Best CBD Hemp Strains to Try in 2021

The 2018 farm bill, which decriminalized hemp on a federal level, classifies hemp as any strain of cannabis that contains less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC by dry weight. This broad definition includes literally hundreds of different hemp strains, all with their own unique flavors, cannabinoid profiles, and industrial uses. With so many options out there, finding the right hemp flower for you can feel overwhelming. Fear not! Check out this list of common hemp strains to give yourself a jumping-off point.

Cat's Meow Hemp

This strain’s origins are a secret closely guarded by its original cultivators, but rumor has it that it was originally bred in Hawaiin soil. These dark purple buds contain high CBD levels, and the terpene profile is quite myrcene-heavy, making this a perfect strain for nighttime.   

CBD Moon Rocks

If you haven’t already heard of Moon Rocks, prepare to have your mind blown. These extremely potent balls of cannabinoids are hemp flower buds that have been coated in CBD concentrate, ad then rolled in hemp kief. As they are extremely potent, try using a fraction of the amount of flower you usually would, then titrating the dose up. 

Siskiyou Gold Hemp

Named for the mountain range that spans Northern California and Southern Oregon, this strain of hemp is covered in golden-orange pistil hairs. Great for active lifestyles, try Siskiyou Gold with you on your next hike or mountain adventure.

Blueberry Hemp

This strain is sometimes referred to as Blueberry CBD because of the large concentration of cannabidiol present in Blueberry Hemp Flower. The fruity-sweet flavor of this strain will leave every cannabis connoisseur’s mouth watering. 

Berry Blossom Hemp

Up next, we have another fruit-flavored strain – Berry Blossom. These boutique-quality buds are cultivated by crossing Cherry Kandahar S1 with Chardonnay, resulting in flower with an extremely floral aroma that’s eloquently complemented by notes of mixed berry. These high-quality buds are a favorite among artisan hemp flower lovers. 

The Wife Hemp

If you’re married, then you should be able to guess that The Wife is incredibly powerful. With CBD levels that can reach as high as 25%, The Wife has a reputation for being one of the most potent hemp strains on the market today. The buds themselves have a delectable fruity aroma, with undertones of flowers and a little bit of skunk. 

Sour Space Candy Hemp

The first thing you’ll notice about Sour Space Candy hemp flower is that the dense buds are absolutely dripping with resinous trichomes. Like The Wife, Sour Space Candy packs a potent punch of curative CBD, with percentages passing 20%. This strain is a must-try for CBD fanatics.


Sour Diesel CBD

Sour Diesel is arguably one of the most recognized names in cannabis, but did you know there’s also a CBD variety? Like traditional Sour Diesel, Sour Diesel CBD is a potent strain with a notoriously petrol-like aroma. 

Suver Haze

This hemp flower crosses Oregon CBD’s two most successful strains of hemp: Suver #8 and Early Resin Berry. The aroma brings to mind a piney Oregon forest, and the taste is delicious. Though Suver Haze can be quite relaxing, it’s clearheaded enough to make a great daytime strain.

Golden Cherry Hemp

These golden-green buds are so rich in trichomes they look as if they’ve been dusted with powdered sugar. This strain’s distinct cherry flavor comes from its ancestor Cherry Wine, which actually comes from the incredibly potent The Wife strain mentioned above.

Bubba Kush CBD

Bubba Kush CBD is a top-shelf strain of hemp known for being a relaxing indica. The dark green, purplish buds can be quite dense and give off pungent aromas of citrus and bitter dark chocolate. Bubba Kush is great for unwinding in the evenings, but the strain can be used at any time of the day.

Stormy Daniels Hemp

You likely recognize the name from the salacious headlines involving President Trump and an adult film actress with the same name. Like the person Stormy Daniels, Stormy Daniels hemp is a fiery and energetic strain. The bright green buds have a strong scent of fresh flowers and new grass and have a somewhat fruity taste when consumed that’s exceptionally pleasing to the palate. 

Stem Uplift and Stem Relax

Of course, our all-time favorite strains of hemp are the blends used in our Stem Uplift and Stem Relax. This high-quality hemp flower is sourced from sustainable farms and packaged in an easy to use eco-friendly disposable cartridge. Order an Elon Starter Kit and get both blends for whatever mood you’re in!
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