Elon Basics


What is Elon?

Elon is a rechargeable state-of-the-art device that redefines cannabinoid delivery with innovative technology. The device contains a battery, patent-pending blade, temperature regulator, and a set of sensors that detect battery level and usage.

Elon is rechargeable with the type-c charging cable provided. Stems are plugged into the Elon acting as a mouthpiece and capsule for hemp flower.

What makes Elon unique?

Elon uses concentric heating mechanism that provides users with the fastest BioDelivery and highest bioavailability of cannabinoids (namely CBD) while eliminating harms of combustible alternatives.

Do I have to clean my Elon?

When using the product as intended, minimal cleaning is required. Elon will self-clean during the charging process by gently heating the cartridge department. There may be some debris from previous usage but that will not change the efficacy of Elon.

For best effects, we recommend cleaning the interior of the cartridge compartment every 20 sessions if debris is visible. Ensure that the device is turned off (indicator lights are off) before attempting to clean the device. Use a regular cotton swab to gently brush the interior of the cartridge department and heating element. Do NOT use any chemicals, liquids or abrasives to clean the device. Do NOT put your finger(s) into the heating chamber in any circumstance.

Can I pause a session?

The device is button free with an air sensor that can be blown into to pause and continue sessions.

What is the best way to store my Elon and Stem?

Do not store your Elon with a Stem inserted. If you are planning on storing your Elon for an extended period of time, ensure that your Elon is clean because remanent organic matter may rot within the chamber. Stems contain hemp flower and need to be stored in a cool and dark place for a longer shelf life.

Can I take Elon on the plane?

It is safe to take the Elon and Stem on planes, but please check the laws and regulations regarding hemp-derived CBD in your destination. Most airlines restrict the usage of vaporizers on planes and in airports and E1011 Labs urges its users to follow all establishment guidelines.

How long does a charge last?

Depending on your usage behavior, a full charge typically has the nominal use capacity of 13 Stems.

Why use Elon instead of other CBD intake methods?

Elon offers higher bioavailability and faster biodelivery of CBD compared to most oral consumption or topical application.