Cannabis and Women

Women’s health is often overlooked in mainstream medical research. For whatever reason, be it convenience, sexism, or ignorance, a vastly unequal amount of medical studies focus on men. We in the cannabis industry like to think that we’re at least a little more progressive than the conventional medical community, but even when it comes to weed, there’s still rampant inequality among the sexes. The majority of cannabis companies still market mostly to men and only a third of senior-level cannabis jobs are occupied by women. While this is demonstrably better than the national average, there’s still a long way to go if we want cannabis to be more than just a boys club.

Women and the cannabis community


Why Inclusivity Matters

Men aren’t the only ones who can take advantage of the therapeutic CBD benefits or relax after a long day by packing a bowl. In fact, women may stand to get the most out of cannabis. So, when cannabis companies only market to men, they’re not only upholding centuries of patriarchal inequities, they’re also hurting their own bottom line. Doesn’t make much sense, does it?

Let’s take a look at some of the useful products out there designed for women, and how the fairer sex can take advantage of the cannabis plant. 

Using Cannabis For Menstrual Symptoms

Cannabis can be used for menstrual cramps

When that time of the month comes around, hormone levels can get disrupted causing all sorts of issues. Not to mention, the cramping and muscle aches are sometimes bad enough to be completely debilitating. 

Since the legal restrictions around cannabis have made it difficult for researchers to conduct ample clinical trials using human models, the Food and Drug Administration hasn’t officially approved CBD or THC as a pain reliever. However, preliminary studies and anecdotal evidence strongly suggest that cannabis could be effective at reducing several different types of pain, as well as mitigating nausea. During the week of menses, many women use marijuana and hemp to help cope with their PMS symptoms.

There is even a cannabinoid-infused tampon that allows you to bring the relief directly to the affected area. Even with a whopping 60 mg of THC and 10 mg of CBD, this vaginal suppository isn’t intended to get you stoned. Instead, it’s designed to help relieve common period symptoms. 

Cannabis As A Form Of Self Care  

Self care is for everyone, especially girl bosses who have more than enough stress to deal with. Cannabinoid-infused bath bombs can be a great way to take your self care game to new levels of relaxation. There are also products, like CBD body lotion, that are perfect for treating yourself to a spa day. Maybe even start it off with a THC rich piece of infused dark chocolate, or treat yourself to a stylish new wardrobe accessory by picking up a piece of hemp clothing. 

Self care isn’t just about spoiling yourself with hot baths and decadent confections. It’s also about addressing your mental health needs. For example, many people take CBD for anxiety, and early studies suggest the cannabinoid can help mitigate anxiety without all the harmful side effects and risk of dependency that comes with pharmaceutical options. 

Cannabis In Skincare 

cannabis is used in skincare

If you’re someone who takes their skincare regimen seriously, then you’ve likely seen that the beauty industry has been putting CBD into a ton of versatile products like serums and moisturizers. 

That’s because research indicates that CBD can inhibit the production of sebum. For those who don’t know, sebum is an oily secretion your body naturally produces. However, too much of this sebum can result in acne and blemishes. So it turns out, topically applied CBD may actually help reduce breakouts, helping give you the confidence to go out and live your best life. 

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