Summer Fest: Experiencing E1011 Labs IRL

Here at the Daily Dose we are continuously working to educate and inform readers about E1011 Labs and all the fabulous work we do here. While we mainly exist online in e-commerce form, this August we are taking our products to the pool for an in real life summer extravaganza. Come join us and our lineup of fabulous vendors to experience an atmosphere of pure relaxation.

Event Highlights:

pictures of brands and services that will be at E1011 Labs Summer Fest Event

Summer Fest is about more than just hanging out by the pool. This is your chance to immerse yourself in a day filled with complimentary yoga and pilates classes, exciting goodies, and an atmosphere of pure relaxation.

Complimentary Yoga and Pilates Classes

Whether you're a seasoned yogi or a beginner, indulge in invigorating yoga and pilates classes led by beloved LA studios, Avenir-LA and Sanctuary Fitness. These classes will help you stretch, strengthen, and balance both your body and mind, setting the tone for a day of pure relaxation.

VIP Goodie Bag Worth Over $300

As a special treat for our VIP guests, we've put together an exclusive goodie bag filled with products from leading brands. Each VIP will receive a complimentary goodie bag valued at over $300! Expect to find goodies from renowned companies like Popadelics Snacks, Nannocare, Coconu, and more. It's the perfect way to take home a piece of the Summer Fest experience.

Top-Notch Brands at Your Fingertips

Explore an array of top-notch products and services from exceptional brands. Sample delicious snacks, discover innovative health and wellness products, and pamper yourself with skincare and spa goodies. With names like Goodwipes, Upside, Leisure Project, and Rosen Skincare, you'll be spoiled for choice.

Immerse Yourself in the Summer Vibes

From the moment you step foot at the E1011 Labs Summer Fest, you'll be greeted by a vibrant and uplifting atmosphere. The event is designed to create a sense of community and camaraderie among attendees, providing an experience that goes beyond the ordinary

Vendor Highlights:


brelixi product in packaging that is open to be displayed

At the helm of Brelixi, a brand poised to redefine the cannabis consumables landscape, stands the visionary powerhouse, Breanna Neff. Armed with a Bachelor of Science degree in Food Science & Technology and a diverse background spanning business, nutrition, and health, Breanna brings a reservoir of expertise to the forefront. Her dynamic career journey encompasses prominent players like Dannon and Evian, as well as ventures into the realm of gritty startups. With roles spanning from product developer to R&D engineer and FDA compliance specialist, Breanna's multifaceted experience serves as the cornerstone of Brelixi's innovative strides.

Drawing upon her insatiable passion for flavor and her seasoned proficiency across these fields, Breanna emerges as the quintessential driver behind Brelixi's ingenuity. Her mission is crystal clear: to craft a multi-functional, industry-defying product that not only meets but surpasses prevailing standards. Anchored in this aspiration is the revolutionary utilization of breakthrough nano cannabis technology—an avant-garde approach destined to reshape the very essence of interacting with cannabis consumables.

Through pioneering nano cannabis technology, we're revolutionizing the very fabric of cannabis interaction, ushering in accelerated onset times and perceptibly heightened effects. Our expedition revolves around furnishing profoundly functional and experiential cannabis encounters. By leveraging nanotechnology to fragment cannabis particles into minute, water-soluble droplets, we usher in a novel approach to cannabis consumption—markedly convenient, discreet, and customizable. This is but a solitary illustration of our concerted efforts to metamorphose the industry, elevating the cannabis encounter for one and all.

Sanctuary Fitness

woman performing workout at sanctuary fitness studio

Sanctuary Fitness emerged onto the fitness scene in January 2017, setting its roots in the vibrant Arts District of Downtown LA. Since then, it has flourished, expanding its presence to include studios in Old Town Pasadena, West Hollywood, and Koreatown. With a mission to encapsulate "Peace Through Perspiration," Sanctuary Fitness beckons individuals of all walks on their fitness journey to join a community unlike any other.

Its foundation rests on two philosophies: BALANCE and KAIZEN. The former signifies equilibrium in all aspects, and the latter draws from the Japanese principle of "continuous improvement." Each step towards betterment, irrespective of its size, accumulates over time. We encourage you to adopt the mindset that progress is constant, whether it's in our lives or within our workouts. This philosophy, weaved into our classes, serves as the catalyst for body transformation and, in time, a transformed mindset.

The ethos of Sanctuary Fitness is guided by the belief that everyone, regardless of their starting point, can uncover their inner strength through our classes. Each session strikes the delicate balance between being approachable and challenging, all while nurturing an environment of camaraderie. Every member of our dedicated team is committed to not only knowing your name but also propelling you toward your personal goals with a generous dose of encouragement and a whole lot of sweat.


woman giving a massage to a man lying down on table

The enigmatic motivation that led the architects behind Drybar to venture into the realm of massage finds its roots in a simple yet profound truth: an unwavering dedication to uplifting people's well-being. With a shared passion for the revitalizing potency of massages, a transformative mission was embraced to redefine the very landscape of this therapeutic practice. Frustration stemming from lackluster options in the market propelled this visionary journey forward – a choice between uninspired discount establishments and extravagant spas with steep price tags seemed far from satisfactory. The void was apparent: the scarcity of accessible, top-tier massages that resonated with both the financial and emotional aspects became glaring. And thus, Squeeze materialized, responding to the call for an exceptional massage experience that seamlessly harmonizes quality and affordability.

The inception of Squeeze was forged in the crucible of personal yearnings. The inconveniences brought about by cumbersome booking procedures, impersonal checkouts, and disparities in pressure preferences during massages acted as transformative triggers. What emerged in response was more than just a brand; it was a testament to a deep-seated desire for a massage sanctuary where excellence converges with comfort. An invitation is extended to all to submerge themselves in this haven, a realm that reshapes the very core of the massage experience.

Squeeze is an embodiment of more than just a service; it's an intricate tapestry woven with meticulous care and unbridled passion. Every nuance has been thoughtfully curated to resonate with individual desires and inclinations. The ultimate goal is to breathe vitality into the massage journey, where quality, convenience, and personalization effortlessly intertwine. Join this revitalizing odyssey as Squeeze introduces a novel paradigm to the world of massage, one poised to enrapture your senses and leave an indelible yearning for more. Expect the embrace of Squeeze to be swift, marked with love and anticipation – we'll be squeezing you soon!


vessel brand name over a white square with a border of the ocean

In a realm where cannabis innovation is rapidly unfolding, Vessel emerges as a visionary trailblazer in crafting tools and accessories that transcend mere utility. With an unwavering mission to reign as the world's premier producer of consumer technology and accessories, their creations stand as epitomes of superior craftsmanship, intelligent design, and the ability to infuse optimism and happiness into the cannabis experience.

While the quest for perfection remains ever-present at Vessel, they recognize that crafting the truly "perfect" product is an ever-enduring mission. However, their pledge to embrace the diverse spectrum of market preferences resonates in their offerings of products for both dry herb and cannabis concentrates. This commitment, though formidable, fuels their daily pursuit. The momentum catalyzed since their inception in 2018 propels them forward, seeing them ceaselessly innovating and shaping new industry benchmarks through novel designs.

Vessel embodies the confluence of innovation and dedication, transcending the ordinary to revolutionize cannabis consumption. With a resolute commitment to excellence, they remain consumers’ steadfast partner in this dynamic realm, enriching consumption experience with tools and accessories that redefine the way you engage with cannabis. 

Oui’d Confections

box of edibles partially open. box displays brand name and product name

Stepping into the realm of cannabis edibles, Oui’d Confections stands as a distinguished high-end company, guided by the culinary expertise of Michelin and James Beard Award-trained chefs, Matthew Kim and Matt Rowbotham. Merging their professional culinary finesse with the world of cannabis, they orchestrate an elevated encounter with their confections, setting a new benchmark for excellence.

Central to Oui’d Confections' distinctive approach lies their commitment to premium ingredients. The company shuns the use of distillate, a common practice in the industry, instead opting for pure fruit purees, bean-to-bar chocolate, and solventless cannabis extract. Their unwavering principle is to encapsulate the essence of the plant itself, ensuring that distillate—an extraction method that strips away the natural flavors, aromas, and therapeutic attributes—is never employed in their products.

In a remarkable triumph, Oui’d clinched the coveted 1st place at the 2023 Emerald Cup Awards for "Best Sweets" with their Hazelnut Praliné. This accolade is a testament to the infusion of their combined restaurant experience into every facet of their creations. The essence of their confections, the aesthetics they exude, and the meticulous packaging bear the signature of intentionality. Oui’d Confections takes a resolute stride in elevating the standards of the craft.


woman performing pilates at avenir los angeles studio

Avenir-LA is an athletic, reformer pilates studio located in Los Angeles, CA.  It opened in 2018 to offer creative, athletic reformer classes to newbies and experienced practitioners alike. Their mission is to bring together creative expression with positive resistance to take your fitness journey to the next level. Avenir-LA offers classes like Fundamentals, Power & Flow, Body Tonic, and Backend Bounce. Want a more personalized experience? They offer private training sessions as well! The experienced staff is here to help you become stronger and feel healthier, so you can relax knowing your experience will be top tier.

E1011 Labs

E1011 Labs devices and stelo tins

Last, but not least, you can experience the innovation of E1011 Labs’ products in person at our Summer Fest event. Our heat-not-burn elon® device was created to deliver the next generation of flower consumption with a sleek design and cutting-edge technology. We are working to bring the ancient medical practice of using inhalation for quick and efficient compound administration to the modern age.

Innovative design, unrivaled technology, and natural ingredients are at the core of what we do. By employing the latest in aerosol technology, elon truly lets you do more with less. Inhalation of our stelo™ brings active ingredients directly to the bloodstream, allowing for maximum bioavailability and faster biodelivery compared to topicals, edibles, and sublinguals. This creates faster onset times and more desired effects at a much lower dosage of cannabinoids. Sometimes ancient holistic traditions can indeed be modern innovations, with just a few tweaks.

Come experience the ease of our plug and play system with elon and stelo at Summer Fest. We will have our device and all flavor options available to sample throughout the time of the event, and you can grab a VIP ticket to snag an E1011 Labs Starter Kit in your exclusive goody bag!