Celebrities and Cannabis Brands: Dank or Dud?

In the dynamic world of the cannabis industry, the intersection between celebrities and brands has become increasingly pronounced. With the growing acceptance and legalization of cannabis in many parts of the world, celebrities have eagerly stepped into the limelight, leveraging their star power to forge partnerships with cannabis brands. 

But the question lingers: do these celebrities truly hold the power to shape the success and perception of brands in the cannabis space? In this blog, we delve into the intriguing relationship between celebrities and cannabis brands, exploring the influence they wield, the potential benefits and drawbacks, and whether their association is a game-changer or a mere smoke and mirrors.

Rising Stars: Celebrities and Cannabis

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Celebrities and cannabis have formed an intriguing and complex relationship over the years. As the stigma surrounding cannabis continues to dissipate, more and more celebrities have openly embraced its use and advocacy. From musicians and actors to athletes and influencers, notable figures from various industries have publicly expressed their support for cannabis, often sharing their personal experiences and championing its potential benefits.

Cannabis Brand Ambassadors 

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One significant aspect of the celebrity-cannabis connection is their role as brand ambassadors or partners. Many celebrities have ventured into the cannabis industry by launching their own cannabis brands or collaborating with existing ones. By leveraging their fame and influence, these celebrities aim to not only promote their own personal brand but also contribute to the normalization and mainstream acceptance of cannabis.

Strong Influence or No Buzz: Celebrity Cannabis Brands

The involvement of celebrities in the cannabis space brings both advantages and challenges. On one hand, their association can help increase brand visibility, attract new consumers, and legitimize the industry in the eyes of the general public. Celebrities bring their loyal fan bases and vast social media reach, enabling brands to tap into a wider audience and generate significant buzz. Moreover, celebrities often lend their creative input, expertise, and personal stories to the brand, adding authenticity and credibility to the product or company.

Actual User or Pot Poser?

do celebrities really smoke weed?

However, the celebrity factor also comes with its share of potential drawbacks. Critics argue that celebrity endorsements may overshadow the importance of product quality, safety, and responsible usage. Skeptics question the true motives behind celebrity involvement, wondering if it's merely a commercial endeavor or a genuine belief in the benefits of cannabis. Additionally, as the industry becomes more crowded with celebrity-backed brands, the market may become saturated, leading to increased competition and potentially diluting the impact of individual endorsements.

Also, just because a celebrity lends their name to a brand doesn't guarantee its acceptance among smokers, even if they happen to be fans of the celebrity themselves. In fact, celebrity cannabis brands are now subject to even greater scrutiny than regular cannabis brands. Especially if the celebrity behind a cannabis brand did not actively advocate for cannabis use or engage with the stoner community before launching their brand, they face a significant problem. It's also worth noting that brands associated with non-stoner celebrities often produce subpar cannabis products.

Master Cannabis Growers or White Label Influencer

Another factor affecting celebrity cannabis brands is the celebrity’s involvement in the cannabis grow process. While some great celebrity brands are heavily involved in the cultivation and selection of their strains, others rely on white labeling.

Celebrity involvement in the cultivation process can range from hands-on participation to collaborating with experienced growers and experts to develop unique strains tailored to their brand's image and target market. In such cases, the celebrities may use their own grow facilities or partner with established cannabis cultivators to ensure the quality and authenticity of their products. This level of involvement allows them to have more control over the production process and maintain a closer connection to the cannabis they sell.

On the other hand, many celebrities choose to white label their cannabis products. White labeling involves purchasing cannabis in bulk from licensed cultivators or manufacturers and rebranding it with their own name and packaging. This approach allows celebrities to enter the market quickly and with minimal investment in cultivation infrastructure. It also grants them access to a wider variety of strains and products without the need for direct involvement in the cultivation process. However, white labeling may result in less control over product quality and the strain selection.

As cannabis continues to evolve, so does the role of celebrities within the industry. The influence and power they hold for brands in the cannabis space are undeniable, but it remains a subject of ongoing debate. Ultimately, the success and longevity of these partnerships will depend on a delicate balance between effective marketing, responsible messaging, and the ability to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of cannabis regulations and public sentiment.

Celebrity Cannabis Brands: Successful & Soured Experiences

Celebrity Brand Success

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Successful celebrity cannabis brands have emerged as prominent players in the cannabis industry, combining the star power of celebrities with their passion for cannabis. These brands have garnered attention and achieved commercial success by offering high-quality products, innovative marketing strategies, and a deep understanding of the cannabis culture. Here are a few examples:


Founded by rapper Berner, Cookies has gained widespread recognition and success in the cannabis industry. The brand offers an extensive selection of cannabis strains and products, known for their potency and flavor profiles. Cookies has established itself as a lifestyle brand, combining cannabis with fashion and popular culture. The brand has expanded to multiple locations, including flagship stores in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Willie's Reserve

Founded by legendary country music artist Willie Nelson, Willie's Reserve offers a range of cannabis products. The brand focuses on sustainable and responsible cultivation practices and aims to provide quality cannabis for both recreational and medicinal purposes. Willie's Reserve has built a reputation for its commitment to the cannabis community and its advocacy for cannabis legalization.

Tyson Ranch

Former professional boxer Mike Tyson launched Tyson Ranch, a cannabis company that offers a variety of products, including flower, edibles, and extracts. The brand emphasizes premium quality and sustainable cultivation practices. Tyson Ranch also operates a 420-acre cannabis-themed resort in California, which includes cultivation facilities, a retail store, and entertainment venues.

Soured Success

celebrity cannabis brands that missed the mark

While some celebrity cannabis brands have found success in the industry, there have been instances where brands associated with celebrities have faced challenges and eventually shut down. Here are a few examples:

Whoopi & Maya

Founded by actress Whoopi Goldberg and cannabis industry veteran Maya Elisabeth, Whoopi & Maya was a line of cannabis-infused products targeted towards women's health and wellness, specifically addressing menstrual discomfort. The brand gained attention and received positive feedback for its offerings. However, in 2018, Whoopi & Maya announced that it would be discontinuing its operations due to changing regulations and financial constraints.

Happy Dance by Kristen Bell

Another brand that could not break through the market is Happy Dance skincare, created in 2020, backed by Kristen Bell. Although Bell holds major star power, her collaboration with brand Lord Jones was unable to stand the test of time as the brand announced in early 2023 that the Happy Dance products would be discontinued.

These examples highlight that even with celebrity endorsements, the cannabis industry can be demanding and subject to various factors that can impact the success and longevity of a brand. From regulatory changes to financial constraints and market competition, celebrity cannabis brands face similar challenges as any other business in the industry.

What Cannabis Users Look For In A Brand

It appears celebrities do not have a huge influence on whether or not a consumer buys cannabis products. So what, if anything, do cannabis consumers look for when choosing which brand they will smoke? 

Quality is of utmost importance, with users seeking consistent, well-cultivated products that deliver the desired effects and flavors. Transparency and information play a crucial role, as users want to know the strain details, cannabinoid profiles, and testing results to make informed choices. A brand's reputation and trustworthiness are significant, with users relying on recommendations and reviews from fellow cannabis enthusiasts. 

Furthermore, ethical and sustainable practices, such as eco-friendly cultivation methods and support for social equity, are valued by users who seek brands aligned with their values. Innovation and variety are also sought after, as users appreciate brands that offer diverse product options and unique experiences. Pricing that reflects the product's value, along with exceptional customer service and support, further contribute to a positive user experience. 

By meeting these criteria, cannabis brands can attract and retain a loyal customer base, regardless of celebrity endorsement.

Buzz Or Dud?

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In conclusion, while celebrities undoubtedly bring attention and a certain level of influence to the cannabis industry, their impact may not be as significant as initially perceived. The ever-growing cannabis market is driven by factors such as quality, transparency, reputation, and ethical practices. Cannabis users, whether influenced by celebrity endorsements or not, prioritize these key factors when choosing a brand. 

While celebrity involvement can provide initial buzz and visibility, it is the brand's ability to deliver on these essential elements that ultimately determines long-term success. The evolving cannabis landscape demands authenticity, innovation, and a deep understanding of the culture surrounding this remarkable plant. As the industry continues to mature, it will be fascinating to observe the evolving dynamics between celebrities, brands, and the consumers who ultimately shape the future of cannabis.

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