ARI53 Zmuckers Pie
ARI53 Zmuckers Pie
ARI53 Zmuckers Pie
ARI53 Zmuckers Pie
ARI53 Zmuckers Pie

ARI53 Zmuckers Pie

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A childhood favorite with a twist! Tap into your inner child with the sweet, fruity flavors in Ari53™ Zmuckers Pie. The combination of chosen cannabinoids and terpenes allow for the sun-ripened sweetness of strawberry to shine through, with the addition of HHC flower for an extra kick. Enjoy an elevated session with Ari53™ Zmuckers Pie.

Each ARI53 is crafted with a blend of sun-grown, full-spectrum flower and choice terpenes, optimized for your session. Our rigorous lab testing ensures that we deliver a safe, pure, and potent product.

The ARI53 is intended to be used with the elon device. The elon device activates the terpenes and other cannabinoids within the flower found in ARI53. The device’s heat not burn technology allows you to enjoy the power of cannabis without combustion and the associated pyrolytic toxins.

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flower pod* - stelo or e1011 - certified partner products intended to be used with elon

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Terpene Profile

A blend of full spectrum HHC flower mixed with a sweet, fruity terpene profile. Get lost in the ripe strawberry aromas and sweet undertones as the cannabinoids and terpenes work together. Unwind and relax with Zmuckers Pie.

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We pack our ARI53 with premium, sun-grown flower, allowing you to experience the full spectrum entourage effect. Stringent dual lab testing ensures that we only include pure, potent, and precise ingredients.

ARI53's are packed with 100% sun-grown hemp flowers that contain a high percentage of CBD. The hemp flower in ARI53 is pulverized to increase the surface area for cannabinoid activation and create optimal airflow. Additionally, our process involves a specific technique utilizing low temperature curing methodologies to maximize cannabinoids and preserve essential terpenes while enabling dehydration for reduced risk of mold and bacteria growth. This ensures that the hemp undergoes the most natural processes to stay true to its native form while replicating the experience of combustion.

No. The CBD hemp flowers within ARI53 are grown in the United States by licensed hemp growers.

ARI53 contains CBD hemp flowers that have been tested to contain less than 0.3% total THC (the federal limit for hemp classification of Cannabis Sativa L.). ARI53 will never contain flowers with more than 0.3% THC on a dry weight basis.

Our ARI53's are tested by Independent third-party licensed labs. We test for potency, terpenes, pesticides, heavy metals, and mycotoxins. Our rigorous testing standards ensure the highest quality.

The percentage of CBD in ARI53 varies by product batches. To find the percentage of CBD in your ARI53 please scan the QR code on your packaging or manually enter the batch number on our Lab Results page. Test results will be kept on the E1011 website for three years.

The effects of ARI53 vary on an individual basis. Please consult your physicians before use.

ARI53 is only compatible with our elon device. Our device uses a low-temperature heating mechanism that efficiently releases the active cannabinoids within the flower without the flammable-combustion.