group also manages charitable programs that give back to the people of Oklahoma. For example, their Lil Buds program provides financial assistance for underprivileged families who need help covering their children’s medical necessities such as travel expenses and medical cannabis cards. The OWCA also runs the Sweet Sisters program, which helps women become licensed and Canna-med educated
in a judgment-free space.

Speaking of education, a principal mission of the OWCA is community education. The group works tirelessly to dispel prejudices and misconceptions about the cannabis plant. They also offer Patient Information, Practical Education (P.I.P.E) classes year-round, which offer invaluable information about the therapeutic and curative benefits of the cannabis plant. These classes feature guest speakers who are incredibly knowledgeable about cannabis, and the best part, they’re completely free! Just another way that the OWCA is removing barriers to education in their community.

Support the Oklahoma Women's Cannabis Association

If this worthwhile organization seems like something you want to support, you can easily sign up by clicking this link. They offer supporter packages at the $50, $100, $200, and $500 levels. Membership comes with exciting benefits, like invitations to potluck dinners, newsletter updates, and recognition on the supporter’s page. 

Thanks to the OWCA

Thanks to the OWCA

We want to thank the OWCA for everything they do for women, cannabis, and the greater Oklahoma community!

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