Is there Cannabis in the Star Wars Universe?

Cannabis has long been featured in pop culture. Novels, music, and television often reference the plant, especially now that legislation like the 2018 Farm Bill or the recently passed MRTA in New York has made its use more socially acceptable. 

But what about our favorite sci-fi and fantasy universes? What exactly is Gandalf smoking in his pipe? Is the New Caprican leaf in Battlestar Galactica based on cannabis? Does weed exist in the Star Wars Universe despite having strains named after the infamous movie such as Jedi Kush, Darth Vader OG, & Death Star OG?

Let’s start by taking a look at a galaxy far far away and see how pot fits into the Star Wars universe.

Is There Weed In Star Wars? 

Is There Weed In Star Wars?

As far as we know, the cannabis cultivator itself doesn’t exist in Star Wars, so you won’t find any entrepreneurial Ewoks growing dope in the forests of Endor or Yoda smoking weed with Luke Skywalker behind his swamp hut on Dagobah. However, Star Wars does have several drugs and narcotics that exist in the official canon—many of which are heavily inspired by real-life drugs, including marijuana.

Most of these fit under the category of “spice”. For example, Glitterstim, a form of spice, is loosely based on the real-world drug methamphetamine. The Han Solo character famously finds himself in trouble with crime lord Jabba the Hutt after ditching a load of spice to avoid getting caught by the Empire.

An argument could be made that two different space plants could be stand-ins for weed in the Star Wars Universe. The first, being rankweed, that according to Star Wars Wiki can be smoked, producing blue plumes of intoxicating smoke.

The other potential pot-inspired plant in Star Wars is Marcan Herb—a mild euphoric drug that’s smoked in a hookah or rolled up into a joint.

Smoking Weed On The Set Of Star Wars

Smoking Weed On The Set Of Star Wars

Star Wars first came out in 1977, during a time where marijuana use was extremely popular—especially in Hollywood. There are tons of stories of joints being passed around on the set of Star Wars.

One rumor states that the word for Chewbacca’s species, “Wookie,” was actually ad-libbed by voice actor Terry McGovern while under the effects of marijuana during the shooting of George Lucas’ first sci-fi film, THX. 

In Carrie Fisher’s recent memoir, she recalls tons of ganja going around the set and even details a specific time where she and co-star Harrison Ford smoked a joint together.

Star Wars Themed Cannabis Strains 

Star Wars themed cannabis names

We’ve talked about marijuana’s influence on the Star Wars universe, but what about Star Wars’ influence on cannabis culture? Several strains of marijuana have taken their names from Star Wars. Here are a few of our favorite Star Wars strains:

Death Star: The Death Star strain of cannabis, named for the planet-destroying weapon with the same name, is a powerful indica dominant hybrid with a robust skunky diesel fragrance. Don’t underestimate this potent strain. It may not blow up planets, but its 20% THC produces a strong body high that may leave you feeling encased in carbonite. For an added cherry kick, look for the Cherry Star strain—a cross of Death Star with Cherry Pie.

Yoda OG: Enjoy this bud, you will, with the Yoda OG strain. This sedating strain comes from the well-known OG Kush and packs quite the punch. As a THC-rich indica, Yoda OG is known for relaxing both the body and mind. Its pungent aroma of sour citrus lets you know immediately that the force is strong with this one. 

Chewbacca: This rare hybrid strain gets its name from Han Solo’s beloved Wookie companion chewy. The Chewbacca strain is dark green in appearance, with spatterings of deep orange pistil hairs and glittery trichomes. The potent THC percentages induce a strong body sensation that’s perfect for nighttime use.