Deep Dive into Hemp Seeds

We spend a lot of time talking about hemp flower and hemp buds, but they aren’t the only parts of the Cannabis Sativa L. plant with practical uses.

Today is national seed swap day, so to celebrate, we’ll be taking a look at one of the most used parts of the hemp plant  – the seeds!

What is National Seed Swap Day? 

What is National Seed Swap Day?

On the last Saturday of every January, we celebrate the coming spring by getting together with our friends, neighbors, and fellow green thumbs to share seeds.

National seed swap day is about more than just sharing seeds, though; it’s about sharing a love of gardening and horticulture with our loved ones. This year, with the pandemic still keeping many of us inside our homes, lots of seed swaps are taking place online. Do a quick search to see if your local gardening community has a swap going on this year. Maybe you’ll even get your hands on some hemp seeds!

What are Hemp Seeds?/How to Eat Hemp Seeds 

What are hemp seeds?

The seeds of the hemp plant are technically nuts. They are a great source of nutrients and can be consumed raw, roasted, and even processed into an oil or tincture. Hulled hemp seeds, also known as hemp hearts, are hemp seeds that have already been shelled, making them a delicious snack that’s easy to eat on the go and chock full of vitamins. 

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding these little nuts is, “can hemp seeds get you high?” The answer: no. Unlike hemp flower, hemp seeds contain little to no cannabinoids. While there may be trace amounts of THC in the seeds, it is certainly not enough to induce any intoxicating effects. Do hemp seeds contain CBD? Again, the answer is no. So while eating hemp seeds may have plenty of benefits, they aren’t great sources for cannabinoids. 

What do Hemp Seeds Taste Like?

hemp seeds taste similar to pine seeds

It’s hard to believe that something so good for you can also be tasty, but it’s true about hemp seeds! They have a distinctive nutty taste similar to pine nuts and have a consistency very reminiscent of sunflower seeds. 

Hemp Seed Benefits

Hemp seeds are a great source of protein. In fact, around 25% of their total caloric content comes from high-quality proteins, which is a higher percentage than similar foods like flaxseeds or chia seeds. This high protein content makes hemp seeds a particularly beneficial addition to meatless diets where protein deficiencies are common.

Besides healthy proteins, hemp seeds are also teeming with amino acids. These amino acids play a role in developing muscle tissue, help provide energy throughout the day, and contribute to maintaining healthy skin and nails. 

Specifically, hemp seeds contain tons of the amino acid arginine, which may help lower blood pressure. Combine this with all the heart-healthy Omega 3s in hemp seeds, and you’ve got a snack that is great for your cardiovascular system.  

If you choose whole hemp seeds instead of the hulled ones, the shells can be a great source of both soluble and insoluble fiber, which can help immensely with your overall digestive health.

If you’ve got a furry, four-legged loved one at home, all these nutritional benefits may have you wondering, “can dogs eat hemp seeds too?” Good news, they can! These easily digestible seeds not only help supercharge our diets, but they can be great for our pets as well.

Hemp Seed Extract

Like with hemp flower, hemp seeds can undergo an extraction process to be converted into a concentrated oil. 

Many people use hemp seed oil for skin health because it can be a fantastic moisturizer that isn’t comedogenic, which means it won’t clog up your pores and cause breakouts. In fact, hemp seed oil may actually help reduce inflammation and prevent breakouts

It’s important to note here that hemp seed oil is different than CBD oil and some types of hemp oil. CBD oil is designed to be rich in the cannabinoid CBD, and hemp oil can be derived from any part of the plant, meaning there will likely be cannabinoids present. Hemp seeds, however, contain little to no cannabinoids whatsoever.