Outsmarting Scammers: Your Ultimate Guide to Safeguarding Your Cannabis Purchases

In the burgeoning world of cannabis, the excitement of legalized sales and the joy of exploring various products comes with its own set of challenges – notably, the alarming rise of online cannabis scams. As the industry grows, so does the sophistication of counterfeit operations, leaving consumers vulnerable to fraudulent schemes. 

Recognizing this growing threat, two leading cannabis edibles companies, Wana Brands and Kiva Confections, have taken a commendable step forward. In an unprecedented move, these industry rivals have joined forces to launch a campaign aimed at educating consumers on the perils of fake cannabis products and guiding them toward safe purchasing practices. This initiative is not just about protecting brand integrity; it's a necessary response to a burgeoning issue that affects the health and well-being of consumers. The online marketplace, rife with unregulated products and scammers, poses significant risks, ranging from financial loss to health hazards due to counterfeit or tampered products. 

In this blog, we'll delve into the commendable efforts of Wana and Kiva as they steer consumers toward safer shores in the vast cannabis market. By understanding their strategies and the resources they provide, consumers can arm themselves with the knowledge to make informed and legal cannabis purchases.

Background on the Issue

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The rise of online cannabis scams is a disturbing trend in the industry, one that poses significant risks to consumers. As the legalization of cannabis expands across various states, so does the opportunity for illicit operations to capitalize on the growing demand. Wana Brands and Kiva Confections, leading players in the cannabis edibles market, have observed an alarming increase in these fraudulent activities. These scams not only deceive consumers financially but also expose them to potential health risks through counterfeit or illegally sold products. Unlike products sold through legitimate channels, these counterfeit items lack quality control and regulatory compliance, potentially containing harmful substances or incorrect dosages.

The issue extends beyond mere imitation. These scammers cleverly manipulate the market, often selling products at marked-up prices while preying on uninformed buyers, or those living in states where cannabis is not yet legal. The rise of social media and online marketplaces has only amplified the reach of these fraudulent activities, making it easier for scammers to create convincing, yet fake, business profiles and interact directly with consumers. This growing concern necessitates a robust response, not just from industry leaders but also from consumers, through increased awareness and vigilance.

The CannabisSafetyTips.com Initiative

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In response to the escalating issue of online cannabis scams, Wana Brands and Kiva Confections have taken a proactive stance with the launch of CannabisSafetyTips.com. This website serves as a valuable resource for shoppers, offering guidance and tools to help them navigate the market safely and avoid falling victim to scams. The initiative is a testament to the companies' commitment to consumer safety and the integrity of the cannabis industry.

CannabisSafetyTips.com provides safety tips aimed at helping consumers identify legitimate products and sellers. The website emphasizes the importance of purchasing from licensed dispensaries and understanding the legal nuances of cannabis sales, particularly the restrictions on mailing THC-containing products across state lines. It serves as a platform for accurate information, helping demystify the legal landscape of cannabis sales and offering practical advice for safe purchasing.

The collaboration between Wana and Kiva highlights the industry's united front against scams. Their joint effort in the CannabisSafetyTips.com initiative reflects a shared commitment to ensuring that consumers are not only educated about the risks of online cannabis purchasing but also empowered to make informed decisions. This initiative marks a significant step in protecting consumers and maintaining the credibility of the legal cannabis market.

Four Essential Steps to Buying Legal Cannabis

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In an effort to combat the proliferation of online scams in the cannabis market, Wana Brands and Kiva Confections have outlined four crucial steps for consumers to ensure they're purchasing legal and safe cannabis products:

Buy in a Legal State

The first step is to ensure that you are in a state where cannabis sales are legalized. Wana and Kiva stress that their THC-containing products cannot be legally mailed across state lines and are only available for purchase in licensed dispensaries within states where cannabis is legal. They advise customers to refer to their websites to find a list of states where their products are legally sold, along with information on local delivery options in some markets.

Purchase from Licensed Dispensaries

The second step involves buying Wana and Kiva products exclusively from licensed dispensaries. Products found in unlicensed dispensaries could either be counterfeit or illegally transported across state lines, potentially leading to tampered and unsafe products. To ensure authenticity and safety, consumers are encouraged to check the dispensary's license with state regulators or review the license directly from the dispensary.

Protect Your Financial Information

A critical reminder from Wana and Kiva is to never share personal financial information on social media. Both companies emphasize that they do not solicit personal financial details through social media platforms. To verify the authenticity of Wana and Kiva's social media pages, consumers should visit the companies' official websites and follow the links to their social media pages directly from there.

Confirm Social Media Handles

The fourth step involves being vigilant about the social media accounts you interact with. Scammers often create accounts with handles that are slightly different from the official ones. Both Wana and Kiva provide direct links to their social media accounts on their websites, even including backup accounts in case the primary ones are temporarily down.

Statements from Industry Leaders

In addressing the challenge of online cannabis scams, industry leaders have voiced their concerns and provided insights into the nature of these fraudulent activities. Kristi Knoblich Palmer, co-founder and president of Kiva Confections, highlighted the parallels between the current online cannabis marketplace and the early, unregulated days of the internet. Her observation points to the necessity for consumers to be cautious and well-informed, as the digital landscape can often be a breeding ground for scams and deceptive practices.

Similarly, Joe Hodas, Chief Marketing Officer of Wana Brands, shed light on the tactics employed by scammers. He noted that these individuals often create social media profiles that seem legitimate, engage in conversations with potential customers, and then either solicit personal financial information or offer counterfeit products. Hodas stressed the ease with which consumers can be misled in such scenarios, emphasizing the need for heightened awareness and education to navigate these challenges safely.

Their statements underscore a critical aspect of the cannabis industry's evolution: the need for ongoing consumer education and vigilance. As the market continues to grow and evolve, so too must the efforts to safeguard consumers from potential risks associated with online purchasing.


In conclusion, as the cannabis industry continues to flourish, it becomes increasingly crucial for consumers to remain informed and cautious. By adhering to the guidelines set forth by trusted industry leaders and utilizing resources like CannabisSafetyTips.com, consumers can confidently navigate the cannabis market, ensuring their purchases are not only legal but also safe. This collective effort by Wana Brands, Kiva Confections, and other industry stakeholders signifies a commitment to consumer safety and the integrity of the cannabis market as a whole.

E1011 Labs’ Perspective on Ensuring Safe and Legal Cannabis Purchases

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At E1011 Labs, we share the concern over the rise of online cannabis scams and the need for consumer education in making safe and legal purchases. As a company committed to providing high-quality, technologically advanced cannabis products, we understand the importance of ensuring that consumers have access to legitimate and safe cannabis options.

Our Approach to Consumer Safety:

Innovation and Integrity

We believe that the key to consumer safety lies in innovation coupled with integrity. Our state-of-the-art elon® device is designed to offer a superior cannabis experience while ensuring the highest standards of safety and quality. We ensure that our products, from seed to store, undergo rigorous quality testing and meet stringent standards.

Educating Consumers

We actively engage in educating our consumers about the importance of purchasing from reputable sources. This includes recognizing licensed dispensaries and understanding the legalities of cannabis purchase and consumption in their respective states.

Advocacy for Regulation and Compliance

E1011 Labs advocates for strict regulatory compliance in the cannabis industry. We support measures that ensure products are lab-tested for potency and purity, providing consumers with the confidence they need in their cannabis products.

Commitment to Transparency

We maintain transparency in our operations and product offerings. Through clear labeling, detailed product information, and accessible customer support, we aim to empower our customers with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions.

Collaboration with Industry Leaders

Recognizing the importance of a collective effort, E1011 Labs is open to collaborating with other industry leaders, like Wana Brands and Kiva Confections, in initiatives that promote consumer education and safety in cannabis purchasing.

In conclusion, at E1011 Labs, we are dedicated to not only providing high-quality cannabis products but also to ensuring that our consumers are well-informed and protected from the risks of the online cannabis market. We commend the efforts of Wana Brands and Kiva Confections in their campaign against cannabis scams and stand with them in the mission to ensure a safe, reliable, and legal cannabis industry.