Elon Appareil
Elon Appareil
Elon Appareil
Silver Elon Device
Grey Elon Device
Elon Appareil
Elon Appareil
Elon Appareil
Silver Elon Device
Grey Elon Device

Elon Appareil

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Pour ceux d'entre vous qui ont besoin d'un Elon pour chaque sac, poche ou place. Notre Elon Dans votre finition préférée, il est livré avec un chargeur USB Type-C.

  • Facile à utiliser: conception sans bouton
  • Non-combustion: pas de brûlures, de fumée, de cendres et de toxines pyrolytiques
  • Dosage contrôlé: trou de soufflage innovant pour démarrer et arrêter la session
  • Rapide: temps de chauffage de 5 secondes
  • Pratique: fonction d'autonomie
  • 10-15 séances par charge
  • Port de charge Rapid Type-C

Nous sélectionnons des souches premium de fleurs riches en cannabinoïdes et les mélangeons avec des terpènes scientifiquement validés pour offrir un bien-être optimal. Nos Stelos sont purs, puissants et tous naturels.

Notre chambre de chauffage détachable est conçue avec un échec d'urgence pour arrêter immédiatement l'appareil. De notre conception matérielle à la fleur que nous mélangeons, votre sécurité est notre première priorité.

Haptic feedback is a technology that uses tactile sensations to enhance user experiences. By delivering subtle vibrations, motions, or forces, it allows users to feel physical feedback in response to their interactions with digital devices or virtual environments. Our newest iteration of the elon device contains a haptic feedback feature and will vibrate when the device is ready to use and once the session has ended.

How to Guide

flower pod* - stelo or e1011 - certified partner products intended to be used with elon

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Haptic Feedback -

Elon Device Grey
Simple. Sleek. Superior.
By bridging innovative design with unrivaled technology, we created the ultimate on-the-go flower experience.
With 5 years of intensive R&D, our elon makes us the indisputable leaders in the heat-not-burn category. At the weight of 2 erasers, elon provides the best flower experience anywhere with our plug-and-play system that enables every session to be simple and hassle-free.
Made to Last With
Aerospace-grade Materials
Designed to Deliver
elon is the state-of-the-art device that is redefining the flower vaporization category. It's sleek design makes it everyone's best bud for dry flower consumption. Holding a 1000mAh battery, elon is ready for all day use in a convenient and hassle-free manner.
Providing fast and efficient cannabinoid delivery through our precision-heating technology ensures that you receive the full benefits of flower and natural terpenes, without any of the pyrolytic toxins generally associated with flammable combustion.
Pause & Play
Pause your current session by gently blowing air into the device’s patented Sensor “O”. This cools down your device and allows your session to be resumed within 5 minutes.
full charge in 30-45 minutes
Lasts up to 13-15 sessions
Full Flavor in Seconds
Up to6 seconds to begin session
The little things
are a big deal
Our design comes full circle. elon heats our full-spectrum flower blends to the ideal temperature in order to deliver the full benefits of cannabinoids with zero waste and perfect airflow.
Fast Charging
Button Free