Water Pipe Adapter
Water Pipe Adapter
Water Pipe Adapter
Water Pipe Adapter
Water Pipe Adapter
Water Pipe Adapter

Water Pipe Adapter

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Introducing the Iven Water Pipe Adapter: Enhance your dry herb vaporizer experience with seamless compatibility. Designed for the Iven device, this adapter effortlessly connects to your favorite water pipe, delivering smoother, cooler hits for a more enjoyable vaping session. Upgrade your setup and elevate your vaping experience with the Iven Water Pipe Adapter today.

Designed for use with Iven™ device

Fits 14mm water pipes


1 x Silicone attachment

1 x Glass Adapter (14mm)

Used with

Iven™ Device

Space Gray



A water pipe attachment is an attachment that allows consumers to use a secondary apparatus, like the iven, with any type of water pipe the attachment fits. Generally, this allows for water filtration for a device that normally doesn't come with that feature.

No, the water pipe attachment is made to work solely with the iven device. The silicon sleeve is fitted to the mouthpiece of the iven and provides an airtight snug fit.

The water pipe attachment can be cleaned with the iven accessories. In between uses, you may use the iso-swabs or multi-use brush to clean it. For a deep clean, soak the water pipe attachment in isopropyl alcohol for 15 minutes and wipe away any stains or residue.

You can use the water pipe attachment with any water pipe with a 14mm gauge.

The water pipe is made of food-safe, heat-resistant silicone and borosillicate glass.

A water pipe attachment allows you to filter the vapor through water. This can provide additional cooling to the vapor, further filtration, and a smoother overall experience.