Safe Spaces: Cannabis Consumption Lounges

Welcome to the enlightened world of cannabis consumption lounges, where the alluring scent of freshly rolled joints mingles with laughter and relaxed conversations. As the stigma surrounding cannabis continues to fade, these inviting havens have emerged as the epitome of socialization, camaraderie, and exploration of the diverse world of cannabis. 

Step into a realm where connoisseurs and newcomers alike gather to savor the herb's delights, fostering a community that embraces shared experiences and fosters a deeper appreciation for this ancient plant's vast potential. Join us on a journey through the blossoming landscape of cannabis lounges, as we uncover the vibrant tapestry of cultures, stories, and connections that thrive within these unique spaces.

What is a Consumption Lounge?

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A cannabis consumption lounge is a social establishment where individuals can gather to legally consume cannabis products in a safe and controlled environment. These lounges provide a space for cannabis enthusiasts to socialize, relax, and enjoy their favorite cannabis products, such as joints, vaporizers, edibles, and more. Patrons can experience a sense of community, share knowledge, and explore different strains and consumption methods together.

History of Cannabis Consumption Lounges

The history of cannabis consumption lounges traces back to ancient times when the use of cannabis for medicinal, spiritual, and recreational purposes was common in various cultures. However, in modern history, these lounges as we know them today have evolved over the past few decades, closely following the changing attitudes and legal landscape surrounding cannabis.

Amsterdam has a long history of cannabis tolerance, and it became a popular destination for cannabis enthusiasts during the 1960s and 1970s. "Coffeeshops" in Amsterdam started emerging during this time, providing a safe and controlled environment for people to purchase and consume cannabis products. While these establishments are not called "consumption lounges" per se, they function similarly, allowing patrons to consume cannabis on-site.

The emergence of medical cannabis dispensaries in the 1990s and early 2000s marked a significant step toward formalizing the concept of cannabis lounges. These dispensaries provided a safe and regulated environment for medical cannabis patients to access and consume their medication. Some of these early dispensaries even had designated areas where patients could consume cannabis on-site.

As attitudes toward cannabis shifted, several states in the United States began to legalize recreational cannabis in the 2010s. This led to the rise of licensed cannabis lounges in states like Colorado and California, where adults could gather and consume cannabis in a social setting.

Consumption Lounges Across the Country

There are now more states than ever before that have legalized not only medical cannabis, but recreational cannabis as well. States where both categories of cannabis are legal are allowing, or will soon allow, consumption lounges in their area.


the woods lounge in Los Angeles

California, renowned for its cannabis-friendly reputation, has embraced the concept of cannabis lounges, becoming a prevalent feature throughout the state, with a particular concentration in southern California. Whether you're in search of a San Francisco consumption lounge, a West Hollywood hotspot, or a welcoming space for Los Angeles residents and tourists alike, the options abound.

However, it's essential to note some unique aspects of California's consumption lounges. Unlike in some other states, these lounges are not permitted to sell food or beverages. Moreover, if you fall within the age range of 18 to 21 and intend to enter a lounge with a medical license, proving your California residency is mandatory. This requirement arises from California law, which restricts dispensaries from serving out-of-state visitors under 21 years old.


first cannabis lounge in nevada

With the immense influx of tourists flocking to Nevada, the idea of cannabis lounges becomes an undeniable opportunity. The unmistakable aroma of cannabis permeating the Vegas strip and nearby parking garages has become a familiar scent, making cannabis lounges an attractive prospect for tourists seeking to indulge in marijuana experiences.

Anticipated to make their debut soon, Nevada lounges are poised to thrive in the vibrant landscapes of Vegas and Reno. If you're planning a trip to Sin City, don't miss the chance to experience a Las Vegas-style consumption lounge, where the early concepts suggest an all-encompassing delight. Beyond being places solely for cannabis consumption, these lounges are expected to offer a delightful fusion of delectable food, refreshing drinks, and captivating entertainment.

Setting the precedent, the NuWu tasting room stands proud as the first legal consumption lounge operating in Las Vegas, paving the way for a promising future of cannabis hospitality in the region.

New Jersey

During a recent meeting, the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission took a significant step forward by greenlighting proposed rules that pave the way for the establishment of cannabis consumption areas, popularly known as cannabis lounges, within the state.

The approved regulations outline that cannabis retailers intending to operate a consumption lounge will need to obtain approval from both the NJ-CRC and the local municipality. The lounges themselves can be situated either indoors or outdoors but must be fully enclosed.

To ensure responsible consumption, these lounges must enforce a strict age restriction, permitting entry only to individuals aged 21 years or older. Furthermore, they are prohibited from overselling to their patrons. While food sales within the lounges will not be allowed, consumers will be allowed to bring their own food or have it delivered to the consumption area. However, it is essential to note that the consumption of alcohol and tobacco will not be permitted within these cannabis lounges.

Similar to laws prohibiting the exit of restaurants with open containers of alcohol, patrons will also be prohibited from leaving the consumption area with unconsumed open cannabis packages. In the case where the packaging is non-resealable, the consumption area must provide take-home containers that comply with all packaging requirements.


hot box social lounge in michigan

Following Michigan's landmark decision to legalize recreational marijuana in 2018, a remarkable 21 municipalities have given their approval for cannabis consumption lounges. Despite proposals for additional lounges in cities such as Ann Arbor, Kalamazoo, and Muskegon, only a few have come to fruition - Kalkushka, Hot Box Social, and Rolling Embers.

While Hot Box Social requires patrons to bring their own flower, Rolling Embers, which is located on tribal land, does allow the sale of cannabis products.


cannabis consumption lounge illinois

Under the Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act, local governments are empowered to grant authorization for cannabis consumption lounges, either within a dispensary's premises or as standalone establishments, similar to retail tobacco stores.

Despite the state law permitting the existence of consumption spaces at dispensaries and licensed tobacco shops with local approval, such lounges remain relatively scarce, even two years after the full legalization of marijuana. Presently, Rise, situated in an industrial corridor, has become the pioneering pot shop in Illinois to house a consumption lounge. While a few tobacco establishments do permit guests to bring their own cannabis for consumption, Rise's initiative marks a significant step forward for the state's cannabis industry.

As more consumption lounges become approved throughout the state, Illinois could be the next up and coming place for both hometown and traveling consumers.


Previously, Colorado had enforced a near-total ban on all forms of public cannabis consumption, requiring individuals to keep their purchased cannabis securely sealed until they reached their homes. This restriction was in part due to the absence of provisions for indoor smoking at the time. However, a significant change came about with the passing of the Colorado Marijuana Hospitality Establishment Law.

With this new law, public cannabis consumption in Colorado will soon be regulated in a manner akin to alcohol consumption, but with a slight distinction. While lighting up in any random bar or establishment will remain prohibited, licensed establishments will have the option to obtain permits that allow patrons to consume cannabis on their premises.

Preferred Consumption Methods for Lounges

In cannabis consumption lounges, the choice of consumption method plays a crucial role in shaping the overall experience. While some lounges may not permit traditional combustion methods like smoking joints or pipes to maintain air quality and prevent secondhand smoke, vaporizers and devices like the elon® have emerged as favored alternatives. These innovative gadgets offer patrons the opportunity to enjoy their favorite strains through vaporization, creating a discreet and odorless experience that appeals to a broader audience. 

Most lounges offer patrons the ability to rent devices, but it is always more convenient to have your own on hand. Before you head out to a consumption lounge for the day, or night, we recommend researching the establishment and reading over what is allowed or not allowed at the lounge. And last, but not least, make sure your device is charged before heading out so you can fully enjoy the vibes!

Riding the Green Wave

cannabis lounges providing safe spaces

Following the green wave of recreational cannabis legalization that swept across various states and countries, the rise of cannabis consumption lounges has been nothing short of revolutionary. As cannabis sheds its stigma and gains wider social acceptance, these lounges have emerged as vibrant hubs for like-minded enthusiasts to congregate, savor, and celebrate the herb's diverse offerings.

With legal barriers easing, entrepreneurs and cannabis advocates have seized the opportunity to create safe, inviting spaces where adults can responsibly consume cannabis in a social setting. From bustling urban centers to quaint communities, these lounges have sprouted, offering patrons a chance to explore an array of strains, indulge in edibles, and experience cutting-edge consumption methods. 

This newfound openness not only fosters a sense of camaraderie among cannabis connoisseurs but also cultivates an environment of education, understanding, and appreciation for the plant's remarkable potential. As the green wave continues to spread, the ever-growing presence of consumption lounges promises to shape a future where cannabis is not only a recreational delight but also a conduit for building stronger, more inclusive communities.

No Consumption Lounge Needed

elon device with stelo inserted

While it is exciting to read about consumption lounges, especially ones located near you, there are many cannabis users who do not have access to lounges or safe spaces to consume outside of their home. This is where we, E1011 Labs, come into the equation with our innovative elon® device and flower pods. The heat-not-burn technology powering the elon quickly heats the flower pods to the optimal temperature to create an inhalable vapor with no ashy aftermath.The elon is also conveniently travel sized, weighing no more than two erasers, and ready to go wherever life takes you.

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