Mixing Caffeine & CBD

There’s nothing like the ritual of a hot morning beverage. For some, it’s rubbing the sleep out of their eyes, meandering to the kitchen, carefully measuring just the right amount of coffee beans to prepare the perfect pour-over cup of coffee. Others simply have their Mr. Coffee set to brew, before they even wake up. Some people take CBD products on their way to work.

There are a million different ways to enjoy a warm drink in the morning, but one thing is for certain, America is fueled by caffeine. And that’s not even taking into account all the people who consume energy drinks or soda throughout the day for that little extra boost. But what happens when you combine caffeine with another popular compound—CBD? Is it safe to mix cannabis products like CBD with caffeine? Could there potentially be some benefits of CBD and coffee being added together?

What Caffeine Does To Your Body 

Mixing Caffeine & CBD

Caffeine is a stimulant, meaning it literally stimulates your central nervous system. When you drink a Red Bull or a cup of coffee, one of the most immediate effects you’re going to feel is an increased sense of alertness. If you’re having trouble transitioning from sleep to wakefulness, a jolt of caffeine will often give you the boost needed to start your day. It’s a big part of why it’s so popular. 

Caffeine will typically elevate both your heart rate and blood pressure, and too much of it can leave you feeling jittery and anxious. Not to mention, when the effects wear off you may end up feeling even more tired than before. 

What CBD Does To Your Body

What CBD Does To Your Body

Like caffeine, CBD directly affects your central nervous system—albeit in a much different way.

Inside all of us is a complex system of neurotransmitter receptors known as the endocannabinoid system (ECS). These receptors, which are primarily located throughout the brain and nervous system, communicate through hormonal signals to help regulate bodily functions like sleep patterns and mood. When you purchase CBD from the hemp store and consume it, the compound enters your body through the bloodstream then partially binds to these receptors—influencing the way they interact with our body’s natural hormones.

Combining CBD And Caffeine 

There are myriad CBD uses that range from acne prevention to pain management. One of the most common of these uses is to help consumers relax. Preliminary research strongly suggests that CBD may be an effective tool for reducing anxiety. The National Institute on Drug Abuse found that pre-clinical studies show that CBD does, in fact, reduce stress in rodent models, and there are mountains of anecdotal evidence and testimonials from CBD consumers who’ve found that CBD helps them to relax. However, the FDA requires more extensive clinical testing before they will approve CBD for use as an anti-anxiety remedy.

But, if the current science is correct and CBD does help reduce stress, it may be the perfect complement to your cup of coffee. If jitters and anxiety prevent you from enjoying caffeine, maybe taking some CBD alongside it may help reduce some of the unwanted side effects. 

Adding CBD Oil Directly To Your Coffee 

Adding CBD Oil Directly To Your Coffee

Can you add CBD oil straight into your morning beverage to create a CBD drink that also has some pick me up? The short answer is yes, but you may be sacrificing bioavailability. 

When we take CBD orally, the compound first has to navigate the labyrinthian maze of our digestive tracts before it can be absorbed into the blood. During this arduous journey, most of the CBD disappears before it can have an effect.

If you want to get the most bang for your buck, try an inhalation method like the Elon CBD delivery system alongside your coffee, instead of combining the two.