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Enjoy the aromas of antioxidant-rich berries with Higgs Mixed Berry, as the unique blend of sun-grown hemp flower and terpenes creates a delicious experience. The stelo™ provides a sweet and tart flavor that is sure to become a fan favorite. Our refreshing Higgs Lemon Lime stelo™ is perfect for any day you need a little pick-me-up! The chosen terpenes and cannabinoids create the perfect combination of tart and sweet lemons and limes, to give you a flavor that's truly delicious and sure to hit the spot.

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flower pod* - stelo or e1011 - certified partner products intended to be used with elon

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Give your session a kick with the combination of chosen terpenes and cannabinoids. The mix of berries creates a euphoric aroma that is sure to please during every session as myrcene, beta-caryphollene, and linalool work together.

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Experience cannabinoids and terpenes working together to elevate every session with limonene and beta-pinene. The combination creates an uplifting feeling that is not too sweet and not too sour, making it perfect to be enjoyed on any day.

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Whole Flower for
Whole Experience
We pack our Stelos with premium, sun-grown flower, allowing you to experience the full spectrum entourage effect. Stringent dual lab testing ensures that we only include pure, potent, and precise ingredients.