11 Hemp and CBD Products You Probably Haven't Tried

Since the 2018 Farm Bill federally legalized hemp, cultivators and manufacturers have come up with all sorts of novel ways of consuming CBD. You may have seen CBD tinctures, CBD capsules, and probably even CBD-infused beauty products. However, these are just the tip of the iceberg. Today, we’ll take a look at some of the more interesting hemp and CBD products that even CBD connoisseurs are not as likely to have heard of.

Hemp Milk

Have some hemp milk with your cookies

Are you looking for a dairy substitute for your morning coffee? Ditch the almond milk, which is taking its toll on the environment, in favor of sustainable hemp milk. Hemp is one of the most eco-friendly commercial crops out there. There’s hardly any waste since every part of the hemp plant can be put to use, and hemp’s carbon-sequestering ability is unparalleled. 

Since it’s made from hemp seeds, hemp milk won’t actually contain any CBD. However, hemp seeds are chock full of proteins, omega-3s, and amino acids which can help regulate cholesterol levels, maintain cardiovascular systems, and keep your skin healthy and glowing.  

Hemp Tea

drink hemp tea to warm up

Tea lovers and CBD lovers can rejoice at the two’s delicious intersection. Hemp tea is made from the cannabinoid-rich buds and leaves of the hemp plant. Research indicates that CBD can have a myriad of therapeutic applications, including pain management, anxiety reduction, and insomnia relief. 

While oral consumption methods aren’t the most effective way of taking CBD due to the cannabinoid’s low bioavailability when ingested, the ritual of tea drinking can add to the overall relaxation effect. Plus, it’s a tempting and tasty treat! Try adding some hemp milk to your tea for a double dose of hemp flavor. 

CBD Moon Rocks 

Moon Rocks are famous among cannabis users for being an extremely potent form of Marijuana, but did you know that there are also hemp Moon Rocks?  

CBD Moon Rocks start out as a nug of legal hemp flower. Then, they are coated in sticky CBD extract and rolled in hemp kief for an extra oomph. We don’t recommend putting Moon Rocks in your grinder, as the concentrate may gum it up. 

CBD Pillow

Cbd pillows for good rest

Want to enjoy the curative effects of CBD throughout your sleep? The CBD Pillow may be the option you’re looking for. This pillow is filled with CBD nano-encapsulation technology that releases micro doses of topical CBD as you catch some z's. 

CBD Mattress 

A CBD pillow sounds relaxing, but what about a whole CBD Mattress? The ZBD Bed uses similar nan-encapsulation tech as the CBD pillow but applies the CBD micro doses all over your body. Talk about tranquility!

CBD Inhaler

cbd inhalers are the best way to take cbd

Inhalation methods are the most effective ways to deliver cannabinoids into your bloodstream. You actually need less CBD when using inhalation methods since the higher bioavailability means your body is able to use more of the CBD.

CBD inhalers are one way to take advantage of this. They work similarly to asthma inhalers—press the mouthpiece to your lips and push the button down while taking a breath to administer a precise dose of CBD.

CBD Toothpaste  

CBD toothpaste lets you seamlessly integrate CBD into your morning routine. Using CBD toothpaste may also help reduce dental pain and promote better overall oral health. 

CBD Candy

Enjoy CBD while satisfying your sweet tooth at the same time with CBD candy. There are all sorts of scrumptious confections on the market today, including CBD Gummy Bears, CBD Sour Belts, CBD lollipops, CBD hard candies, and even CBD gum. 

CBD Soda

Another sweet treat you can find infused with CBD are soda and sparkling water. Enjoy classic soda flavors like cola, root beer, or ginger ale but with the added kick of CBD. CBD seltzers are also widely available for those who want the carbonation with less of the cloying taste. CBD seltzer also makes a great base for CBD cocktails and mocktails

CBD Workout Clothes  

Many people find that CBD’s anti-inflammatory and pain mitigating properties super helpful after a hard workout. But what if instead of having to apply a topical to your sore knees after a run, your activewear constantly applied the cannabinoid during your workout? It may sound like science fiction, but in fact, it’s a reality. 

CBD workout clothes embed CBD Nano capsules into the fibers with a patented process. The friction created by jogging or lifting weights causes these Nano capsules to break apart, releasing the CBD which is absorbed topically through the skin.  

The elon®

E1011 Labs innovative CBD delivery device, the elon®, is changing the way people consume CBD. The elon® is designed to maximize bioavailability, so users get the most out of the cannabinoid. Its slim profile and buttonless technology make the elon® easy to use even while on the go. 

Elon® works with eco-friendly disposable cartridges called stelo™, which are filled with sun-grown hemp flower cultivated on sustainable farms. Simply plug a stelo™ into the elon®, and the device’s concentric heating element will precisely heat the hemp to the ideal temperature. The Starter Bundle comes with the device itself, as well as two boxes of stelo™ of your choice so you can try every flavor.

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