Happy International Charity Day

Happy International Day of Charity

In these uncertain times, our loved ones and our community are of the utmost importance. To achieve our mission of making people feel sublime, it sometimes requires more than an Elon Starter Kit. That’s why E1011 Labs has been helping out and giving back to the community in several important ways. From distributing our extra masks and PPE to essential workers to donating all of our profit from the E1011 tee-shirt sales to the Last Prisoner Project, we back our social concern with action.

Extra Masks and PPE

Protect yourself from covid

Here at E1011 Labs, protecting our employees is our top priority. But when we found ourselves with a surplus of masks and other personal protective equipment, we stepped up to help the community. Prioritizing clinics, hospitals, and other essential sectors, E1011 distributed surplus items around the local community. There’s a long list of businesses and individuals that we’ve helped, but here are just a few:

USNS Mercy


San Bernardino County Sheriff Department

Long Island Community Hospital 

Davita-Pomona Valley Clinic 

Sherman Oaks Hospital 

Tustin Longevity Center 

Accent Care 

California State University - Sacramento 

Southern California Resource Services for Independent Living 

Desert Oasis Healthcare 


Tulare County Child Welfare Services

Fedex Freight

Additionally, during the height of this crisis, we included a free mask with each customer order, right up until we ran out. We want you to feel safe and show that we care.

Black Lives Matter

Support Black lives matter

After the tragic incident involving George Floyd and the Minneapolis Police Department, we stepped up to promote social change. All of our profits for the month of June went to the Black Lives Matter Foundation to fund the protests against the systemic injustice marginalized members of our community face daily. We’ve also decided to match 100% of any employee donations toward BLM for the rest of 2020.

E1011 Tees

Spread the fundraising love by purchasing one of our all-cotton E1011 tees! Not only are you announcing how much you appreciate our products, but you’re also directly supporting The Last Prisoner Project. 100% of the proceeds from each tee goes to support this charity for social change. Be the change you want to see by wearing one of these stylishly comfy tees with pride, knowing that your money went straight to a charity in need. Philanthropy never felt so comfortable or looked so stylish!

September 5th is International Day of Charity!

Support the Last Prisoner Project

We’re celebrating this day of giving by offering each shopper an option to round up the cost of their order to the nearest dollar and donate that amount to the Last Prisoner Project. Additionally, you can make a separate $1 donation within the checkout process.  

What is the Last Prisoner Project? Over 40,000 people are currently incarcerated in the United States for crimes related to Marijuana. As cannabis continues down the path to legalization, many people are still in prison for something that is no longer a crime. The LPP seeks true justice for these individuals through advocacy, intervention, and awareness campaigns – doing important work to reverse the harm that has been done and is still occurring due to the harsh penalties surrounding cannabis use. 

Now that cannabis and hemp are slowly becoming legal across the country, it’s especially unjust that anyone is still incarcerated for what is now a mainstream industry. Legal hemp sales accounted for $10.4 billion dollars in 2018, while $47 billion dollars a year is spent on the war on drugs. The Last Prisoner Project works to redress the injustice of marijuana-related prosecutions. 

Giving back to the community is part of what we do. At E1011 Labs, our mission is to help you feel sublime – and giving back can have that effect.

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